Solar Energy

The Inverse Awards

2023 Ignited a New Era For Nuclear Fusion. 2024 Could Be Even Brighter

ByRahul Rao

Tesla Solar Roof: 1 year on, an owner reveals what it’s really like to live on solar

ByMike Brown

At the “Roof of the World,” solar power is a necessary evil

ByKlas Lundstrom and Fredrik Lerneryd

Solar storms are increasingly dangerous to civilization: Learn why

ByRami Qahwaji

Humans Need To Overcome This One Psychological Hurdle to Save Ourselves

ByThe Conversation, Robert Lempert and Elisabeth Gilmore

Scientists Finally Confirm A Long-Held Belief About What Triggers Photosynthesis

ByCharles Q. Choi

These lab-engineered bacteria can take in solar energy and spit out clean electricity

ByMolly Glick

Even if geoengineering worked, over half the world could keep heating up

ByPatrick W. Keys, Curtis Bell, Elizabeth A. Barnes, James W. Hurrell, Noah Diffenbaugh and The Conversation

Electricity Demand Is Surging — “Virtual” Power Plants Might Be the Forgotten Answer

ByThe Conversation and Daniel Cohan

One solar power tweak could be the future of energy production

ByJoachim Seel, Bentham Paulos, Will Gorman and The Conversation
Raising the roof

Tesla Solar Roof price increase explained: why it’s suddenly soared in cost

ByMike Brown

8 reasons why the political argument against climate action is wrong

ByDavid Grossman

Alien life could depend on this one geological event

ByMatt Williams
let it shine

New lead recycling solution could make solar panels better than ever

BySarah Wells

Aztecs used the Sun to help build their ancient empire, new study reveals

ByUniverse Today and Matt Williams
Shine bright

Chemists solve a 150-year-old mystery; create the brightest material ever

BySarah Wells
Here comes the sun

Hair-thin solar cells could turn any surface into a power source

BySarah Wells
Risky business

Scientists unearth a consequence of solar panels in the Sahara

ByZhengyao Lu and Benjamin Smith
Sun is shining

Tesla CEO Elon Musk outlines radical energy idea: ‘extremely profound’

ByMike Brown
Sunny skies

Tesla Solar Roof cost and availability: How to buy Elon Musk's energy tiles

ByMike Brown

Tesla cheese: how one farmer is fighting for zero emissions

ByMike Brown

Climate change: 4 storage systems that may help fulfill Elon Musk’s dream

ByMike Brown
The Abstract Podcast

Solar storms, anti-solar panels, and the future of clean energy

ByInverse Staff

Tesla Powerwall: Video shows fairytale-like home powered by solar

ByMike Brown

How a sand-guzzling box could power a future city on the Moon

ByMike Brown

Scientists create fake leaves that generate a clean fuel source

BySarah Wells

Cities are getting so hot it’s deadly — can we fix it?

ByKnowable Magazine and M. Mitchell Waldrop
Beamed power

Scientists are turning a sci-fi fantasy into reality to help save the planet

ByAmanda Jane Hughes and Stefania Soldini
Climate crisis

Worldwide renewable energy could do more harm than good

ByLaura Sonter, James Watson and Richard K Valenta

The Future of Clean Energy Could Be Beamed Down from Space

ByMatteo Ceriotti and The Conversation

Why the Evidence for Interstellar Materials Found on the Ocean Floor is Flimsy

ByMonica Grady and The Conversation

Future Moon and Mars Missions Could Make Oxygen Using Experimental Solar Tech

ByKiona Smith

40 cheap things that make your backyard 10x nicer

ByChristina X. Wood

EcoFlow River 2, River 2 Max, River 2 Pro: Wattage, price, release

ByJackson Chen
Disaster 101

Blackouts are likely this summer — here’s how to prepare

ByTara Yarlagadda

Why space might solve the biggest problem with solar energy

ByJovana Radulovic

Engineers reveal a hidden benefit of solar panels in California

ByRoger Bales
Inverse Daily

How China’s Yutu-2 rover unearths secrets in the Moon’s dirt

ByAshley Bardhan

Astrophysicists say "boson clouds" can unlock dark matter secrets — if they exist

ByBrian Koberlein

Mars could get an artificial magnetic field from an out-there source

ByBrian Koberlein

Hidden atmospheric rivers in the sky are fueled by climate change

ByTom Corringham

What happens if a solar storm hits Earth? 4 critical questions answered

ByPassant Rabie

The 7 best portable solar chargers

ByKirsten Bakstran
Lunar Panels

These Moon-bound boxes turn sand into solar energy

ByMike Brown and Ashley Bardhan

Tesla Solar Roof is “solving the wrong problem,” ex-Powerwall head reveals

ByMike Brown

Scientists solve an 80-year-old paradox about the Sun

ByMarianna Korsos and Huw Morgan
Battery Powered

Elon Musk’s plan to tackle climate change missed one crucial element

ByMike Brown
Raise the roof

Tesla Solar Roof: 5 alternatives to Tesla’s clean energy tiles

ByMike Brown
Science of the Sun

1 big pro and 4 cons of solar geoengineering

ByTara Yarlagadda

The 5 best aviator sunglasses for men

ByAnne Loreto Cruz