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Celestial happenings

Full Moon calendar 2023: When to see our nearest celestial neighbor

There are 13 Full Moons in 2023, so here's when to find the Blue Moon of the year.

Sky guide

Wolf Moon and more: 5 stunning celestial events in January 2023

Look up!

Wolf Moon: You need to see the first Full Moon of 2023 next week

January 2023 will feature a smaller-than-usual Full Moon.

Look up!

Geminids: You need to see 2022’s best meteor shower this week

After a few minor showers, this meteor shower is ready to put on a show.


Cold Moon: You need to see the last Full Moon of the year this week

Named for the season's weather, the Cold Moon will herald the arrival of winter.

sky guide

December 2022 sky guide: 4 can’t-miss celestial events

Holiday gifts from the universe.


2023 meteor shower calendar: When to see the brightest shows of the year

Your guide to the best sky shows of the year.


Leonids: You need to see November's brightest meteor shower this week

The show can bring sometimes come in as a storm.


Taurids 2022: You need to see this elusive meteor shower this weekend

A Full Moon could cut into some viewing opportunities, but the peak still could bring some bright fireballs.


November Blood Moon: You need to see this startling lunar eclipse tonight

The Beaver Moon will coincide with a lunar eclipse, making an impressive celestial show.


Whoosh! An airplane-sized asteroid will swoop near Earth this week

Object 2020 TO2 will come within 400,000 miles of Earth at blazing-fast speeds, but worry not.


Hunter's Moon: You need to see the bright Full Moon in the sky this week

October may be crisper, but the sky will be clearer.


You need to see the most unpredictable meteor shower peak this week

The Draconids may not be as prolific as some meteors but they are fascinating none-the-less.


Fall Equinox 2022: Date, time, and opportunities for astronomy during this yearly event

It comes once a year — and this year coincides with a New Moon.


You need to see the most elusive planet at opposition in the sky this month

Neptune will be at its brightest, enabling you to see a rarely glimpsed planet.


You need to see the bright Harvest Moon in the sky this month

The September Full Moon heralds the arrival of fall.

First world?

30 years ago, astronomers found a planet where it shouldn’t be — and made history

It got weird, fast.


Dazzling! New image unmasks a nebula to reveal hidden stars

The VISTA telescope captured a glittering scene and a nebula 6,000 light-years away.


Astronomers use Webb Telescope to detect hidden stars in the Southern Ring Nebula

Infrared data from the James Webb Space Telescope has revealed three previously-unknown stars in a prominent nebula.


Webb Telescope releases breathtaking new image of the “Pillars of Creation”

Astronomers love colors. A new “Pillars of Creation” image makes science very pretty.

Webb Watch

Look! Startling Webb Telescope image may reveal an elusive source of stars and planets

In a fresh image released by the Webb Telescope team on October 12, one can see 17 strangely perfect light rings around star binary WR 140 emanating into the darkness of deep space.

Space Smack

See the debris streaming from spacecraft-damaged asteroid — 7 million miles from Earth

Witness the power of a spacecraft smacking into an asteroid.


Hubble finds a wall of hot plasma acting like a shield for two nearby galaxies

Gas heated to half a million degrees protects two small galaxies.

glow clouds (all hail)

Wow! Webb just gave us the best look at Neptune in 33 years

Inverse endorses Neptune as The Best Planet.


Look! The mind-boggling huge Lobster Nebula shines in a new image

This nebula is about 100 times wider than the Sun is to its nearest star.

death spiral

Look! Black hole pair glows at the center of a dusty galactic merger

NGC 7727 will someday merge with a nearby galaxy — and intertwine their black holes in the process.

To the Moon

Behold! NASA’s Artemis I is on the launch pad, ready for the Moon

It’s happening.


Look! Hubble snaps a dazzling image of the Orion Nebula's surreal rainbow clouds

Hubble, you've still got it!


Behold! New Webb image reveals a dynamic and "rare" galaxy

This pretty image highlights a key process in the Universe.


Look! NASA publishes new image of a fast-flying star ejected by a supernova

The gas around the speedy star is heated to tens of millions of degrees.


The James Webb Space Telescope may have just found its first supernova

This could be the first step to studying the oldest explosions in the universe.


Look! This distant galaxy hosted the most powerful explosion since the Big Bang

This thing was mind-boggling big.


Webb Telescope Cosmic Cliffs image controversy: Is it really the Carina Nebula?

The Cosmic Cliffs are technically part of a smaller, nearby nebula in the same constellation.

“The TRAPPIST-1 system is the top of everyone's list.”

Knicole Colòn, NASA


Webb Watch
This week in science

JWST captures Chariklo’s rings and more: Understand the world through 8 images

ring around the asteroid, pocket full of space dust

Look! JWST captures images of an asteroid with a ring playing peek-a-boo with a star

Two separate studies recently pointed JWST's instruments at Chariklo, the only asteroid in our Solar System with its own rings.


40 years ago, NASA launched the space telescope that proved JWST could work

IRAS is a sometimes forgotten spacecraft that proved that infrared astronomy had a bright future.

the ice grains cometh

Look! Webb Telescope finds icy ingredients for organic chemicals in deep space

The coldest, most distant ices ever measured could have big implications for planets -- and life.

i have no air and i must scream

Webb Telescope's first exoplanet is the same size as Earth — but there's a hellish catch

Astronomers say their data on LH 475b proves that JWST can measure the atmospheres of Earth-sized rocky planets.

Wow Webb

Webb unveils a fiery hive of baby stars in never-before-seen detail

Welcome to the cosmic noon.

mind if i cut in?

JWST images turn up galaxy-sized sonic booms disrupting gas clouds in distant cluster

One of the James Webb Space Telescope’s first color image targets has a turbulent inner life.


Look! JWST image may upend our understanding of the early universe

Astronomers found a large number of ancient-galaxy candidates from a single James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) image.

Be not afraid

Behold! This gorgeous galaxy image merges Hubble and Webb data in stunning detail

NGC 1566 is a barred spiral galaxy 40 million light years away, and it was one of the James Webb Space Telescope's first batch of science targets.

The Inverse Awards 2022

Inside NASA's monumental effort to deliver the first Webb Telescope images

After 20 years and $10 billion, here’s how the NASA team scrambled to make the first images happen.

the best planet

36-year-study finds weird weather cycles on Jupiter

Jupiter has regular warm and cool cycles, according to 36 years of data from Voyager, Cassini, and ground-based telescopes.

water, water everywhere

Astronomers find cool evidence of two exoplanets made almost entirely of hot water

Kepler-138c and 138d are a pair of super-Earths orbiting a red dwarf star, and they may be mostly water.

astronomical humblebrag

Webb captures 13.5 billion-year-old galaxies in a swath of northern sky

The data will help astronomers understand how the universe's oldest galaxies formed.

The Inverse Awards 2022

The 10 most dazzling space images of 2022

The most impactful pictures from space this year.

The Inverse Awards 2022

15 remarkable images from JWST's first year in space

History in the making.


Surprisingly, TRAPPIST-1's violent flares could make life even more likely

Thanks to a cool physics trick, flares from a nearby star can heat a planet from the inside, powering plate tectonics.