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Our mission at Inverse is to get more people excited about worlds beyond: Be they scientific breakthroughs, firsts for human space travel, discovering new planets, searching for alien life, and what space science can show us about preserving our own planet.

If we can get more people to be space nerds like us, we think the world will be better for it. —Nick Lucchesi, editor-in-chief.

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Space out

Netflix’s best apocalypse movie reveals the truth about planet-killing asteroids

This movie hits its target.

say it three times

Scientists solve the weirdest cosmic riddle of the past few years

The call is coming from inside the house.

Reel Science

The best sci-fi thriller on HBO Max reveals a deadly cosmic threat

Gravity, streaming on HBO Max, portrays the space phenomenon of Kessler Syndrome. But is it realistic? We check in with a space expert to answer your questions.


Scientists detect water vapor on an odd Neptune-like planet

TOI-674 b is an ideal candidate for observations with the James Webb Space Telescope.


New Mars study holds clues to how life began on Earth

Analysis of a 4 billion year old meteorite revealed clues on the history of the Red Planet.


This Neptune-sized world could be the weirdest moon astronomers have ever seen

Meet Kepler-1708 b and its not-so-little friend (that may or may not exist).


A 1,000 light year bubble unveils link between supernovae and new stars

By chance, our Sun wandered into the middle of a cosmic bubble 5 million years ago. Astronomers now know that gave us front row seats to the star formation show

It's aliiiive!

Look: This landform on the Martian surface is actually moving

Out there

How the Webb telescope will show us planets like never before

The James Webb Space Telescope won't just look for distance galaxies. It will peer intensely at both exoplanets and planets of our own Solar System.

say cheese

How the James Webb Space Telescope will create images of the ancient universe

JWST will capture the cosmos in infrared light, producing breathtaking images of distant stars and galaxies.

traveling troupe

These torn bits of small galaxies could reveal dark matter mysteries

A dozen groups of moving stars could point the way.

To Reddit and Beyond

SpaceX fans are powering the race to Mars through Reddit

The new space race is playing out in real-time on social media.


Astronomers discover a planet with one of the most unusual shapes ever seen

Forget the orbs you know. Here’s one you don’t.

Size Matters

Look: A “mini monster” could help explain how black holes form

Did they grow quickly, or were they always that big?


Space history

A retrospective series on the most important moments in humanity’s exploration of outer space.


What space junk and a Chinese satellite mean for the future of space

A Chinese weather satellite was struck by space debris in March, and the US Space Force recently confirmed decades old Russian space junk is to blame.

Celestial happenings
look up!

Wolf Moon: You need to see the first Full Moon of 2022 next week

January's Wolf Moon will shine on the 17th.

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Quadrantids: You need to see the first meteor shower of 2022

The new year will bring one of the best meteor showers for sky gazers.

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Cold Moon: You need to see the last Full Moon of 2021

The Moon will shine at its brightest one last time before the year ends.

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This is your only chance to see newly discovered Comet Leonard

Leonard will visit the Solar System one last time before being flung out to outer space.

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Geminids: You need to watch the fiery fragments of an asteroid fall to Earth

It will be the last major meteor shower of the year.

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December 2021 celestial events: How to see 3 planets in the evening twilight

Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will shine bright on these winter nights.

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You need to watch the fall's most unpredictable meteor shower in November

Some years it rains meteors. Other years it pours.

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You need to watch the longest lunar eclipse of the century this month

November's Full Moon will also be a partial lunar eclipse.

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You need to see the Solar System's weirdest planet shine at its brightest

Uranus will be in opposition over the nights of November 4 and November 5.

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You need to see the brightest planet at its most luminous this month

Venus will shine extra bright at its greatest elongation.

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How to view the best celestial objects during a New Moon

It's the perfect opportunity for a little sky gazing.

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Orionid meteor shower: How to watch the most spectacular light show in October

The meteor shower originates from this very familiar comet.

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A new meteor shower? Why this unique cosmic phenomenon was possible

A unique opportunity presented itself this October.

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You need to see this mysterious planet shine bright in October

Mercury will be at its greatest western elongation on October 25.

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How to see the most elusive meteor shower in the sky

This unique shower lights up in the early evening hours in October.

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You need to see the Solar System’s most elusive planet

Hello, far friend.

Dope space pics
To infinity...

Look: 10 mind-blowing images of space and what they mean for Earth

We have a lot in common with the rest of the universe. And at the same time, we don’t.

butterfly effect

Look: Gemini telescope captures a rare "cosmic butterfly" fluttering through space

The Chameleon Infrared Nebula shines in visible light.

Dope space pics

Before and after: Curiosity rover panorama reveals the enormity of Mars

What a difference an angle makes.


Hubble captures 3 galaxies caught in a gravitational tug of war

A new image hints at the cosmic fate of the Milky Way.

Say Cheese

In 1976, one piece of “controversial” tech changed every Mars mission since

Without Viking 1, there might have been no Perseverance selfies.

A magnetar is born

Scientists captured the birth of a magnetar for the first time

This is the result of a giant collision between two neutron stars.

bubbling over

With a single image, scientists changed our understanding of the Sun forever

Snap, crackle, and pop.

Dope Space Pics

20 Stunning Space Images of 2020

Spiders in Space

Space spiders build webs in an unusual way

pearl jubilee

11 New Hubble images reveal the cosmos in stunning detail

Happy 30th anniversary, Hubble Space Telescope.


Scientists capture most detailed image of sunspot ever

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5 celestial events that only happen once in a lifetime

Galaxy brain

New radio telescope images show off wild galaxies

Take a break

Escape Earth with these stunning Hubble views

Put on some lo-fi beats, forget everything, and just roam around the universe for a while.


6 spooky space posters for a galactic Halloween


Stunning images reveal stellar nurseries

NASA's Hubble telescope shines a light into the farthest reaches of the universe.