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Celestial happenings

Fall Equinox 2022: Date, time, and opportunities for astronomy during this yearly event

It comes once a year — and this year coincides with a New Moon.


You need to see the most elusive planet at opposition in the sky this month

Neptune will be at its brightest, enabling you to see a rarely glimpsed planet.


You need to see the bright Harvest Moon in the sky this month

The September Full Moon heralds the arrival of fall.


Aurigids: You need to watch the most mythical meteor shower of the year this week

The annual Aurigid Meteor Shower peaks on September 1 and is visible to stargazers in most of the Northern Hemisphere.


You need to see Saturn at its closest and brightest this week

The planet will be in opposition, putting its rings and planet-sized moon Titan front and center.

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Sturgeon Moon 2022: Why this month's Full Moon may be one of the best to see

Keep an eye in the sky for our nearest natural neighbor.


Perseids: You need to see the summer's best meteor shower ASAP

The Perseids have kicked off — with a peak on August 11 and 12.

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The best time to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the June night sky

Catching all of the planets is a chance that only comes every few years.


Strawberry Moon: You need to see June's bright full supermoon this month

The event peaks on June 14 in the morning, but is visible for several nights before.


May 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse: You need to see the first Blood Moon of the year

The site of a "Blood Moon" will startle some observers, but don't worry — it's just a chance cosmic alignment.


Flower Moon: How to see the full supermoon eclipse this month

Everything you need to know about this exquisite sight.


Eta Aquarids meteor shower: You need to see the bright embers of Halley's Comet this spring

Starting on April 19 and running through May 28 with a peak on May 5, the spring's favorite meteor shower returns.

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2022 GN1: A bus-sized asteroid will whoosh near Earth tomorrow

The just-discovered asteroid will come within 79,000 miles of Earth.

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Pink Moon 2022: How to see April's bright, brilliant Full Moon

Known by many names, the Full Moon will be one to see.

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You need to see Venus and Jupiter have a close encounter this month

The two planets will be so close in the sky in April you can see them in the same telescopic field of view.


Lyrid 2022: How to watch the spring's first meteor shower

The Lyrids return, bringing streaks of light to spring skies.

First world?

30 years ago, astronomers found a planet where it shouldn’t be — and made history

It got weird, fast.

glow clouds (all hail)

Wow! Webb just gave us the best look at Neptune in 33 years

Inverse endorses Neptune as The Best Planet.


Look! The mind-boggling huge Lobster Nebula shines in a new image

This nebula is about 100 times wider than the Sun is to its nearest star.

death spiral

Look! Black hole pair glows at the center of a dusty galactic merger

NGC 7727 will someday merge with a nearby galaxy — and intertwine their black holes in the process.

To the Moon

Behold! NASA’s Artemis I is on the launch pad, ready for the Moon

It’s happening.


Look! Hubble snaps a dazzling image of the Orion Nebula's surreal rainbow clouds

Hubble, you've still got it!


Behold! New Webb image reveals a dynamic and "rare" galaxy

This pretty image highlights a key process in the Universe.


Look! NASA publishes new image of a fast-flying star ejected by a supernova

The gas around the speedy star is heated to tens of millions of degrees.


The James Webb Space Telescope may have just found its first supernova

This could be the first step to studying the oldest explosions in the universe.


Look! This distant galaxy hosted the most powerful explosion since the Big Bang

This thing was mind-boggling big.


Webb Telescope Cosmic Cliffs image controversy: Is it really the Carina Nebula?

The Cosmic Cliffs are technically part of a smaller, nearby nebula in the same constellation.


How the Webb Telescope team built those startling images

There's a whole lot going on under the hood.


Finally! NASA unveils the Webb telescope's first image — from the edge of time

The wait is over.


Astrophysicists finally decipher weird beams emanating from Manatee Nebula

A bumpy ride through expanding gas is powering up fast-moving particles in the Manatee Nebula.


Look! Cosmic dust swirling around these baby stars might become a future planetary system

Six different planet-forming disks around young stars shine in a new mosaic.

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Hubble Telescope captures rare sight of a “smiling” space object

Say cheese!

Webb Watch

Focus! NASA drops jaw-dropping new Webb Telescope images

“The TRAPPIST-1 system is the top of everyone's list.”

Knicole Colòn, NASA


Webb Watch
upside down

New Webb Telescope image reveals an eerie portrait of a familiar galaxy

Webb's Mid-Infrared Instrument reveals a network of scaffolding behind galaxy IC 5332's iconic spiral structure.

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Behold! 9 glorious Neptune images reveal our changing view of the planet

From Voyager to JWST, here are the most stunning portraits of the gas giant.

This week in science

Webb spots Neptune’s rings and more: Understand the world through 9 images

glow clouds (all hail)

Wow! Webb just gave us the best look at Neptune in 33 years

Inverse endorses Neptune as The Best Planet.


NASA discovers a problem with one of the Webb Telescope’s most important instruments

One important mode on the next-generation telescope is off.


Behold! Webb Telescope’s first Mars image reveals a troubled planet

The James Webb Space Telescope reveals a landscape of meteor impacts, massive eruptions, and flowing water.

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Look! This new Webb Telescope picture of the beloved Orion Nebula is glorious

Webb takes us inside a nearby nebula to shed light on the mysteries of star formation in the recent universe.


This just-discovered super-Earth may be our next best chance of finding aliens

Funny name, serious astronomy.


One unusual planet type could be abundant in the universe — study

A new study of exoplanet densities reveals that many are about 50 percent water, whether it’s liquid or ice.

This week in science

Webb captures Tarantula Nebula and more: Understand the world through 8 images


Look! Astronomers explore the Orion Nebula's radiation-scorched cloud

Gargantuan young stars blast this region with ultraviolet radiation, and that may play a key role in how solar systems eventually form.


Look! Stunning new Webb image of the Tarantula Nebula is an early Halloween treat

Space spiders eat the space insects in your house


Listen: 3 JWST targets create eerie soundscapes

Let the music take you far, far away.


Look! The James Webb Space Telescope's first exoplanet image is finally here

James Webb Space Telescope's first exoplanet image could tell us a lot about our own Solar System.


Look! New Webb Telescope photos show eerily intricate details of the Phantom Galaxy

It’s official spooky season in space.


New Webb telescope observations throw a wrench in our understanding of the Big Bang

The latest Webb observations do reveal some strange and unexpected things about the universe.