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This Affordable E-Bike’s Swappable Battery Gives It Range That’s Hard to Beat

ByJackson Chen

Lectric does it again with an affordably-priced e-bike.


Video Shows Rabbit’s AI Destroys the Humane Ai Pin on Reliability and Speed

ByJackson Chen

The responses may not be as detailed, but the R1 seems much more reliable.


This Game Boy Clone Plays PS1 and Nintendo DS Games on a Perfectly Square Screen

ByJackson Chen

PowKiddy's TikTok-famous retro handheld now has a follow-up.


Microsoft’s New Surfaces Need to Beat MacBooks or Die Trying

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Microsoft has the AI chops and big chip plans, but it needs to prove that those add up to a better experience than what Apple offers.


Tesla’s Latest Cybertruck Hiccup Could Be Its Worst Yet

ByJackson Chen

To get ahead of it, Tesla has paused Cybertruck deliveries.


Sony Created the Best Wireless Headphones Idea in Years: A Big Bass Button

ByRaymond Wong

Turns out a big button that boosts the bass in two levels is a simple, but great feature.


DJI’s New Drone is Cheaper, More Immersive, and Does Pre-Programmed Stunts

ByJackson Chen

This cinewhoop drone will be fun for beginners and experts alike.


This Folding E-Bike Has a Game-Changing Top Speed and Range

ByJackson Chen

A 70-mile range and a top speed of 34 mph is wild for a folding e-bike.


What’s Going On With the Cybertruck’s Half-Empty Battery Pack?

ByJackson Chen

Is it half-empty or half-full?


This iPhone-Sized Handheld Can Play Dreamcast, DS, and PSP Games

ByJackson Chen

Another budget handheld, but in an even smaller form factor.