A three-part series that explores the origins, rise, fall, and rebirth of Marvel's master of kung fu.

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You need to watch the trippiest courtroom thriller ever made on Amazon Prime ASAP

No objection here.


35 years ago, one last-minute script rewrite changed Star Trek forever

The debut of The Next Generation almost didn’t include the one thing that made the whole story work.

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8 thrilling sci-fi movies and shows new on HBO Max and Netflix in October 2022

All the streaming sci-fi you need to watch ASAP.

Last Call

You need to watch the best cosmic cult thriller of the decade on HBO Max ASAP

Stream this 2020 underrated classic — before it’s too late.

Talking Cars

40 years ago, an iconic sci-fi show had a bizarre beginning

Knight Rider is mostly about a guy and a sentient car. But it began way weirder.


35 years ago, the most obscure sci-fi movie tried (and failed) to redefine alien cinema

Several movies inspired Men in Black. You definitely haven’t seen this one.

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8 stellar sci-fi movies leaving HBO Max in September 2022

“You are what you choose to be.”


You need to watch the best legal thriller of the century before it leaves HBO Max next week

Tony Gilroy’s directorial debut still holds up.

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You need to watch DC’s most underrated movie of all time on Netflix ASAP

Released to little fanfare in 2005, this movie now stands on its own as an unusual concoction of superhero action and demonic horror.


You need to watch the best cyberpunk anime on Netflix ASAP

Living on the edge


20 years ago one sci-fi failure (almost) changed everything

It's tempting to say Firefly was a game-changer. But was it really?

Last chance

5 amazing sci-fi shows and movies leaving Netflix in September 2022

“It’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does?”

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You need to watch Marvel's most embarrassing movie on Netflix ASAP

Many movies are bad, but few are as fascinatingly terrible as this misfire.

Cult Week

You need to watch the best cult thriller of the year on Netflix ASAP

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You need to watch Netflix’s best dystopian thriller ever ASAP

Watch this hit before it becomes a franchise.


Animators say they're "clueless" and "confused" about HBO Max cancellations

It's not always the main characters who are the real heroes. Scene Stealers is an end-of-year salute to the eccentric, to the bizarre, to the unforgettable supporting characters on TV who undeniably steal the show.


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Whether it's the latest Korean thriller on Netflix or a cool new French science fiction movie, Inverse can help you find the best sci-fi, fantasy, and horror on the planet.

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Rebel with a cause

Star Wars Easter egg could confirm a huge time-travel theory

We’re seeing more clues to an otherworldly locale.

On the Edge

Cyberpunk 2077: 13 mind-blowing Edgerunners mods to transform Night City

We have to go back.

Healing Factor

Deadpool 3 won't undo Marvel's best movie, Ryan Reynolds confirms

A video that promises to “answer” all your burning questions confirms one very important detail about Wolverine.

An unexpected journey

'Rings of Power' fixes Peter Jackson's most iconic mistake

20 years after 'The Two Towers's biggest blunder, Amazon’s 'Rings of Power' is setting the record straight about orcs.

Right Hand Umbaran

Andor Episode 4 quietly referenced Palpatine’s secret mistress

Could we get a cameo from the first lady of the Empire?


35 years ago, one last-minute script rewrite changed Star Trek forever

The debut of The Next Generation almost didn’t include the one thing that made the whole story work.

An Unexpected Journey

Rings of Power theory: Halbrand's identity is more obvious than you think

Is Halbrand's fate a heart-wrenching one? This Rings of Power theory sees a sad destiny for the supposed Southlands king.

Wakanda Forever

Black Panther 2 ticket release date could be sooner than you think

Rumors have been circulating that the Black Panther sequel's ticket sales will start in early October.

Rebel With a Cause

Andor Episode 4 Easter egg solves a classic early Star Wars mystery

Which Rebel sect is which?

Rebel With a Cause

17 years later, Star Wars finally returns to its most important planet

For the first time, Andor shows us the metropolis in the Empire era.

Attorney At Law

She-Hulk Episode 7 release date, time, plot, cast and trailer for the Marvel show

Daredevil is still a no-show and the Wrecking Crew is still after She-Hulk’s blood!


Wolverine in Deadpool 3 solves Marvel’s biggest canon problem

Hugh Jackman is back! But what does that actually mean?

Deep Sith

New Star Wars comic changes the origins of a famous Sith tradition

A new comic reveals what the Sith looked like "a long, long time ago."


House of the Dragon Episode 6 is the worst yet — for one specific reason

The limitations of House of the Dragon’s source material have become clear.

An unexpected journey

Rings of Power theory reveals Sauron’s terrifying evil plan

We could be watching the creation of Mordor in real time.


House of the Dragon Episode 6 reignites a heated fan debate

Maybe it’s time to pump up the Volume.