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Xbox Game Pass just got the greatest Dark Souls tribute ever made

Like playing Dark Souls for the first time again.

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Playing the best post-apocalypse game is now more essential than ever

Featuring one of the most harrowing video game stories ever told.


You need to play Danganronpa on Game Pass before it’s too late

Do do DO do do do DO do do.

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You need to play the most underrated post-apocalypse game ASAP

Give this game a chance when it comes to PS Plus.

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The 10 most underrated games of 2022

The under-the-radar games deserve another look.

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Melatonin is the most hypnotic rhythm game of 2022

This rhythm game is a dream come true.

Island escape

Escape Academy DLC proves summer vacation isn't just for slacking off

This satisfying tropical adventure ramps up the difficulty.

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You need to play the most underrated strategy RPG on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

Easy-to-play doesn’t mean easy-to-win.

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You need to play the most underrated horror sequel on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

A unique follow-up


You need to play the best Call of Duty campaign in 15 years ASAP

A tasteful homage to one of the series’ best missions.


You need to play the best RPG of the last decade on PlayStation Plus ASAP

An adventure fit for a king.

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You need to play the best modern RPG ever made on Nintendo Switch ASAP

It’ll steal your heart


You need to play the best indie horror game of 2022 on Nintendo Switch ASAP

Inspired by classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.


3 years later, Sony's most underrated horror game deserves another chance

This flawed experience is still worth playing this Halloween.

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The best sim game of 2022 is worth losing sleep over

Inverse Score: 8/10

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You need to play the best horror game of all time ASAP

Nothing else comes close.

Bingeable television 📺
Last Call

Bruce Timm’s Justice League was a blueprint for the superhero team-up series

The World’s Finest never felt finer than in Justice League.

The Inverse Review

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 brings even more beserker blood and action

"True Vikings always reach for glory."

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Alice in Borderland Season 2 is one of the year's best action watches

Netflix’s Japanese deadly competition drama delivers even more viscerally engaging game sequences.

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David Bowie looms over this iconic ‘80s adventure, but its legacy is complicated

"Down in the underground, a land serene, a crystal moon!"


Netflix's most inscrutable time travel show is still worth puzzling out

A gamble on a twisty mind-bending thriller paid off in spades.


Netflix's The Punisher is still Marvel at its darkest and most dangerous

In 2017, Jon Bernthal explored the darkest regions of the superhero genre.

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You need to watch the most underrated cyberpunk thriller on Amazon Prime ASAP

"What is your humanity worth?"

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You need to watch the most inventive time-travel thriller of the century on Netflix ASAP

“What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean.”

The Inverse Review

¡García! is a brilliant subversion of a classic spy trope

Goodbye Captain America, hello “Captain Spain.”

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You need to watch the bloodiest demonic thriller of the year on Hulu ASAP

Do you like violence? How about ultraviolence?

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Netflix just released the only 2 episodes of Cabinet of Curiosities you need to watch

Guillermo del Toro's anthology is hit-and-miss, but today's episodes strike the perfect balance.

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There's never been a better time to rewatch Guillermo Del Toro's breakout vampire thriller

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You need to watch the best vampire thriller of the decade on Netflix ASAP

“Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

An Unexpected Journey

Rings of Power Episode 7 just broke Lord of the Rings canon — or did it?

Is Celeborn really dead? Halbrand may soon have some competition.

An Unexpected Journey

Was that a Balrog? Rings of Power Episode 7’s shocking ending explained

Did we just get our first look at Durin's Bane?


35 years ago, one last-minute script rewrite changed Star Trek forever

The debut of The Next Generation almost didn’t include the one thing that made the whole story work.

Fantastic Films 🍿
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The Master was called a movie about Scientology, but it’s about so much more

Paul Thomas Anderson’s study of the perfect victim is also a reminder that anyone can fall pray.

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Michael J. Fox’s strangest movie remains a stupid, ridiculous joy

"Give. Me. A. Keg. Of. Beer."


Maze Runner: The Death Cure helped kill the YA dystopia. Can it help revive the genre too?

“Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does.”

Last Call

David Cronenberg made the best Stephen King adaptation you probably haven’t seen

The forgotten thriller is the perfect entry point for curious fans afraid of Cronenberg’s gruesome reputation.


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a flashback to the strange excesses of 2013

It may be one of the dumbest movies ever made, but you sure won’t forget it.


5 years ago, DC released the best Batman movie you haven't seen

Forget the Joker and the Riddler. The detective has a bigger monster to fight.

Last Call

Keanu Reeves’ star was fading. Then, John Wick happened.

Beware the Baba Yaga.

Last Call

Steven Soderbergh’s only sci-fi film is also one of the century’s most underappreciated

Thoughtful, moody, and almost impossible to advertise, this overlooked remake deserves reappraisal.

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Why The Lost World is better than all the other Jurassic Park sequels combined

The Jurassic World movies are so bad they’ve retroactively tanked the reputation of the one good follow-up.

Last Call

We have Michael Bay to thank (or blame) for the modern blockbuster climax

Dark of the Moon, the strongest film in a weak franchise, created a blueprint.


28 Days Later is still the greatest zombie story of all time — and it’s not even close

From Last of Us to World War Z, modern zombies wouldn’t be what they were without this Danny Boyle classic.

Last Call

Wednesday has become a smash hit, but it owes much of its success to its ‘90s predecessor

Apparently, you can’t tell an Addams Family story without a dance scene.

Last Call

Decades later, it’s still impossible to overstate Jurassic Park’s awe and terror

Hollywood would never be the same again.

Last Call

Nearly 20 years later, a Will Smith sci-fi movie feels like a warning

Back when Smith’s career was red hot, he tried to charm his way through a challenging adaptation.


How Brad Pitt beat the odds to make an underrated zombie classic

This surprisingly divisive movie should be considered a genre staple.

Last Call

Everyone remembers Twilight, but a better vampire movie rode its sparkling coattails

Sometimes a good movie comes out at a bad time.