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Prisoners of the Ghostland review: Nicolas Cage's “wildest” movie is not his best

Cage's East-meets-West fantasia is high on visual iconography and surprisingly low on energy.

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'Kate' review: Netflix’s action-thriller is worth watching for one reason alone

Come for the gunfights, stay for the star.

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'Dune' is an epic sci-fi masterpiece

Denis Villeneuve’s space opera is as giddily entertaining as the original Star Wars.

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Shang-Chi is a triumphant, cross-cultural knockout

Shang-Chi is a turning point in Asian-American cinema.

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'Reminiscence' strongly recalls 'Westworld,' for better or worse

Reminiscence is an ambitious sci-fi noir that just never manages to pull itself together.

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Free Guy is the best original sci-fi movie of 2021. That’s a pretty low bar.

The first big original blockbuster of the year isn’t particularly original, but it’s still a lot of fun.

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‘The Green Knight’ is an unforgettable medieval acid trip

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The Suicide Squad is DC’s blood-soaked answer to Guardians of the Galaxy

Channeling more of his Troma roots, James Gunn rains blood and chaos. The result is magnificent.

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Snake Eyes is the movie of my dreams. It should be more.

The G.I. Joe franchise starts over with Henry Golding as the fan-favorite character. But does it offer enough for moviegoers?

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Settlers is the best sci-fi thriller debut since Moon

Wyatt Rockefeller’s slow-burn sci-fi Western will keep you on your toes.

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The Forever Purge gives this political horror franchise the ending it deserves

The Forever Purge isn’t the best movie in the franchise, but it’s still a freaky good time.

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'Black Widow' review: It's the best Marvel movie in years — maybe ever

A powerful step into a new era, 'Black Widow' is full of heart and humor that bids a fond farewell to one of the franchise's most unlikely heroes.

Bingeable TV
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Star Wars: Visions is Lucasfilm’s best new story since the original trilogy

Star Wars: Visions is a revelation. It’s also long overdue.

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'What If...?' is doing one imaginative thing Marvel could never do before

The Inverse Review

Rick and Morty Season 5 messes with time in an unprecedented way

In an otherwise average episode, the B-plot truly shines.


Evil Season 2: See why TV’s most frightening show is made for a late-night binge.

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4 reasons Loki is Marvel’s best Disney+ show so far

After two efforts with mixed results, Loki appears to be Marvel’s first truly great Disney+ streaming series.

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Sweet Tooth is a pandemic post-apocalypse literally nobody asked for

Even if it wasn’t coming way too soon, Netflix’s new sci-fi series would still be a dud.


Love Death & Robots Season 2 fixes the worst thing about Season 1

But in the process, Netflix’s sci-fi anthology creates a whole new problem...

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Castlevania Season 4 is still the best video game adaptation ever made

There will be other American anime after this, but it will be hard to top Netflix's best original.

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'Shadow and Bone' Netflix review: 'Game of Thrones' with guns

The YA fantasy books come to life in this fantastic adaptation from Netflix.

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The most underrated '90s sci-fi show is streaming for free right now

What we talk about when we talk about talking dolphins is seaQuest.

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Solar Opposites Season 2 is the Rick and Morty fix you need right now

The Hulu original finds a voice of its own in its second season.

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'The Irregulars': Netflix mystery thriller is Sherlock Holmes meets Buffy

Netflix's supernatural mystery series 'The Irregulars' shows a new look at the classic Sherlock Holmes universe.