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Belle review: The most dazzling sci-fi epic in years is here

Cross the bridge between reality and fantasy in this new animated odyssey.

The Inverse Review

The new 'Scream' is Craven in all the worst ways

The fifth entry in this once-subversive meta-slasher series should be the franchise’s last gasp.

The Inverse Review

The 355 review: Jessica Chastain’s spy thriller is an incomprehensible mess

The all-female action movie fails to be as empowering as its premise.

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'The Tragedy of Macbeth' reveals the biggest problem with 'Game of Thrones'

Joel Coen’s first directing gig without his brother stars Denzel Washington in a medieval epic that puts the Lannisters to shame.

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The Matrix Resurrections is a disappointing Matrix cover song that still slays

Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix Resurrections is a hyper self-aware sequel that regards its past with equal parts love and reluctance.

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Swan Song is worth watching just for Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali shines in Benjamin Cleary’s new indie sci-fi drama.

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'Nightmare Alley' is the scariest movie Guillermo del Toro has ever made

His latest film is about as different from The Shape of Water as it can get.

The Inverse Review

The King's Man is the most misguided prequel since Star Wars

The latest entry in the Kingsman franchise proves no one involved understands why the original was so great.

The Inverse Review

Don’t Look Up' review: Adam McKay's apocalypse satire is surprisingly poignant

Armageddon meets The Big Short in the new Netflix sci-fi movie.

The Inverse Review

Encounter review: Amazon’s most ambitious sci-fi thriller of 2021 is here

Riz Ahmed sees aliens in Amazon's intriguing new sci-fi movie.

The Inverse Review

The Feast review: The best dinner party thriller since The Invitation

This eco-horror triumph eats the rich.

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Army of Thieves review: The best hope for the Snyderverse’s future

Zack Snyder’s not directing, but this Netflix heist-thriller follow-up to Army of the Dead expands the world he created.

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'Antlers' review: The freakiest folk horror of the year is here

Produced by Guillermo del Toro, this creature feature has teeth. Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons star in Scott Cooper's folk horror of destruction and reckoning.


'Eternals' is a big, ambitious swing that can't escape Marvel's gravity

Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao finds herself working within a system rather than outside of it in Marvel’s romantic sci-fi epic.

The Inverse Review

Night Teeth review: Netflix’s vampire thriller is Collateral meets Bright

While the blood-thirsty Netflix thriller is all about vibes, it loses out in worldbuilding.


Halloween Kills review: Infinity War-style Part 1 is killing time

This follow-up to 2018’s remarkable reboot is less refined than its predecessor and drenched in blood.

Bingeable TV
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Cobra Kai Season 4 fixes a major problem with the Netflix karate series

But did it need fixing in the first place?

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'Silent Sea' review: Netflix’s supposed next 'Squid Game' is anything but

Netflix paints itself into a corner with its latest international drama.

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'Station Eleven' review: HBO Max's dystopian sci-fi series is 2021's best pandemic thriller

'Station Eleven' is a life-affirming and moving pandemic thriller from one of the writers of 'The Leftovers.' Its first three episodes begin streaming Thursday, December 16 on HBO Max.

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'The Witcher' Season 2 gets bigger but not better

Netflix’s The Witcher introduces new monsters and mythology for a thrilling but unfocused second season.

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'Hit-Monkey' review: Jason Sudeikis goes Marvel in a weaker Hulu effort

Hulu’s latest Marvel series, featuring the voice of Ted Lasso’s Jason Sudeikis, is a mid-tier mess.

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Invasion review: X-Men’s Simon Kinberg delivers a thrilling sci-fi epic

This global science-fiction series, for Apple TV+, finds humanity dreading the arrival of an alien threat.


‘Mandalorian’ Season 3: New Star Wars book fuels a surprising Darth Vader theory

Could Grogu have a secret connection to one of Star Wars’ most notorious characters?

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Succession Season 3: It's the Game of Thrones replacement you didn't know you needed

Succession is Game of Thrones now.

The Inverse Review

Star Wars: Visions is Lucasfilm’s best new story since the original trilogy

Star Wars: Visions is a revelation. It’s also long overdue.

The Inverse Review

'What If...?' is doing one imaginative thing Marvel could never do before

The Inverse Review

Rick and Morty Season 5 messes with time in an unprecedented way

In an otherwise average episode, the B-plot truly shines.


Evil Season 2: See why TV’s most frightening show is made for a late-night binge.

The Inverse Review

4 reasons Loki is Marvel’s best Disney+ show so far

After two efforts with mixed results, Loki appears to be Marvel’s first truly great Disney+ streaming series.

The Inverse Review

Sweet Tooth is a pandemic post-apocalypse literally nobody asked for

Even if it wasn’t coming way too soon, Netflix’s new sci-fi series would still be a dud.


Love Death & Robots Season 2 fixes the worst thing about Season 1

But in the process, Netflix’s sci-fi anthology creates a whole new problem...

The Inverse Review

Castlevania Season 4 is still the best video game adaptation ever made

There will be other American anime after this, but it will be hard to top Netflix's best original.