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Movie Night
The Inverse Review

Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls is a cringe comedy as overlong as its title

Your mileage may vary.

The Inverse Review

Talk to Me unleashes a gruesome ghost story on the TikTok generation

In the Philippou brothers’ kinetic horror movie, ghostly possession goes viral.

The Inverse Review

Teen Wolf: The Movie is fan service done right

Teen Wolf: The Movie offers both substance and fan service, signaling an exciting potential return for the iconic supernatural YA franchise.

The Inverse Review

Infinity Pool is a hedonistic head-trip

Brandon Cronenberg's latest, starring Alexander Skarsgärd and Mia Goth, is pure sci-fi anarchy.

The Inverse Review

Polite Society breaks the mold for the coming-of-age movie

Nida Manzoor’s feature directorial debut kicks ass.

The Inverse Review

Animalia is an alien invasion movie with metaphysical dreams

Sofia Alaoui’s Animalia is confounding, cosmic, and wonderful.

The Inverse Review

The Pod Generation is soft sci-fi satire with too light a touch

Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor star in a sci-fi satire that could’ve used more edge.

The Inverse Review

Jung_E has little brain power and even less soul

Director Yeon Sang-ho strikes out with his robotic sci-fi Jung_E, an inert action-drama that feels stuck in testing phases.

The Inverse Review

Missing is a worn out techno-thriller less exciting than a doomscroll

Overshadowed by its more powerful predecessor, Missing exposes the cracks in Screenlife.

The Inverse Review

Plane is all turbulence and no takeoff

Even a sweaty Gerard Butler can’t land Plane.

The Inverse Review

Shin Ultraman is a fun, frantic Japanese superhero movie with a little too much style to spare

The second movie in the Shin universe takes the franchise to wild, weird new heights.

The Inverse Review

Skinamarink will keep you awake for the rest of your life

This may just be one of the best horror movies ever made.

The Inverse Review

M3GAN is a perfectly programmed campy horror hit — with one small flaw

M3GAN gatekeeps, gaslights, and girlbosses her way to horror icon status.

The Inverse Review

The Pale Blue Eye is an unsettling gothic crime thriller with spinoff potential

Harry Melling as young Edgar Allen Poe manages to steal Christian Bale’s thunder.

The Inverse Review

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is the purr-fect proof the post-Spider-Verse movie is here to stay

The Last Wish is the radical reinvention the Shrek franchise has needed.

The Inverse Review

Avatar: The Way of Water is an impossibly beautiful sci-fi ride

James Cameron’s sequel to his 2009 hit outshines its predecessor in every possible way.

Bingeable TV
Inverse Review

Wolf Pack is proof that supernatural teen shows can still be bad

They can’t all be winners.

The Inverse Review

Poker Face is Rian Johnson’s Columbo for the superhero era

Stylish, wry, and oh-so-satisfying, Poker Face is another ace from Rian Johnson.

The Inverse Review

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 brings even more beserker blood and action

"True Vikings always reach for glory."

The Inverse Review

HBO’s The Last of Us is even better than the video game

The HBO adaptation of the hit Naughty Dog game is so good, it's hard to believe it's an adaptation at all.

The Inverse Review

AMC's Mayfair Witches is banal, not bewitching

Mayfair Witches is a neither kooky nor spooky adaptation of Anne Rice's bestselling trilogy.

The Inverse Review

The Bad Batch Season 2 bends Star Wars canon to the breaking point

The more we learn about Stormtroopers and Clones, the less clear Star Wars history seems to be.

The Inverse Review

Kaleidoscope is a gimmicky Netflix experiment that doesn’t pay off

The non-linear format is intriguing, but the story falls flat.

Inverse Recommends

Alice in Borderland Season 2 is one of the year's best action watches

Netflix’s Japanese deadly competition drama delivers even more viscerally engaging game sequences.

The Inverse Review

Wednesday review: Tim Burton's Addams Family reboot is a surprising success

Creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky? In this economy?

The Inverse Review

Netflix’s 1899 is an ambitious follow-up to Dark that falls painfully short

The multi-lingual series loses something in the execution.

The Inverse Review

In Netflix’s The Midnight Club, Mike Flanagan redefines the rules of horror anthologies

A slow start amps up to the terrifying action we expect.

The Inverse Review

Andor is the first “prestige” show in Star Wars history

Star Wars TV is brought into a new era.

PAX West 2022

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is violent, riveting, and potentially brilliant

Netflix previewed its Cyberpunk 2077 spinoff anime at PAX West.

The Inverse Review

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is a new fantasy classic in the making

Amazon’s live-action Lord of the Rings prequel is an epic, at times unwieldy, fantasy adventure.

Hit the Deck

Lower Decks Season 3 is the best Star Trek show of the year

Star Trek: Lower Decks does not go boldly where no franchise series has gone before, and that’s what makes it brilliant.

The Inverse Review

The Sandman is Netflix’s first great comic book adaptation

A dream come true in more ways than one.