Mental Health


This Emerging Brain Stimulation Technology Could Boost Cognitive Function

ByThe Conversation and Shrey Grover

For decades, figuring out how to enhance a person’s mental capabilities has been of considerable interest to psychology and neuroscience researchers like me.

Sunday Scaries

Even Just a Little of This 1 Overlooked Activity Can Dramatically Reduce Depression

BySarah Sloat

Gardening is good for you — but with these additions you can augment the experience.


Mind-Reading Machines Could Lead to a Major Neuroscience Breakthrough

ByMarla Broadfoot and Knowable Magazine

Sufferers of locked-in syndrome could soon “speak” again.

Sunday Scaries

New Study Hints at Why Some People And Not Others Feel More Anxious After Drinking

BySarah Sloat

Here’s why you should care about this “harm paradox effect.”


Scientists Discover New Genetic Variants That Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

ByMiriam Fauzia

The discovery could lead to new ways of treating and potentially curing the devastating neurodegenerative disease.

Sunday Scaries

Taking a Vacation Is Seriously Good For Your Brain — But Only If You Do It Right

BySarah Sloat

Say it with us: Vacation is good for you.


Neuroscientists Finally Understand An Elusive Mechanism Involved in Memory Creation

ByJohn Katsaras, Charles Patrick Collier, Dima Bolmatov and The Conversation

This discovery could guide future treatments for brain conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


These 2 Science-Backed Daily Exercises Dramatically Improve Mental Health

ByThe Conversation and Rachel Goldsmith Turow

A growing body of research shows these practices can lead to real mental health benefits.


"Danger Dumplings": How Arachnophobia Inspired a New Type of Gaming Innovation

ByGrant Stoner

The freedom to have the experience you want.

Future Cities

One Urban Design Fix Could Make City Dwellers Happier and Healthier

BySarah Sloat

The cities of the future are going green.

Longevity Hacks

Is Pessimism Good for You? This One Type is Surprisingly Beneficial for Mental Health

ByElana Spivack

It’s worth seeing the cloud, not just the silver lining.

Sunday Scaries

Loneliness Is an Epidemic. Can We Fix It?

BySarah Sloat

Researchers are rethinking how to tackle loneliness in America.


The 5 Deceptive Fallacies Climate Deniers Love to Rely On

ByJeremy P. Shapiro and The Conversation

Former President Donald Trump often chimes in, repeatedly claiming that each cold snap disproves the existence of global warming.


A Long-Overlooked Brain Phenomenon May Make You More Open-Minded

ByVikaas Sohal, Kathleen Cho and The Conversation

We’re starting to understand how the brain adapts to new situations.

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These 3 Personality Traits Define Extreme Altruists — Do You Have Them?

BySarah Sloat

A new study reveals traits that can help anyone looking to enhance how they care for others.


The Strange Connection Between Air Pollution and Mental Health That Scientists Still Don’t Understand

ByKaiser Health News and Jim Robbins

Air pollution, according to the World Health Organization, sits atop the list of health threats globally, causing 7 million deaths a year.