Apple’s VR Success Hinges on Simplicity — and FaceTime

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Apple is reportedly betting an idea as simple as FaceTime in VR could sell its rumored headset.


Fisker’s Electric SUV Will Have More Range Than Tesla’s Model S

ByJackson Chen

The Fisker Ocean and its 440-mile range is coming to European markets first later this year.


Bing vs. Bard: Which Chatbot Is Better?

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Now that Microsoft and Google's AI chatbots are available to the public, we're putting their abilities to the test.


A Controversial Rocket Technology Could Challenge a Basic Law of Physics

ByUniverse Today and Matt Williams

It could usher in a future of fuel-free space vehicles.


The Universal Remote Is Streaming’s Most Tragic Casualty

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Universal remotes promised to simplify controlling TV entertainment centers. Then streaming happened.


Kia’s Next SUV Concept is Basically a Lounge with Swiveling Seats and a Solar Roof

ByJackson Chen

The Concept EV5 wants you to hang out outside of it just as much as inside.


Social Media Is Getting in the Way of Good, Honest VR

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Pico might have delayed a launch in the U.S. because of the regulatory scrutiny of TikTok and parent company ByteDance.


Tesla's Wireless Charging Pad Is Surprisingly Not a Gimmick

ByRaymond Wong

You don’t need Tesla’s Cybertruck-inspired Wireless Charging Platform, but you will want it.

How to

How To Use Google Maps Immersive View To Vacation Plan Like a Pro

ByHenri Robbins

Google Maps’ newest feature lets you scout out restaurants and museums from the comfort of your couch.


These 4K Projectors Give Your Xbox a Massive 100-Inch Display

ByJackson Chen

Viewsonic’s latest purpose-built projectors give a much more immersive gaming experience.


Framework Finally Has a Modular Answer to the 16-inch Gaming Laptop

ByIan Carlos Campbell

The company has created a compact, swappable GPU expansion system, a first for mainstream consumer laptops.


Lenovo’s New LOQ PCs Are the Ideal Entry-Level Gaming Machines

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Most of Lenovo's LOQ laptops and desktops come in under $1000.


Chatbots Could Transform Medical Care — But Not in the Way You Think

ByMolly Glick

“It has the potential to allow for more humane care — for the right kind of doctors.”


Watching: Stunning Video Gives You a Virtual Tour of Mars Rover’s Journey

ByJennifer Walter

Welcome to the rover’s crib.


Hyundai’s Crab-Walking Cars Make Parallel Parking A Breeze

ByJackson Chen

Backing into a parking spot could soon be a thing of the past.


Insect Smart Homes Could Help Save One Critical Creature From Climate Peril

ByJoanna Thompson

The robotic hive could also offer new insights into the buzzing insects.