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Apple Has Lost Control of the iPhone. This New Game Emulator Is Proof.

ByIan Carlos Campbell

The coming wave of game emulators is further evidence of the iPhone’s Android-ification.


El Paso, Elsewhere Is the One Game I Actually Want to See in Movie Theaters

ByRobin Bea

A match made in hell.


BYD’s Sea Lion EV Has A Luxury Interior That Makes Tesla’s Model Y Look Bland

ByJackson Chen

Hard to argue with leather seats with massage functions.


The Cast of the Original 'Blair Witch Project' is Fighting for Recognition

ByLyvie Scott

They weren’t really missing, but their royalties are.


Look Up! April’s Full Pink Moon Is Finally Here

ByKiona Smith

Blue Moons aren't really blue, and the Pink Moon isn't really pink, but at least the full Moon is really full.


'Oldboy’s TV Remake Shouldn’t Look to the Movies — It Should Look to the Manga

ByDais Johnston

Let’s go straight to the source.

Twisty Rant

Can M. Night Shyamalan’s New Movie Please Not Have A Twist?

ByRyan Britt

Trap already has an audacious premise. Let’s hope that’s enough.


Super73’s Retro-Looking E-Bikes Just Got a Muscle Car Makeover

ByJackson Chen

Along with interchangeable batteries and upgraded throttles.


'Alien' is Coming Back to Theaters to Promote the Latest Sequel

ByDais Johnston

We all scream for bonus content.


Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Is A Faithful PS1 Throwback for Better and Worse

ByRobin Bea

They don’t make them like they used to.