Dragons and Hobbits
An unexpected journey

'Rings of Power' fixes Peter Jackson's most iconic mistake

20 years after 'The Two Towers's biggest blunder, Amazon’s 'Rings of Power' is setting the record straight about orcs.

An Unexpected Journey

Rings of Power theory: Halbrand's identity is more obvious than you think

Is Halbrand's fate a heart-wrenching one? This Rings of Power theory sees a sad destiny for the supposed Southlands king.


House of the Dragon Episode 6 is the worst yet — for one specific reason

The limitations of House of the Dragon’s source material have become clear.

An unexpected journey

Rings of Power theory reveals Sauron’s terrifying evil plan

We could be watching the creation of Mordor in real time.


House of the Dragon Episode 6 reignites a heated fan debate

Maybe it’s time to pump up the Volume.

An Unexpected Journey

Rings of Power’s best storyline steals one brilliant trick from the LOTR trilogy

Not all of The Rings of Power’s storylines have worked, but this one definitely has.


House of the Dragon Episode 7 trailer reveals a shocking new mystery

A dragon disappears, a dagger reappears.


House of the Dragon cast change: That confusing time jump, explained

Your favorite characters may look a little different.


House of the Dragon makes the darkest Game of Thrones plotline even darker

A familiar force is at work in House of the Dragon.


‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 6’s shocking ending, explained

Like usual, the books have the answer.


Jon Snow sequel series cast: GoT star gives an optimistic update

Daenerys Targaryen is dead — or is she?

An Unexpected Journey

Rings of Power: Adar’s terrifying plan will likely change Middle-earth forever

Big changes are coming to the Southlands in The Rings of Power.


House of the Dragon Episode 6 release date, time, plot, cast and trailer for HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel

With that wild wedding now in the past, we take a ten-year leap into the future of House Targaryen

An Unexpected Journey

Is Adar actually Sauron? Rings of Power just dropped a major clue

Adar doesn’t like to be called Sauron, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the Dark Lord.

An Unexpected Journey

Sauron cultists? Rings of Power may have just solved the show's biggest mystery

Let’s talk about the weirdest scene in The Rings of Power’s fifth episode.

An Unexpected Journey

Rings of Power Episode 5's weirdest scene may confirm The Stranger's evil, secret identity

The mystery surrounding The Stranger only continues to grow in The Rings of Power.


Cult Week

Cults and extreme beliefs fascinate us because we are all susceptible to their pull. Cult Week explores these stories — and the liminal spaces between the real and the imaginary.

Dmitri Pronchenko / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images
Open World 🎮
Cult of Nintendo

Splatoon 3 is the glorious pinnacle of Nintendo's style agenda

Image is everything.


The massive GTA 6 leak is an even bigger deal than you think

This isn’t a victimless crime.

Game Anniversary

19 years ago, the best bad video game ever transformed the medium

Good to be bad.

One night in Cologne

How 'Metal: Hellsinger' forged an unholy alliance between gamers and metalheads

As part of Gamescom 2022, an epic concert for 'Metal: Hellsinger' raised hype for the upcoming rhythmic shooter. Matt Heafy and David Goldfarb reveal how they pulled it off.


21 years ago, a Nintendo flop changed the video games industry forever

The purple lunchbox.


Elden Ring superfans reveal the surprising reason they've abandoned the game

It’s awful lonely in the Lands Between.


God of War Ragnarok’s latest trailer in 10 stunning images

Future’s so bright...


Pokémon Unite producer says he’s “surprised” so many people are playing the MOBA

Catch ‘em all.

Gamescom 2022

Flintlock could be the first Soulslike to truly rival its inspiration

The student becomes the teacher.


BTS ARMY reveals why they can't get enough of the supergroup's game 'In the Seom'

BTS may be taking a break from touring in real life, but the seven members are still together in mobile game 'In the Seom.'

Inverse Game Reviews

The Last of Us Part I is as close to perfection as it gets

Inverse score: 10/10


The messy lore of Elder Scrolls reveals the greatest strength of the games

A loose-cannon approach to canon.

Gamescom 2022

High on Life is far more fun than its goofy trailer suggests

Surprisingly refined and genuinely funny.


30 years ago, Nintendo changed racing games forever

Built for speed.

Luminaries 2022

'Elden Ring,' 'Breath of the Wild 2,' and 6 more games that will change the medium

We asked six of the most interesting and influential people in the games industry about the games they think will shape the future of the medium.

Luminaries 2022

The Last of Us devs bet big on accessibility — and made a better game

“I was in very much a mood of, like, we can do anything.”

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Mind + Body
Mind and Body

A new viral cousin of Covid-19 can resist vaccine immunity, study finds

Here's what you need to know about a new Covid-like virus from bats

Mighty Bugs

Your gut microbes can help fight cancer, new research reveals

Gut microbiome research is still relatively uncharted territory.


Why you shouldn't sleep in on the weekend (sorry)

We don't like it either.

Cardboard Critters

Why do cats love cardboard boxes? Pet experts decode the obsession

The science behind your feline's weird obsession.

Sunday Scaires

Is ketamine the secret to treating depression? Mental health studies reveal its potential

The need for new mental health treatments is obvious — ketamine may be one solution.

Mind and Body

These two daily activities are wreaking havoc on teens’ sleep

Adolescents need more than nine hours of daily sleep to be physically and mentally healthy.


Just how smart are raccoons? They’re probably masterminds, a new study finds

The meek shall inherit.

Mind and Body

Is someone you care about going through a medical crisis? Here’s how to best support them

Trauma experts explain common challenges and how to avoid them.

Protect yourself

What are the side effects of the new Covid-19 bivalent booster? Here’s what you need to know

The FDA authorized both Pfizer and Moderna's Omicron-specific jabs.

Public Health

Do I need a polio booster?

The CDC has new recommendations.

Climate Crisis

Extreme heat linked to harassment at work, study reveals

Climate change has serious effects on human behavior with implications for workplace interactions and productivity.

Longevity hacks

Eating at this hour is associated with lower depression and anxiety, study shows

If you work the graveyard shift, read this.


Should you take a personalized multivitamin? A nutrition expert explains one big problem with these regimens

Here’s what we actually know and don’t know about micronutrients.

Mind and Body

This common mosquito-borne virus can be deadly — and researchers don’t know enough about it

La Crosse virus is the second-most common virus in the US spread by mosquitoes.

Sunday Scaries

Scientists know why we are so indecisive — and how to get over it

“People are generally quite bad at perceiving and using probability information.”

Call for help

Need to use 988? 4 key questions about the new mental health crisis hotline, answered

Here’s what we know about the new number.

To the Moon

WHAM! 10 jaw-dropping images capture NASA DART slamming into an asteroid

A boom that could be seen from Earth.


Artemis I: A fire at NASA Kennedy gives the long-delayed Moon mission its latest twist

Artemis I teams handled a lot.


NASA is set to make the nearest flyby Jupiter's most habitable moon in 22 years

All these worlds are yours, except...

upside down

New Webb Telescope image reveals an eerie portrait of a familiar galaxy

Webb's Mid-Infrared Instrument reveals a network of scaffolding behind galaxy IC 5332's iconic spiral structure.


NASA's DART spacecraft successfully crashed itself into an asteroid

This is the space agency’s first major step to keeping us safe from killer asteroids.

Glow up

Behold! 9 glorious Neptune images reveal our changing view of the planet

From Voyager to JWST, here are the most stunning portraits of the gas giant.


NASA will roll back Artemis I to safeguard the Moon rocket from Hurricane Ian

Hurricane season is the latest setback for NASA's Artemis I mission.


Mars’ ancient lakes could help discover life on the Red Planet

The elusive mystery may soon be solved.


Super-Earths may be the best places to look for alien life

Super-Earths may be super habitable, as astronomer Chris Impey explains.


One NASA asset will be critical to Moon and asteroid missions' success

Different missions are vying for a limited number of antennas.


Astronomers may have discovered a way to tell if Betelgeuse is about to blow up

How important is it to detect supernovae before they happen?


Artemis I Moon launch may be delayed again — and NASA can't do anything about it

NASA hopes the next 24 hours have good news to launch on Tuesday.


NASA will smash a spacecraft into an asteroid Monday — what you need to know

The DART mission doesn't have much aboard — and that's kind of the point.

This week in science

Webb spots Neptune’s rings and more: Understand the world through 9 images


NASA's mega Moon rocket passes critical hydrogen fuel test — but there's a catch

Today's cryogenic demonstration test was a success, despite constant wrangling with — you guessed it — hydrogen fuel leaks.

glow clouds (all hail)

Wow! Webb just gave us the best look at Neptune in 33 years

Inverse endorses Neptune as The Best Planet.

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