Go deep on Star Wars
Rebel With a Cause

Andor's Season 1 finale employs a cinematic trick that goes back 88 years

When a funeral speech goes off like a bomb.

Canon Fodder

Andor’s post-credits scene ruins the best part of the Star Wars show

Did Tony Gilroy even write that scene?

Rebel With a Cause

Star Wars finally masters George Lucas' biggest weakness

There’s nothing like an inspiring speech.

Rebel With a Cause

How the Andor finale's best twist changes everything in Season 2

Cassian is finally becoming the man we know.

House of Mouse

How Bob Iger's return to Disney could change Marvel, Star Wars on streaming

When will there be Star Peace on streaming?

Rebel With a Cause

New Star Wars plot twist connects to The Last Jedi’s most controversial moment

Let's talk about Canto Bight.

Rebel With a Cause

Andor’s post-credits scene solves a 17-year-old Star Wars mystery

Andor has a post-credits scene. Did it need one?

Rebel with a cause

Andor Season 2 release date depends entirely on one Disney decision, creator reveals

It all depends on Disney.

Rebel With a Cause

Star Wars toy reveal disproves a tantalizing Andor finale theory

Sorry, Luthen Jedi truthers.

Stormy Weather

Star Wars theory reveals Palpatine's secret, dark influence in Andor

You don’t need a Sith lord to know which way the wind blows.

Across the Galaxies

Clone Wars veteran reveals what Star Trek and Star Wars actually have in common

Dee Bradley Baker talks Star Trek: Prodigy, and the social importance of pop science fiction.

Rebel With a Cause

Star Wars just brought back a powerful theme from The Last Jedi

Fascism takes over in the most unexpected of ways.

Rebel With a Cause

Star Wars is finally bringing back a storytelling tool that Disney ignored

It's easy to forget that the grounded 'Andor' is set in space. Episode 11 changed that.


Star Wars legend Warwick Davis is ready to return to the franchise — but there's a catch

Warwick Davis, Jon Kasdan, and Ron Howard began scheming the return of Willow while filming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Rebel With a Cause

Andor Episode 11 foreshadows Cassian Andor’s most tragic moment in Rogue One

Cassian Andor finds himself on another fateful beach.

Droid Rights

Star Wars canon is fixing the most bigoted thing about the classic films

Droids are people too.

Mind and Body

The Taste Of The Holidays

Taste of the Holidays is an Inverse series about the science of food. Get the inside scoop on your favorite (or hated) nostalgic holiday dishes with new stories through December 2022.

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Cult of Nintendo

Nintendo needs to treat its older games with more respect

Golden oldies.

Game Recs

Vampire Survivors is the most euphoric indie shooter on Xbox Game Pass

Simple yet satisfying.


The future of Pokémon: 5 experts on VR, open worlds, and remakes

From fan-site founders to the voice of Ash Ketchum, 5 Pokémasters share their wishlists for the franchise after Scarlet and Violet.

Inverse Game Interviews

'Wild Hearts' devs aren't scared of Monster Hunter comparisons

'Wild Hearts' directors share more details about the game's unique Karakuri crafting system.

Inverse Game Reviews

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet isn’t the evolution you were hoping for

Inverse Score: 7/10


The ending of God of War Ragnarok, explained

Be wary of spoilers. (Did we mention the spoilers?)

Inverse Game Review

Among Us VR is a frantic masterpiece that's far better than the original

Inverse Score: 9/10


God of War Ragnarok is an incredibly epic sequel — with one big problem

Inverse Score: 8/10


9 years later, the best pirate game ever still hasn't been topped

A pirate’s life for me.

Game Anniversary

15 years ago, the best 3D Mario adventure changed video games forever

Out of this world.

First impressions

Persona 5 Royal's killer cold open fixes the worst thing about RPGs

I love it when a plan comes together.


Gotham Knights’ accessibility features feel like an afterthought

Batcycle blues.


24 years later, this cult classic horror game deserves a remake

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


God of War Ragnarok breaks a fundamental rule of video games

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Sul Sul!

Four iconic Sims 4 recipes to try in real life

Some are better than others.


Super Mario Bros. 5 creator reveals how Mario Maker turned him into a game dev

How an ambitious fan project became a gateway toward “real” game development.

Gift Guides 2022

The 9 best universal chargers for your laptop right now

You don’t ever have to feel the dread of losing or forgetting your laptop charger again.

Gift Guides 2022

The 11 best electric bike accessories every cyclist needs

These terrific e-bike add-ons will make riding safer and more comfortable.


Ford’s E-Tourneo EV toes the line between RV and electric van

The E-Tourneo Custom will come in three trims, along with plug-in hybrid and diesel models.


Everything we know about Samsung’s Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra

The rumor mill is already churning out some important details about Samsung's next flagship smartphone.

fast cash

Mercedes’ new EV subscription offers faster acceleration at an eye-watering price

Yes, a paywall for top speed. Sheesh!


The Xbox 360 gamepad is back with USB-C for PC and new consoles

Relive the glory days of playing Halo 2 in your parent's basement.


This mini EV is a portable party machine you probably can’t afford

The Club Car Cru can seat six passengers and has a built-in table.


Mazda’s MX-30 hybrid extends its range by reviving the rotary engine

The 2023 MX-30 hybrid will draw on Mazda’s once-novel engine technology.

Gift Guides 2022

36 must-have tech gifts that are actually worth the money

No poring over spec sheets; no additional Googling; no wrong choices.


Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 is an eye-catching EV with a range that might surprise you

The Ioniq 6 made its first appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show and will hit the market in spring 2023.


Everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 15

The iPhone 14 just came out but the rumors have already started for Apple’s iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, which will likely get USB-C and even better cameras.

Gift Guides 2022

9 ways to make your Quest 2 more "pro" without spending $1,500

From head straps to charging docks, here are the best accessories to buy to make your Quest 2 work more like the Quest Pro.


This convertible EV might be the prettiest car you can’t buy

The Genesis X is a stunning concept with no official release date.


Niantic's new AR demo inches us closer to real-life Pokémon

Niantic and Qualcomm paired a demo of an "outdoor AR headset" with a new custom chip.


Logitech G Cloud review: Xbox Game Pass on the go has one big problem

A dedicated game-streaming handheld that’s also an Android tablet should be fine, right?

Gift Guides 2022

Steam Deck starter kit: The 5 first accessories to buy

From protective cases to cheap microSD card storage, these are the best accessories to upgrade the Steam Deck.

Space News

ESA wants to send a 50-pound rover to a tiny, strange Solar System moon

Never before has an exploration vehicle with wheels traveled on a small celestial body.


This 239-year-old technology could revolutionize astronomy

Balloons are for more than just birthday parties.


A cutting-edge radar system could be a front-line tool to fight dangerous space junk

Enter a new idea from researchers in Iran — using a novel type of radar to detect and track space debris before it becomes a danger.


An iconic nearby astronomical object has been stealing stars from other galaxies

The researchers behind this work identified a population of globulars in Andromeda’s inner halo that all have the same metallicity.


You can explore the entire observable universe, thanks to a new interactive map

Start at the Big Bang...

This week in science

Orion completes Moon flyby and more: Understand the world through 7 images

Artemis takes a crucial step.


Webb Telescope makes a stunning observation of the atmosphere of a hellish planet

WASP-39b could be key to finding much calmer, more habitable worlds.

x-ray vision

Astrophysicists solve a mystery of supermassive black holes

Black holes continue to be equal parts terrifying and fascinating.


NASA stumbles upon mysterious rocks hiding in ancient Martian lake

NASA's latest rover to Mars got a close look at rocks that came into contact with water.

don't drink the water

NASA Perseverance rover's Mars landing site may have been too harsh for ancient life

If alien life in Jezero Crater during this phase, it must have been remarkably sturdy.

Fortune and Glory

Indiana Jones 5 could bring back a major theme that Crystal Skull ignored

Indy’s going back to his Nazi-punching roots.

Space Rocks

Meet the meteorite hunters

Meteorites are some of the oldest known pieces of celestial bodies. They are littered all over Earth — someone just has to find them.

All in a day's work

Look: Orion just sent back these haunting views of Earth from space

To the Moon

NASA's Artemis I Orion spacecraft is on track to travel farther than any Apollo mission

Artemis I just performed a critical maneuver in the lunar environment.


One unexpected Solar System moon could be key to finding alien life

It’s frigid and strange and orbits its home planet backward.


Scientists are close to solving an exoplanet mystery

Today, the number of confirmed exoplanets stands at 5,197 in 3,888 planetary systems, with another 8,992 candidates awaiting confirmation.

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Mind + Body
Mind and Body

To eat your recommended fruit and veg every day, try this one simple hack

Keep it on!


Machine learning could translate thoughts to speech in near real-time

This groundbreaking research could help people with disabilities talk again.


Are food sensitivity tests accurate? Here's the truth from an immunologist

“These tests are all marketing and no science.”

Sunday Scaries

Happiness study reveals a critical difference between two types of people

If we want to understand life satisfaction, we need to understand past happiness.

Mind and Body

How cancer tumor cells can become immortal

Typical cells are limited in how many times they can replicate. Cancer is different.

Reel Science

The most polarizing sci-fi movie on HBO Max reveals the limits of a major tech trend

Is the Metaverse possible? Maybe, if Don't Worry Darling is a sign of our future.

Mind and Body

Feeling cold? How your thermostat affects your mood

We followed people over many years and tracked the effect of being unable to keep your home warm on mental health.

Good trip

Mindfulness meditation may be just as effective as anxiety medication — study

In a head-to-head comparison between mindfulness-based stress reduction and escitalopram, the results were about equal.

Mind and Body

Inflammation: Immune system science explains why the body attacks itself

Inflammation is part of a typical immune response.

Mind and Body

How years of opioid use damage your gut — and so much more

This is not good.

Pet Science

How to make a cat and dog get along: 5 tricks to do the seemingly impossible

It’ll take some work, but it’s not an impossible challenge.

Sunday Scaries

How to unblock your creativity: Scientists say this bad habit can help

Not all mind-wandering is created equal.

Mind and Body

Marijuana for pain: A scientist reveals how weed engages our natural opioid system

A neuropharmacology expert explains how marijuana can treat pain.

Good trip

A single dose of psilocybin may alleviate major depression for 12 weeks, study finds

The results may put a psilocybin-based drug one step closer to FDA approval.


Can going outside with wet hair make you sick? A pediatrician reveals the cold truth

Your blow dryer may not prevent you from contracting a cold, but there are things you can do to reduce your risk.

Mind and Body

This vital cancer screening test saves countless lives — why is it still so controversial?

Colonoscopy is still the most recommended screening for colorectal cancer.

Inverse Recommends
Last Call

How Vin Diesel tried (and failed) to take down James Bond

Diesel, Vin Diesel


Steven Soderbergh’s only sci-fi movie is better than you remember

The filmmaking icon proved himself a master of any genre with this 2002 film.

Last Call

Steve Spielberg's secret horror classic is about to leave HBO MAX

Last Call

Roland Emmerich's most ridiculous movie isn't quite as funny as it used to be

“For years, we operated under the belief that we could continue consuming our planet's natural resources, without consequence. We were wrong.”

Island escape

Escape Academy DLC proves summer vacation isn't just for slacking off

This satisfying tropical adventure ramps up the difficulty.

Inverse Recommends

Before Wakanda Forever, one shocking horror movie put Tenoch Huerta on the map

"We see that America's reached a boiling point. Hatred like that can't be contained. You'll burn your cities to the ground."


How The Mist’s infamous ending created the darkest Stephen King adaptation

A single change to the story sparked controversy... and praise.


Netflix's The Punisher is still Marvel at its darkest and most dangerous

In 2017, Jon Bernthal explored the darkest regions of the superhero genre.


Before E.T., Steve Spielberg made this underrated sci-fi masterpiece

While most sci-fi movies consider aliens mundane, this one saw them as the strange phenomenon they would be.

Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the most underrated time-travel movie on HBO Max ASAP

About Time meets Palm Springs in this sweet but thrilling movie.


15 years ago, Neil Gaiman wrote the most preposterous monster movie ever

What good is a 1,300-year-old story if you can’t add gratuitous nudity?

Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the most underrated cyberpunk thriller on Amazon Prime ASAP

"What is your humanity worth?"

Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the most inventive time-travel thriller of the century on Netflix ASAP

“What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean.”

Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the most stunning sci-fi movie on HBO Max ASAP

This 2021 take on a classic fable influenced One Piece Film: Red.

Inverse Recommends

Face/Off is classic Nicolas Cage at his absolute best

And it’s streaming now on Amazon Prime.

Game Recs

You need to play the most underrated strategy RPG on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

Easy-to-play doesn’t mean easy-to-win.