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How To Use Apple’s Handoff Feature for Seamlessly Switching Between iOS and Mac

ByHenri Robbins

Become a master of productivity with Apple’s newly-updated feature.


'Captain America 4' Adds Another Cast Member from Marvel's Most Misunderstood Movie

ByLyvie Scott

It's time for the Hulk to face his greatest threat yet: heartache.

Game Guides

4 Essential Tips to Farm Money Fast in 'Resident Evil 4'

ByJoseph Yaden

Feed the greed.


Webb Telescope Makes a Discouraging Discovery at TRAPPIST-1 — Is There Still Hope for Life?

ByKiona Smith

On TRAPPIST-1b, no one can hear you scream (because there is no air, according to a recent study).


Apple’s VR Success Hinges on Simplicity — and FaceTime

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Apple is reportedly betting an idea as simple as FaceTime in VR could sell its rumored headset.


22 Years Ago, Nintendo Changed Portable Game Consoles Forever

BySteven Asarch

A purple game-changer.


Fisker’s Electric SUV Will Have More Range Than Tesla’s Model S

ByJackson Chen

The Fisker Ocean and its 440-mile range is coming to European markets first later this year.

Inverse Interview

'Yellowjackets' Season 2 Will Outdo Season 1's Most "Intense" Moment, Director Says

ByDais Johnston

Daisy Von Scherler Mayer amped up the action with Season 1's "Doomcoming." Now, she's starting Season 2 with a bang.


God of War Ragnarök Voice Actor Teases a Sequel

ByWilla Rowe

Loose lips.

Game Guides

Where to Find All 3 Rats for the 'Resident Evil 4' Pest Control Request

ByJoseph Yaden

How to exterminate all the rats.


'John Wick' Director Reveals Who Could Lead a Future Spinoff

ByEric Francisco

Chad Stahelski has three favorite characters in Chapter 4 he believes have potential for sequels of their own.


What to Expect from Nintendo’s 'Tears of the Kingdom' Gameplay Reveal

ByJen Glennon

Don’t call it a Direct.


'Succession' Easter Egg Reveals Tom’s True Intentions in Season 4

ByDais Johnston

Marriage is complicated.


How For All Mankind’s Costume Designer Crafted a Real-Life Spacesuit

ByDais Johnston

From Apple TV+ to NASA.


Shiny Glass Beads Reveal How the Moon ‘Recharges’ Its Water

ByDoris Elín Urrutia

Multicolored glass beads that China's Chang'e-5 mission collected from the Moon are revealing clues about an ongoing lunar water cycle.


Bing vs. Bard: Which Chatbot Is Better?

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Now that Microsoft and Google's AI chatbots are available to the public, we're putting their abilities to the test.