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Longevity Hacks
Weight a Minute

Researchers: Pump iron for 30 minutes a week to ward off early death

A little goes a long way.

Easy Does It

Study reveals a surprising link between sleep and appetite

How much sleep do you need to lose weight? It's less than you think.


Vitamin D supplements may have a protective effect on the immune system

To take or not to take, that is the question.

Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the most heroic swordfighting movie on Amazon Prime ASAP

Maybe you haven't seen this cult classic, but you'll definitely recognize its most famous line.

Longevity Hacks

How does air quality affect longevity? Brain study reveals a beneficial link

Wearing a mask could have hidden benefits.

Gene Jeanie

Scientists unravel an intriguing link between meditation and immunity

Easy Does It

Far less exercise than you think could cut your chances of a deadly brain condition

Just 18 minutes a day. Sounds doable.

Wake Up Call

Going to bed after this specific time damages metabolic health — study

In a study published last week in Diabetologia, both disturbed sleep patterns and going to sleep after midnight were correlated to a less-than-optimal postprandial response.

longevity hacks

Evolutionary biologists reveal how exercise unlocks human longevity

On the flip side, there are biological penalties for not working out.

The Magic Hour

Scientists find the best bedtime for heart health

Stop draggin’ your heart around, past 10 p.m.


Good fat vs bad fat: Study links one type of fat to a higher risk of stroke

However, scientists have long struggled to prove which kind of fat matters.

Longevity Hacks

Why one type of massage can help muscles heal faster — study

There’s a curious link between mechanical stimulation, skeletal muscle repair, and immune function.

Longevity Hack

Diet study reveals optimal number of hours to sleep to boost good snack habits

If you needed another reason to prioritize sleep...

Longevity Hack

Scientists identify how many hours to eat a day to optimize longevity

Maintaining an eating schedule may help safeguard your long-term health.

Longevity Hacks

Does gut health affect weight? A new study reveals critical new data

Healthy weight loss may have less to do with limiting what you eat, and more to do with what you eat.

Longevity Hacks

Want to get better at exercising? Scientists endorse these 2 fitness hacks

New research endorses choosing specific goals and pushing yourself to start immediately.

Leg Day Observer
Leg Day Observer

Is creatine necessary? A shortage of the cult-like supplement forces lifters to question its importance

While creatine has a long history as a strength and performance supplement, there’s still a bit of confusion around it.

Leg Day Observer

Do three-second lifts work? A sports science breaks down how much time you should actually spend lifting weights

A few seconds of lifting a day can lead to strength, but there’s a catch.

Leg Day Observer

How to start lifting at any age

Does strength fade as we age — or can we maintain it?

Leg Day Observer

Why is it nearly impossible to master the squat?

The exercise may take a lifetime to master.

Leg Day Observer

Is lifting weights good for runners? Yes, if you do it right

Strength training can help runners achieve faster times and prevent common injuries.

Leg Day Observer

How to set weight lifting goals and succeed: 3 expert tips to hit your benchmarks

Finding balance is key to following through on your goals.

Leg Day Observer

What are good weight lifting benchmarks? The science of milestones, explained

We all train to get somewhere, even if we don’t know where to.

Leg Day Observer

What time should you eat to gain muscle? The complex science, explained

Does meal timing affect muscle growth? Here’s what you need to know.

Leg Day Observer

Is coffee before workouts good or bad? The benefits of caffeine, explained

Leg Day Observer

How to get good at exercise: The secret is right in front of you

Here are the exercises to try again.

Leg Day Observer

Upper body strength: The exercises and stretches you need to try

Too many “leg days”? Here’s how to catch up your upper body.

Leg Day Observer

Does sprint training increase strength? What weight lifters need to know

Sprint training should be viewed as a type of strength training.

Leg Day Observer

Exercises for better posture: 2 hacks lifters should try now

Here's how weight lifters can improve one critical feature, their posture, and why that's critical for strength.

Leg Day Observer

Best stretching exercises: Why lifting is about more than strength

Here's how weight lifters can improve through mobility work and stretching.

Leg Day Observer

Is grip strength important for weight lifting? 3 facts you need to know

Here's how to improve one of the most important elements of weight lifting.

Leg Day Observer

Why gaining weight when lifting weights isn’t a problem

Here are three questions weight lifters need to ask.

Understand Covid-19
Don't Panic

Monkeypox is spreading around the world — here's why you shouldn't panic

An unusually high number of cases have been found in places where the virus isn't endemic.


Omicron subvariants: An epidemiologist answers 5 essential questions

Here’s a rundown.

Mind and Body

More than half of Americans have had Covid-19 — here's how to tell if you are one of them

The CDC says 60 percent of people in the U.S. have contracted Covid-19 since the pandemic began.

Mind and Body

Mask recommendations are constantly in flux — here's the last mask guide you'll ever need

Few mitigation measures have inflamed tensions more than masks and mask mandates.

Mind and Body

Overconfidence kills: The CDC and WHO still haven’t learned how to effectively communicate uncertainty

If there's one communications lesson from the pandemic, it's the importance of navigating uncertainty.

The Inverse Review

The Bubble review: Judd Apatow’s new Netflix comedy is the worst movie of 2022

Pandemic humor that’s so bad, it’s upsetting.

Mind and Body

Covid-19 demonstrates a flaw of human psychology we’ve known about for centuries

We can and should do better.

Mind and Body

Child Covid-19 vaccines: What the U.K.'s confusing rollout reveals

The aim is not to tackle omicron, but to future-proof childhood immunity against the next generation of variants.

Some good news

You don’t need an Omicron-specific Covid-19 booster — here’s why

Get your booster.

Mind and Body

The secret to treating Long Covid may lie in the gut microbiome

Bacterial populations may predict who gets Long Covid.

Mind and Body

Why Covid-19 could give Conservative politics a huge boost in 2022

It’s set to be an intense year.

Blue Death

Covid-19 could become the next cholera if we ignore this one deadly lesson

The cholera of today can teach us about the Covid-19 of tomorrow.

Treatment Watch

Weed won't prevent Covid-19, but scientists are finding surprising cannabis connections

Cannabis compounds could help treat Covid-19, but it's still too early to tell.


How a new patent-free Covid-19 vaccine could help end the pandemic

The world has a new Covid-19 vaccine in its arsenal — and at a fraction of the cost per dose.

Swab it

Do rapid tests detect Omicron? That and 3 other vital questions, answered

From when to test to where, here’s what you need to know.

Mind and Body

Covid-19 quarantine guidelines: Why the U.K. is taking a radical approach

We need much more time.


How pumpkin spice flavor was created in a lab


How to make scientifically perfect ice cream

It's all about balancing the equation.


How yeast makes bread bubbly and delicious


How to make fluffy, delectable meringue using science

A scientific look at the power of eggs.


The Science Behind Crunchy Fried Chicken


How flavor chemists designed the controversial pumpkin spice

A little nutmeg has caused so much drama.


How to create the perfect scoop of ice cream — with science

When one element goes up, the other must come down.


Mastering sourdough with the science of yeast

How to use the magic microorganisms that make bread rise to create a golden brown loaf.


Why science is so important for the decadent pavlova

Pavlovas are a decidedly retro dessert named after a Russian ballerina.


How to get the crunchiest, juiciest fried chicken using science

A food scientist lays out the process of “flash evaporation” to achieve a crispy, dry exterior with a satisfying bite.


Beer + Chicken = Slammable Chicken

Cooking with beer can be easy — if you follow a few basic scientific laws.


How to turn the volume way up on a classic ceviche using science

A culinary scientist talks about the power of cooking with acid in the kitchen.


The science of grilling with smoke

A renowned molecular gastronomy chef shows you how. 🔥


2 beers and a little science can make a slammable chicken

Beer can enhance food in two ways: The alcohol's chemical abilities and the flavor — pilsner, in my case — can elevate your dish.

Gut check

Antibiotics can hurt your gut microbiome, leading to a deadly fungal infection — study

One of the risk factors for getting invasive candidiasis is antibiotics.


A brief history of video game poop

A trail of turds from Earthbound to Death Stranding.

This week in science

Axiom Mission 1 splashdown and more: Understand the world through 8 images

Here are the biggest science stories of the week.

Fact Check

Here's what drinking aloe vera juice really does to your body

A nutritionist explains the dangers of this new TikTok trend.


Poop transplants could be used to treat peanut allergies — study

Fecal microbiota therapy shows early promise as a treatment for the potentially life-threatening allergy.

It's alive!

This elusive toxin in the gut reawakens "zombie" viruses

Colibactin has been confounding scientists for almost two decades. New research uncovers one piece of the puzzle.

Gut Check

Study: Multiple sclerosis patients have a different gut microbiome

The condition has confounded scientists. Do bacteria in the gut hold any answers?


A pair of gut enzymes could be key to universal organ donation — a holy grail of medicine

Scientists successfully changed the blood type of human lungs in the lab.

Mind and Body

The secret to treating Long Covid may lie in the gut microbiome

Bacterial populations may predict who gets Long Covid.


Gut microbiome study reveals the depths of racial health disparities

Time for a gut check.

Good Living

Gut study reveals why pandas get huge despite their terrible diet

Trust the gut.

Gut check

Want to quit smoking but too scared of weight gain? Your gut may hold the key

The gut microbiome is more powerful than you think.

Gut reaction

Fiber is better for immunity than probiotics — study

A new survey of dietary habits and probiotic intake among melanoma patients suggests it might be better for immunity to eat fiber than probiotics.


Sleep science: 6 connections show how gut health influences slumber

Getting good shut-eye has more to do with your gut than you realize.

gut feeling

Neanderthal discovery reveals an important lesson for human gut health

A study earlier this year looked at fecal samples from Neanderthals, finding diverse microbiota that suggest a plant-rich diet and more health insights.

gut check

Gut study reveals DNA changes in bacteria may alter how the body absorbs fat

In a study published this week in the journal 'Cell Host & Microbe,' scientists analyzed the genetic makeup of the myriad organisms within the gut microbiome.

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Don't Panic

Monkeypox is spreading around the world — here's why you shouldn't panic

An unusually high number of cases have been found in places where the virus isn't endemic.

Mind and Body

How often should you poop? Why holding it in can lead to “significant gastrointestinal problems”

Everyone is different, but it’s important to know your own body’s “transit time.”


Antibiotics can hurt your gut microbiome, leading to a deadly fungal infection — study

One of the risk factors for getting invasive candidiasis is antibiotics.


Melting permafrost could expose millions to invisible cancer-causing gas

Inside the race against radon.

Mind and Body

4 brain hacks to help you overcome ADHD and other attention problems

Behavioral strategies, along with medication when necessary, can help people improve their focus and ease of functioning in daily life.

Mind and Body

What to expect if you’re expecting to go off birth control

Some women may also experience changes to their periods, skin, or mood.

Sunday Scaries

New ADHD research reveals clues to “maladaptive daydreaming” condition

“ADHD-like symptoms can result from MD, but they are not one and the same.”


Appearing stressed out could have one paradoxical effect on others

It turns out, humans are quite good at recognizing when someone is feeling stressed.

Sweat it out

Most-effective core exercises: Why traditional sit-ups may not be best for your routine

Plank it.

Toxic Truth

Pollution is responsible for one in six deaths each year — and it’s getting worse

It's a sobering finding, but scientists hope it will serve as a wake-up call.

Disease Detectives

Mysterious hepatitis outbreaks in children are confounding doctors — here's why the cause is still unclear

More than two dozen children have needed liver transplants globally, including 15 children in the United States alone.


First-of-its-kind study reveals transgender children are extremely unlikely to retransition

And if they do transition to another identity later, chances are it’s not cis.

At Odds

Fertility clinics turn women away over their weight — new research undermines that practice

Research shows losing weight does not increase the odds of getting pregnant.


Study: Being close to nature reduces the risk of stroke

Air pollution, unsurprisingly, increases it.


Why knowing when Alzheimer’s starts could lead to new treatments

The “switch on” moment happens up to 25 years before any symptoms are displayed.

Sunday Scaries

Best diet to boost mood? A study on men and depression reveals the answer

“Diet could definitely be the first step towards recovery.”