Mind + Body

The Future of You

Thomas Oxley Wants to Transform Our Brains’ Relationship With Computers Forever

Will the next wearable device live in your brain?



How Many More Ozempic-like Drugs Are In the Pipeline — Here’s What Researchers Are Working On

ByKnowable Magazine and Matías A. Loewy

The new class of medications is changing the way scientists think about obesity.

Pet Science

Can Dogs Benefit from Psychedelics? Here’s What the Latest Science Says

ByElana Spivack

There might be a catnip for dogs after all.


Wellness Culture Today Forgot About One Giant Idea From the Original 1970s Movement

ByElana Spivack

Wellness wasn’t all colonics and Goop cruises.


Brain Scans Of Jazz Musicians Could Unlock The Mystery Of Creative Flow

ByJohn Kounios, Yvette Kounios and The Conversation

What brain science can tell us about flow, or being “in the zone.”


Sleeping With Your Pets Could Be Bad For This Unexpected Reason

ByBrian N. Chin and The Conversation

Sleeping with your dog in the same room could be negatively affecting your sleep quality, according to new research.


3 Myths About Common Supplements To Know Before You Swallow

ByKatie Suleta and The Conversation

These three mistaken assumptions appear over and over in supplement marketing.


The Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar And Weight Loss

ByStephen Hughes and The Conversation

The wellness influencers might be convinced of apple cider vinegar’s benefits, but where’s the evidence?


The Real Reason Finland Is The Happiest Country In The World

ByThe Conversation and August Nilsson

People in the happiness and harmony groups thought less about power and wealth and more about broader forms of well-being.


These 2 Distinct Symptoms Will Reveal Whether You Have a Cold or Allergies

ByElana Spivack

These two very different symptoms will likely indicate exactly what you are dealing with.


This Common Way Of Measuring Fitness Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

ByJason Sawyer and The Conversation

Does heart rate zone training really work? Sure, but it’s not the gold standard.