“Brilliant Engineering:” The Untold Story Of Plastic And The Quest To Make It Sustainable

ByBoyce Upholt and Knowable Magazine

Materials scientists are cooking up environmentally friendly polymers from natural sources like silk, plant fibers and whole algae. Economics and acceptance remain hurdles.


Anker Is Tesla's Newest Powerwall Battery Storage Competitor

ByJames Pero

Anker's modular at-home battery pack can power a whole house.


Dirty Diapers Could Replace A Scarce Resource In Sustainable Construction

ByMolly Glick

A clever new use for used nappies.


These Hardy, Arctic-Dwelling Microbes Can Break Down Plastic with Little Energy

ByMolly Glick

Polymers may have met their match.


The Electric Vehicle Revolution Could Hurt Low-Income Neighborhoods

ByJoanna Thompson

Electric vehicle adoption could worsen environmental inequalities.


Inside the Controversial Strategy To Make the World More Wild

ByAbe Musselman

What does “nature” mean to you?


What If You Could Become a Tree?

ByLindsay Lee Wallace

Funerary startup Transcend is on a quest to rebrand death for the good of life on Earth.

The Cusp

Can Ocean Waves Power the Grid? New Technology is Bringing Us Closer Than Ever

ByPaola Rosa-Aquino

This Bird's Ingenious Survival Skill Could Inspire Revolutionary Technology

ByJoanna Thompson

They could also inspire tech to suck up H2O from the air.


Your “Recycled” Grocery Bag May Hide a Dirty Secret

ByIan Morse and Undark

Verifying recycled content relies on tricky math.