Intermittent Fasting May Be Linked to Binge-Eating Behavior — Study

ByKatie MacBride

Research suggests there are dangers to intermittent fasting.

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Researchers find similar brain pattern shifts in two common conditions

ByMiriam Fauzia

A new study finds changes in the brain associated with obesity overlap with similar patterns seen in Alzheimer's disease.

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Do detox diets work? A dietician breaks down the murky science

ByThe Conversation and Taylor Grasso

What you should know to avoid a slew of negative side effects of detox diets.

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Is your favorite food genetic? Study identifies 325 genes that influence taste

ByThe Conversation and Nicola Pirastu

325 different genes, mostly in the brain, implicated in determining what we like to eat.

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These simple hacks could boost your flu and Covid-19 vaccines’ effectiveness

ByMiriam Fauzia

Eat, sleep, move: It’s all about doing the things that promote a healthy immune system.

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The first study to measure vitamin D in the brain could help reveal how to maintain cognitive health

ByElana Spivack

The sunshine vitamin may be associated with slower cognitive decline.

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This commonly overlooked health problem can have serious consequences — here’s how to spot it

ByThe Conversation and Diane Cress

Humans need 2.4 micrograms of B12 daily, which is just one ten-millionth of an ounce.


USDA approves GMO purple tomato with brain-boosting and cancer-fighting properties

ByThe Conversation and Yang Yue

Genetic modification can offer many benefits.

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Can I feed my pet only dry food? Why the answer is different for cats and dogs

ByTara Yarlagadda

An all-dry food diet may be good for the planet, but is it safe for pets?

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To eat your recommended fruit and veg every day, try this one simple hack

ByThe Conversation and Kirsty Hunter

Keep it on!

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This diet helps your mental health by boosting your gut health

ByElana Spivack

Here’s why miso might put you in a great mood.

Check, please!

A nutrition scientist reveals the missing piece of the Mediterranean diet

ByElana Spivack

Is the popular diet just about food? A nutrition scientist digs into the details.

Eat your carbs!

Science debunks a misleading myth about the paleo diet

ByKnowable Magazine and Diana Kwon

Our ancestors enjoyed carbs as part of varied diets.

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Marathon training: What to eat before, during, and post-race for peak performance

ByLindsay Macnaughton and The Conversation

Glycogen is key.

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A new study challenges a longstanding myth about Covid-19 and Vitamin D

ByMiriam Fauzia

Vitamin aficionados beware.

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Eating at this hour is associated with lower depression and anxiety, study shows

ByElana Spivack

If you work the graveyard shift, read this.