Ian Stark

Ian Stark is a freelance writer who helps cover the late-night beat for Inverse. Specializing in comics, movies, music and news, he spends his free time talking at great length, listening to Parquet Courts, eating food by the pound and drinking coffee.


Being Too Tired Can Make You Facebook Crazy

A recent study finds a lack of sleep makes people prone to repeatedly check their accounts.

Polymer Film Could Put Computer Screens on Contact Lenses

A collegiate research group has devised potential ocular tech that could be a “game changer.”


Drones Capture Blue Whales in the Wild

The largest living animal can be hard to find, but drones are providing fresh, open-sea looks at the Balaenoptera musculus.


Ancient Forests Burn in Tasmania, Some Blame Climate Change

Pine species that date back to the Cretaceous Period can’t recover from the damage.


NASA Crews Install Final Mirror Segment of the James Webb Space Telescope

The 18-segment piece is more than 21 feet in diameter.


Video Shows a Year of the World’s Weather

In less than nine minutes, the clip shows the 2015 global weather blowing across the Earth.


YouTube Red Goes Live February 10

The subscription channel will feature four offerings of original programming.


"Jurassic Butterfly:" Ancient Insect Shows Modern Qualities

It predated butterflies by 50 million years, yet developed similar attributes.


IOM Deems "Three-Parent Babies" Morally Acceptable

The FDA hasn’t decided on whether or not to allow the experiments, but they got a big OK Wednesday.


Soft Robot Builders Prepare for a "Grand Challenge"

The Robosoft Grand Challenge will be a two-day battle between bots that bend in many, many ways.


Apple Rumors Include New iPhone, Plus iPad and Apple Watch Updates

The company has not confirmed chatter that new and updated items are due in March.


Tata Motors Names Car "Zica," Soon to Be Renamed

The company has explained that it will be changing the label very soon because, well, Zika.


New ‘Ghostbusters’ Photos Reveal Chris Hemsworth’s Skinny Arms

Actor Chris Hemsworth seems much less buff as the new team’s administrative assistant.


'The Flash:' "Fast Lane" (S2 E12)

Is Earth-2 Harry going “Earth-1” on the team?


ZIKA: CDC Reports Sexual Transmission Confirmed in Texas

It’s the first established case of viral acquisition taking place within U.S. borders.


The Bladderwort Sucks. It Sucks Fast.

Researchers are working out how the plant became such a suction superstar.


Researchers Find Signs of Life in Mantle Rock

The discovery could reveal how life develops in harsh conditions, on Earth and beyond.


Man Climbs the Great Pyramid of Giza

Yes it’s totally illegal to do, but one cannot deny the view.


NASA: Hackers Didn’t "Compromise" Our Drone

The site 'NASA Watch' says the reported drone hack has been denied.


Google Skybender Drones Could Deliver 5G

5G is superior to 4G, but can it work for your daily purposes? If not, whose?