Mónica Marie Zorrilla

Mónica covers the shows and movies that geeks love at Inverse— 28-hours-a-week, every week.

Most recently, she served as a full-time reporter for Variety, covering the business of television and writing features; she still contributes to the entertainment trade.

In 2020, she was a staffer at Adweek, breaking news in the advertising and marketing landscape. Before moving in April 2019 to Minneapolis, Minn. (where she currently resides), Mónica worked as a full-time general assignment reporter focusing on arts, culture, and entertainment news at two hyperlocal Philly news outlets, Billy Penn and AL DÍA News Media. In 2018, she was distinguished as Philadelphia's Culture Reporter of the Year by the Pen and Pencil Club, the country's oldest press club.

A Cuban-American native of Miami, Mónica earned her B.A. in English (with minors in Psychology and Spanish) from Haverford College in 2017. She began her writing career during her senior year. She is currently working toward her Master's degree from New York University in a virtual program helmed by journalist Adam Penenberg. Steve Zahn portrayed Penenberg in the 2003 fact-based flick "Shattered Glass," opposite "Star Wars" darling Hayden Christensen. She’ll don a violet cap-and-gown in May 2023.

Besides what's on-screen, Mónica loves watching her rabbit, Kiwi, do absolutely anything (because it's always super cute).


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