Allie Hutchison

Allie Hutchison recently decided to become a journalist after working as a researcher in seismology. She hold a PhD in geophysics and is currently working on a master’s in journalism at NYU (remotely) while she travels the world and writes.

Space Anniversaries

75 Years Ago, an Astronomer Found the Weirdest Moon in the Solar System

The high cliffs of Miranda barely scratch the surface of why Uranus' moon is so unique.

Space History

60 Years Ago, Astronomers Cracked the Mystery of the Brightest Objects in the Universe

No one was sure what quasars were and how they connected to galaxies. Then it all changed.


15 years ago, a spacecraft swung by Mercury to beat the Sun's gravity

The MESSENGER mission needed a few gravitational assists to enter orbit around the smallest planet.

Space Time

50 years ago, NASA’s final Apollo mission left the Moon — are we ready to return?

Can the Artemis mission pick up where Apollo 17 left off?


60 years ago, one space mission crushed hopes for life around Earth's twin planet

The Mariner 2 mission proved Venus was too hot to have present-day life.


65 years ago, a street dog paved the way for human spaceflight — with a grim outcome

A Soviet street dog went up to space, but the USSR was ill-prepared for her stay in space.


55 years ago, Russia changed spaceflight forever — and lied about it a little

The Venera 4 mission sent a probe into Venus' atmosphere, but played loose with whether or not it actually survived a landing.


65 years ago, astronomy's most colorful character made a bold interplanetary claim

Did Fritz Zwicky's ballistic experiment reach solar orbit, or was it all a bunch of hot air?


65 years ago, “simple satellite” Sputnik redefined space science — and sent a sinister message

There was more to this launch than met the eye.


20 years ago, astronomers rediscovered the first exoplanet ever found

Pity the poor planet that no one quite believed in until it was too late.


10 years ago this month, a groundbreaking NASA technology changed spaceflight forever

NASA got a twofer deal with the Dawn mission.


50 years ago, one speech revolutionized the Space Age and took us to the Moon

President John F. Kennedy's words are emblazoned throughout history.


45 years ago this week, Voyager 1 began its journey into history — weeks after Voyager 2

The probe launched weeks after its sibling craft, Voyager 2.


5 years ago, scientists observed a new kind of cosmic explosion

Two neutron stars slammed into each other and created a never-before-seen event.


45 years ago, the first Space Shuttle made history without going to space

Strapped on a Boeing 747, the historic flight paved the way for everything to come.


10 years ago, the Curiosity rover arrived on Mars — and revolutionized the hunt for alien life

Armed with a suite of instruments, the rover was able to tackle the Red Planet like never before.


50 years ago, a powerful satellite overcame opposition and changed how we understand Earth forever

Landsat-1 gave us images of Earth like never before.


60 years ago, a military pilot made it to space — and set off a debate that rages today

Where does space begin?


30 years ago, one tiny space probe's comet flybys defied all scientific expectations

The Giotto probe paved the way for Dawn, Rosetta, and so much more.


15 years ago, 1,000 space experts sketched out humanity’s future on the Moon

The Global Exploration Strategy is a blueprint for understanding space policy today.