September 2023

Gaming Luminaries 2023

Inverse Luminaries profiles the most innovative and exciting people in and around the games industry for their insights on the future of the medium.

Maddy Thorson on Celeste as a Trans Icon, the Evolution of Indies, and Her Next Game

“When we started working again, we had this urge to run as far away from Celeste as possible.”

Inverse; Maddy Makes Games
Bethesda Founder Christopher Weaver Is Racing to Protect Video Game History

I don't care about AAA games anymore,” Weaver tells Inverse.

Yoko Taro Is Dreaming of an 8-Bit Call of Duty

He also likens the indie game market to “a competitive blood-filled sea.”

Spider-Man 2 Is the “Ultimate Fantasy” for Superhero Fans

“They say anybody can wear the mask,” Senior Creative Director Bryan Intihar tells Inverse, “but we want anybody to wear the mask and be good at wearing the mask at the same time.”

Xbox’s Sarah Bond Is Unleashing a Generation of “Citizen Creators”

“You're really going to see game development be further democratized by the power of AI,” the company’s head of creator experience and ecosystem tells Inverse.

Sam Lake Wants Games to Be “Bold Enough to Keep Experimenting”

The creative director of Remedy Entertainment talks Alan Wake 2, video game adaptations, and Twin Peaks.