Hayes Madsen

Hayes Madsen is the Video Game Trends Writer for Inverse’s gaming section where he covers the most buzzworthy events and controversies in the industry — along with some of the most compelling community stories.

Hayes has more than 10 years of experience in journalism with a special focus on entertainment and the video game industry.


Alan Wake 2 Is a Reality-Bending Reinvention of Horror Games

A tale of two heroes.

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How to Find The Den in Starfield and Sell Contraband

Contraband Paradise

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‘Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty’: How Long to Beat and How to Start the Expansion

Down in Dogtown


Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Part 2 of 3.

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'Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth' Needs to Give Kiryu His Happy Ending

Just let him rest.


'Final Fantasy VII Rebirth' Devs Tease an Expanded Story For a Major Villain

It’s a big, scary world outside Midgar.


'FF7 Rebirth's Combat and Worldbuilding Feels Far More Ambitious Than 'Remake'

Let’s mosey.


'Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty' Is the Best Spy Game in a Decade

Inverse Score: 9/10


Xbox Buying Nintendo Would Be a Huge Mistake

Let’s-a not.


'Cyberpunk 2077's 2.0 Update Finally Feels Like the Game We Were Promised

A new lease on life.


FFXIV’s Toughest Dungeons Are Here to Stay — If Players Want Them

“We will continue deliberating on the idea to satisfy as many players as possible.”

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Aceles or Microbes? Here's the Best Way to Handle 'Starfield's Terrormorphs

Good night, sweet monsters.


Sam Lake Wants Games to Be “Bold Enough to Keep Experimenting”

The creative director of Remedy Entertainment talks Alan Wake 2, video game adaptations, and Twin Peaks.

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How to Increase Your Ship Storage and Carrying Capacity in Starfield

Carry that weight.


Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Offers a Huge Clue About Metroid Prime 4

Where in the world is Samus?


In 'Detective Pikachu Returns,' Kitschy Humor Steals the Show

He likes his coffee black.


'Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Elephant Transformation Was Originally Only For Mario

The Elephant in the room.

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10 Indispensable Abilities to Unlock ASAP in Starfield

A skill for every occasion

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These Are the 5 Absolute Best Traits to Pick in Starfield

Pick your poison.

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How to Unlock the Bad, Good, and True Endings in Armored Core VI

Let the last cinders burn.