Hayes Madsen

Hayes Madsen is the Video Game Trends Writer for Inverse’s gaming section where he covers the most buzzworthy events and controversies in the industry — along with some of the most compelling community stories.

Hayes has more than 10 years of experience in journalism with a special focus on entertainment and the video game industry.

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The Game Awards 2022

Geoff Keighley reveals the tech innovation that could change gaming forever

“Imagine one of these narrative games, but it's infinitely replayable, right?”

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'Wild Hearts' devs aren't scared of Monster Hunter comparisons

'Wild Hearts' directors share more details about the game's unique Karakuri crafting system.

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You need to play the most divisive RPG series on PS Plus ASAP

Hey fellas, did someone mention the Door to Darkness?

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Xbox Game Pass's next big indie draws a “bonkers” link between painters and game devs

This historical murder mystery with a modern twist says a lot about art across mediums.

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Gotta Splat 'Em All