Robin Bea

Robin is Inverse's card story editor, based in Pittsburgh. She spends more time making characters for RPGs than actually playing them.

Book of the Dead

‘Golden Boy’ mummy CT scans reveal 2,300-year-old burial traditions

The teenage mummy’s coffin was a treasure trove of burial rituals.


Look! Five New Snake Species Discovered in a Habitat Devastated by Mining

Gold mining put these animals at risk before we even knew they existed.

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The 8 Essential Fire Emblem Engage Characters You Need in Your Party

Get the edge in Fire Emblem Engage by picking the right allies.

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9 must-play games coming to Xbox Game Pass in January and February

A surprise release kicks off a great few weeks for Xbox Game Pass.

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Season: A Letter to the Future explores a beautiful but aimless apocalypse

Inverse Score: 6/10

This week in science

JWST captures Chariklo’s rings and more: Understand the world through 8 images

Come out

Fire Emblem Engage needs to let its characters out of the closet

Queer is not a dirty word.

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How to use the weapon triangle and 5 more combat tactics in Fire Emblem Engage

Brains beat brawn.


Jumping robots could provide a bug’s eye view of dangerous environments

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Every Fire Emblem Engage character you can S-rank, romance, and smooch

Love is a battlefield.

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Which Fire Emblem Engage protagonist to pick and 5 more beginner tips

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Eight major trends that will shape the games industry in 2023

GDC’s annual survey highlights the latest in game development trends.

This week in science

NASA ends Geotail mission and more: Understand the world through 7 images

Climate crisis

Worst-case scenario of Antarctic ice sheet collapse could still be avoided

We can still slow ice loss in the Antarctic.

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Here's exactly how long it takes to beat Fire Emblem Engage

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Inverse Game Reviews

Fire Emblem Engage mixes incredible combat with forgettable characters

Inverse Score: 6/10

New Year

The 9 most anticipated RPGs coming out in 2023

Clear your calendars, RPG fans.

This week in science

Soyuz rescue plan and more: Understand the world through 8 images


There's never been a better time to play the best free sci-fi shooter

Enjoy it while you can.

Home Sweet Home

Superbubble study maps Earth’s cosmic neighborhood for the first time

The invisible force shaping our corner of the Universe.