Willa Rowe

Willa is a queer journalist living in Brooklyn. She is the Video Game Trends Writer at Inverse. She writes about games with a focus on queer stories and the influences from other media we see in video games.

Game Recs

You Need To Play the Most Therapeutic Game on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

Paint by numbers.

Game Recs

The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games Ever Made

The cream of the crop.


'Redfall' Proves Xbox Needs to Make a Major Strategy Change

Time to get hands-on.


'Overwatch 2’ Pride Event Is an Olive Branch to the Community

2016 me would be ecstatic to know Pharah is canonically a lesbian.

Game Guides

'Tears of the Kingdom' Vehicle Hack Makes Off-Roading Easy

Now we’re cooking with gas.

Game Theory

'The Last of Us 3' Probably Isn't Naughty Dog's "New Single-Player" Game

Time to take a cue from Uncharted.


'Tears of the Kingdom' Made Me Learn to Finally Love 'Breath of the Wild'

I know I'm late to the party!


The One Comic You Need to Read Before 'Street Fighter 6' Comes Out

Let them fight!


I Miss the Original 'Overwatch'

Gone but not forgotten.


PlayStation Showcase Leaves a Massive Question Unanswered

At least we have Spider-Man 2.


'Assassin’s Creed Mirage' Will Put Players in a “Predatory Mindset”

A feast for the ears.

Game Guides

'Tears of the Kingdom's Most Useful Vehicle Is Surprisingly Easy to Build

Soar in style.


'Final Fantasy 16' Inspired One of 'FF14’s Most Unique Fights



'Final Fantasy XVI' Is a Kissing Game

Kiss, kiss, fall in love.


Zelda Voice Actress Confirms 'Tears of the Kingdom's Biggest Unspoken Secret


'Final Fantasy XVI' Worries Me for One Reason

When imitation gets in the way of innovation.


'Drakengard 3’s Greatest Trick Was Making Us Think It Was Bad

Zero is a girlboss.


Miles and Peter Return in 'Marvel’s Spider-Man 2' — Everything to Know

Spidey is swinging in for more action on the PlayStation 5.

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'Red Dead Redemption' Is Still the Rootinest Tootinest Rockstar Game Ever

Yee — and I cannot stress this enough — haw!

Game Guides

Quickly Defeat Gloom Hands in 'Tears of the Kingdom' With This Fuse Hack

Why do they look like that? It's scary!