Doris Elín Urrutia

Doris is a news writer at Inverse covering Space.

She previously worked at Inverse as a contributor, writing stories that bridged archaeological and paleontological discoveries with modern life. She has written about astronomy and spaceflight for and on marine life for Scientific American.

Doris is a bilingual Spanish speaker, and has adored science and storytelling since her childhood days growing up with her South American immigrant parents in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, NY. When she isn't writing about science, she takes music classes at Juilliard's Evening Division and performs with her husband.


Artemis I vs. Artemis II: How the NASA program will build off the successes of the first mission

The preliminary phase of the Artemis Program is underway. And the second will be quite different.


Webb Telescope releases breathtaking new image of the “Pillars of Creation”

Astronomers love colors. A new “Pillars of Creation” image makes science very pretty.


NASA releases “extraordinary” Webb Telescope images of Saturn's most intriguing moon

The images show clouds in the atmosphere of Titan, a moon that looks eerily like early Earth.

Far Out

NASA’s Artemis I mission just beat a 52-year-old spaceflight record

The NASA Artemis I mission is halfway done. Soon, it will try to photograph Apollo landing sites.


NASA stumbles upon mysterious rocks hiding in ancient Martian lake

NASA's latest rover to Mars got a close look at rocks that came into contact with water.

Look up

Astronomers find a pristine meteorite from the dawn of the Solar System

A bright object appeared over England in 2021. It turned out to be a relic from the dawn of the Solar System.

To the Moon

NASA's Artemis I Orion spacecraft is on track to travel farther than any Apollo mission

Artemis I just performed a critical maneuver in the lunar environment.


Webb Telescope may have just discovered the oldest known galaxies

NASA and the European Space Agency have announced the sighting of two ancient galaxies.

Blast off!

Artemis II and beyond: 3 steps NASA needs to take to send astronauts to the Moon

With Artemis I finally en route to the Moon, its stumbles provide big lessons for future lunar missions.


NASA successfully launches Artemis I toward the Moon

NASA's Moon rocket has finally launched on a 25-day journey farther than Apollo ever went.

Moon bounce

NASA’s Artemis: November 2022 launch, mission goals, timeline for Moon voyage

These are the crucial hurdles NASA needs to clear in order to send humans back to the Moon in 2024.


NASA decides to proceed with Artemis Moon launch after hurricane

NASA provided their newest update to their new Moon mission on Friday.


Photo shows NASA's stunning Artemis I rocket ahead of launch

NASA is monitoring Subtropical Storm Nicole days ahead of its next target launch date for its Moon rocket Artemis I.


New research finds a disturbing pattern of discrimination at the highest levels of STEM

Gender disparities have appeared again and again across different fields of science. And they disproportionately affect women of color.


A planet-killer asteroid that intersects Earth's orbit was just spotted — and there could be more of them

The brief moments of twilight offer astronomers the best chance of spotting near-Earth asteroids that hide within the Sun’s glare.


Haunting new Hubble galaxy cluster image puts dark matter front and center

How Abell 611 remains intact at its celestial perch is a major question.


NASA discovers a new, two-block-wide crater on Mars with signs of water ice

Two NASA missions revealed two large strikes on Mars are treasure-troves of science.

Lucy in the Sky

NASA has a new way to measure DART’s success — through distant stars

Astronomers finally caught asteroid Didymos blocking starlight.