Doris Elín Urrutia

Doris is a news writer at Inverse covering Space.

She previously worked at Inverse as a contributor, writing stories that bridged archaeological and paleontological discoveries with modern life. She has written about astronomy and spaceflight for and on marine life for Scientific American.

Doris is a bilingual Spanish speaker, and has adored science and storytelling since her childhood days growing up with her South American immigrant parents in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, NY. When she isn't writing about science, she takes music classes at Juilliard's Evening Division and performs with her husband.


Shiny Glass Beads Reveal How the Moon ‘Recharges’ Its Water

Multicolored glass beads that China's Chang'e-5 mission collected from the Moon are revealing clues about an ongoing lunar water cycle.


The Webb Telescope Just Spotted A Torrential Sandstorm on This Bizarre Planet

Meet VHS 1256 b, a planet that almost became a star, which takes 10,000 years to orbit its two stars.


Key Ingredients for Life Found in Sample Retrieved from Near-Earth Asteroid

We may owe a debt of gratitude to the primordial asteroids that visited Earth billions of years ago.


New Book Uncovers the Forgotten Astronauts Overshadowed by NASA’s Darkest Moment

“I think we’re at kind of this new phase, where we are starting up again. It feels very familiar today to the early days of the Space Shuttle program.”

Space Science

NASA Suddenly Pulls Funding For Venus Mission, Leaving Astronomers Confused

The announcement took astronomers by surprise days after an important announcement about volcanoes on Venus.


A New Satellite Will Track Dangerous Chemicals in Unprecedented Detail

TEMPO will study pollutants like asthma-inducing nitrogen dioxide and cancer-causing formaldehyde.


Fresh Webb Telescope Image Reveals the Spectacular Death of a Massive Star

This massive, actively-dying star has already shed 10 times the mass of the Sun.


NASA Uncovers a Massive Galactic Mystery 9 Billion Light-Years from Earth

X-ray and optical telescopes suggest that an ancient galaxy gobbled up its neighbors and likely lives alone in the distant Universe.

Space Science

Look! New Webb Telescope Image Shows 300,000 Stars in Incredible Detail

M92 is a globular cluster full of stars.


“I Almost Spit Out My Coffee”: A New Webb Telescope Early Universe Discovery Has Astronomers Giddy

New galaxy candidates from a James Webb Space Telescope survey have astronomers shocked and thrilled.


A Coolant Leak Stranded Three Astronauts in Space — and a New One has Appeared

Two months ago, a coolant leak left three spacefarers stranded aboard the orbiting laboratory.


This Historic Gravitational Wave Discovery Created a Perfectly Spherical Blast

The game-changing neutron star merger of August 2017 created a 'perfect' explosion, according to a new study.


Behold! New Images From Webb Telescope Show Rivers of Stars and Dust

The PHANGS survey published several new images of nearby galaxies, including a ‘Phantom.’


Artemis: NASA's Historic Moon Launch Caused More Noise Pollution Than Expected

The audacious mission rumbled the surrounding area more than we knew.


NASA Might Finally Solve the Million-Degree Mystery of the Sun's Corona

This vibrant new image of the Sun is a treasure trove of science.


Astronomers found a ring around a distant object in space — and it’s acting strange

This icy rock beyond Neptune has a ring, and it's raising some questions.


ESA's New Juice Mission Might Finally Uncover Jupiter's Hidden Secrets

Three of the four Galilean moons around Jupiter might have oceans beneath their ice.

Space Science

How the Webb Telescope is Rewriting What We Know About the Early Universe, One Galaxy at a Time

Astronomers are gaining a better census of the young Universe and its earliest galaxies.

Webb Telescope

NASA Finds the Culprit Behind a Webb Telescope Malfunction: Powerful Cosmic Rays

An instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope suffered an interruption on January 15, and the likely culprit was a cosmic ray.

Number 9

Lucy mission: NASA goals, mission updates, and Beatles Easter eggs

Plus: two Beatles Easter egg are coming along for the ride.

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