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20 Years Ago, Quentin Tarantino's Most Underrated Revenge Thriller Pulled Off the Impossible

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A Scientist Found Something Truly Bizarre Inside A Fossilized Dinosaur Eggshell

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Ancient Australians May Have Used the Great Barrier Reef to Survive Even Earlier Than We Thought

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3 Decades Ago, These "Pioneering" Young Actors Changed Video Games Forever

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A Geneticist Reveals What It Really Means to Have Viking DNA

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Thousands of Years Ago, Ancient Mayans Developed an Impressive System For Predicting an Eclipse

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Was Homer Poetically Describing A Solar Eclipse? 3 Ancient Eclipses That May Have Changed Humanity Forever

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Would Humans Be Better Off With Tails? Science Reveals the Complicated Answer

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An Ancient Bone With Traces of Psychoactive Compounds Inside Has Stumped Scientists

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'The Distaff Gospels:' This Forgotten Text Reveals A Society of Women Practicing Medicine In Secret

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Hulu Just Quietly Released the First Great Action Epic of the Year

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66 Years Ago, the U.S. Navy Predicted Humanlike Machines Based On This Technology

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The Best Samurai Epic of the Year Fixes an Annoying Hollywood Trend

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This Misunderstood Genetic Condition Has Afflicted Humans For Centuries, Fossil Evidence Reveals

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The most hated Nintendo game ever exposes 1 ugly truth about fandom

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Taste of the Holidays

How do Christmas cakes last for years? Inside the “perfect storm” of preservation

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Martin Scorsese's Epic First Western Is a Hollywood Blockbuster Like No Other

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In Paraguay, cows offer a way out of poverty — and perhaps a greater peril

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Cult of Nintendo

Nintendo needs to treat its older games with more respect

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The "Mother of Yoda" breaks silence on Baby Yoda and more

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Video Games Issue 2021

The 50 best weapons in video game history

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Genetics study reveals the route of an ancient Pacific Ocean odyssey

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50 years ago, the U.S. and U.S.S.R. joined forces to ensure astronauts could survive in space

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Gacha game meaning: How 'Genshin Impact' made a hated genre irresistible

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How 'The Green Knight' brought its most iconic character to life

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Sam Richardson explores the "spectrum of niceness" in 'Werewolves Within'

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Paranoid Android

50 years ago, Watergate changed the American political thriller forever

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Dogs need these 7 traits to survive the ultimate endurance sport

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Man out of time

12 years ago, Marvel told its greatest Captain America story — without Steve Rogers

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How to Save the Earth

Bill Gates is funding a controversial climate fix that could save the Earth — or doom it

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Mind over matter

The oral history of 'The Lawnmower Man,' the sci-fi movie that predicted VR

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One Year Later

Soy boys: How tofu conquered the supermarket during a global pandemic

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Clinton Still Plays the Sax

'Animaniacs' Hulu revival is "edgier" than you remember

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A proposal

The Case for a National Covid-19 Memorial Day on May 28

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Pentagon UFO report: Watch new video leaked ahead of landmark dossier

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Inside the toxic history of a beloved festive spice

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'Men' explained: The movie's stars unpack its mysterious ancient symbolism

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HBO Max: Animators say they're "clueless" and "confused" by sudden cancellations

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Taste of the Holidays

105 years ago, a savvy candy company created the most divisive holiday dish ever

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