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Why the future of periods could be none at all


3D-printed “organs” could lead to better drugs

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Anxiety comes with sexual health side effects in men — but Viagra may not help

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Do genetics determine how you respond to psychedelics? A recent study suggests they might

Good Trip

How Colorado’s radical decriminalization could shape the future of legal psychedelics

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Does cannabis smoke cause more lung damage than tobacco smoke? A researcher reveals the truth


Sorry, stoners — doctors have bad news about the medical benefits of cannabis

Mighty, mighty cells

These CRISPR-edited T cells could be the future of cancer therapy

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How years of opioid use damage your gut — and so much more

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Cannabis for pain: A scientist reveals how weed activates our body's opioid system

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A single dose of psilocybin may alleviate major depression for 12 weeks, study finds

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This vital cancer screening test saves countless lives — why is it still so controversial?

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Over-the-counter birth control is coming soon — and it could revolutionize reproductive health

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Is it finally time to stop drug testing workers?


Indica vs. sativa: A cannabis expert explains whether these two products are actually different


No, drug dealers are not trying to slip kids fentanyl, researchers say


Do you get stoned the first time you smoke weed? A doctor debunks a cannabis myth

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LSD-like drug may treat depression without the "trip" effect — mouse study


Gaming tech could ease pain during surgery — here’s how

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What are the side effects of the new Covid-19 bivalent booster?


A rodent "backpack" could speed up cancer drug discovery

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Psychedelic trips and near-death experiences result in strikingly similar shifts in mindset


This high-tech contact lens could diagnose cancer — and maybe treat it, too

Psilocybin therapy

Psilocybin therapy reduces heavy drinking by up to 83 percent in landmark trial


This breakthrough stem-cell therapy could reverse genetic blindness


Some people with epilepsy find relief with CBD — but the market is murky

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Can mad honey get you high? A bee expert reveals the answer

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What’s in your sports supplement? New paper warns of accidental doping


Male birth control is at our fingertips. Will we ever grasp it?


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New brain scans may reveal why psilocybin is such a potent antidepressant

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Does creatine make you stronger? How the supplement may boost athleticism

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Insomnia is on the rise. A doctor warns melatonin might not be the solution

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MDMA plus therapy is highly effective for treating PTSD, trial shows

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The 10 best subreddits for when you're high

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These North American birds had completely unexpected responses to the Moon


Researchers mapped psychedelics in the brain — challenging our understanding of how the drugs work

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Does cannabis help with headaches? What scientists know so far

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Did Coca-Cola contain cocaine? An anthropologist reveals the complicated truth


66 years ago, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous tried LSD — and ignited a controversy still raging today

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Scientists discover CBD — and not THC — may prevent Covid-19 infection in cells

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Why space junk could threaten the future of interplanetary exploration


Can weed cure Covid-19? Two cannabinoids hint at a possible treatment

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Ketamine-assisted therapy could help heavy drinkers stay sober longer — study

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68 years ago, Aldous Huxley laid the groundwork for the psychedelic renaissance