December 2023

The Inverse Awards 2023

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The Inverse Awards celebrates the best of 2023 in TV, movies, video games, tech, and science with definitive rankings, exclusive interviews, and everything in between. From Oppenheimer to nuclear fusion and ChatGPT to Baldur’s Gate 3, if it changed the world or impacted our lives this year, you’ll find it in the Inverse Awards. Check back for new stories running through the end of December.

How Apple Conquered Sci-Fi

Inverse spoke to several showrunners and producers who all say the tech giant brings a unique, futurist perspective to the genre.

The Inverse Awards
Baldur’s Gate 3 Is the Best Game of the Year

And it could change the industry forever.

Lais Borges/Inverse; Larian Studios
The Inverse Awards
Inside Apple's Massive Push to Transform the Mac Into a Gaming Paradise

With Apple silicon, Macs finally have the performance to compete with PCs. Now, they just need the AAA games.

Inverse; Getty Images, Apple