December 2023

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The Inverse Awards celebrates the best of 2023 in TV, movies, video games, tech, and science with definitive rankings, exclusive interviews, and everything in between. From Oppenheimer to nuclear fusion and ChatGPT to Baldur’s Gate 3, if it changed the world or impacted our lives this year, you’ll find it in the Inverse Awards. Check back for new stories running through the end of December.

How Apple Conquered Sci-Fi

Inverse spoke to several showrunners and producers who all say the tech giant brings a unique, futurist perspective to the genre.

Best of Entertainment

The Inverse Awards

Scene Stealers 2023

ByLyvie Scott

Here are 10 of the year’s best supporting performances across television and film.

The Inverse Awards

The 25 Best Movies of 2023, Ranked

ByHoai-Tran Bui, Jake Kleinman, Dais Johnston, Lyvie Scott, Mark Hill, Alex Welch and Ryan Britt

What a year for the pictures! Here are Inverse’s top films of the year.

The Inverse Awards

The 25 Best TV Shows of 2023

The Inverse Awards

The Best Brand Movies of 2023, Ranked

The Inverse Awards
Baldur’s Gate 3 Is the Best Game of the Year

And it could change the industry forever.

Lais Borges/Inverse; Larian Studios

Best of Video Games

The Inverse Awards

The 10 Best Indie Games of 2023, Ranked

ByWilla Rowe and Robin Bea

All the games that will confuse your friends when you say they are your games of the year.

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The 10 Best Video Games of 2023, Ranked

ByHayes Madsen and Shannon Liao

One for the history books.

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The Best Video Game Death Scenes of 2023, Ranked

The Inverse Awards

The 10 Best Video Game Boss Battles of 2023

Best of Science

The Inverse Awards

We Are About to Enter the Golden Age of Gene Therapy

Gene therapy has experienced a complete renaissance — where will it go in 2024 and beyond?

The Inverse Awards

The 12 Most Mind-Blowing Science Breakthroughs of 2023

The work of these scientists will nonetheless move research, medicine, and technology forward for a more enlightened 2024.

The Inverse Awards

2023 Ignited a New Era For Nuclear Fusion. 2024 Could Be Even Brighter

“For the first time, all the pieces of the puzzle are there: the physics, the policy drivers, and the investment.”

The Inverse Awards

The 12 Best Space Images of 2023

This year yielded a bevy of stunning and sublime images of the Solar System and beyond.

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Was It Aliens? The 11 Most Gripping Alien and UAP Events of 2023

It’s never aliens...until it is.

The Inverse Awards

The 8 Most Epic Space Fails of 2023

Space is hard.

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Inside Apple's Massive Push to Transform the Mac Into a Gaming Paradise

With Apple silicon, Macs finally have the performance to compete with PCs. Now, they just need the AAA games.

Inverse; Getty Images, Apple

Best of Tech

The Inverse Awards

The Best Tech of 2023, Ranked

ByRaymond Wong

Even though consumer tech companies played things pretty safe, there were still lots of innovative gadgets released this year. These are the 25 top devices that moved the needle the most.

The Inverse Awards

The 12 Most Innovative EVs of 2023

ByMichael Frank

Electric vehicles aren't just for early adopters or the deep-pocketed anymore. They’re getting more affordable and tech-packed, and pushing design frontiers faster than gas cars have.

The Inverse Awards

The 11 Biggest Tech Fails of 2023, Ranked

The Inverse Awards

The Absolute Best In-Car Tech of 2023