Zero’s long-range e-motorcycle is a beast on and off the road

The Zero DSR/X gets 180 miles of range in the city but also has 166 ft-lbs of torque to handle any rough or steep terrain.


The Nissan Leaf's bidirectional charging system is finally ready to power the grid

The feature has been built into the Leaf for years.


Aptera shows off solar EV with supposed 1,000-mile range

Aptera showed off the Gamma model of its three-wheeled flagship solar EV during a San Diego event.


China’s Hummer EV knockoff may be more than just an imitator

The Mengshi M-Terrain from Dongfeng is lighter, but more powerful than the Hummer EV.


Europe gives Tesla driver-assist sky-high safety rating despite fatal crashes

Meanwhile, the U.S. has 39 open investigations into Autopilot's failures.


The Polestar 6 LA Concept explained in 5 key specs

Despite a 2026 release date, the sky-blue edition of the EV sports car has already filled every pre-order spot.


Inside the world of sim racing, the next best thing to Formula 1

VR drivers gather on YouTube to watch each other race and show off rigs worth tens of thousands of dollars.


Mazda and Mizuno’s sneakers are meant to enhance the feeling of driving

The “Bareclutch” shoes boast rounded soles and thin padding to allow for a more direct feeling on a car’s pedals.


Mercedes-Benz’ EQE electric sedan explained in 5 key specs

The electrified version of its E-Class fills the gap between Mercedes-Benz' more luxurious electric SUVs and its more affordable EV models.


California looks to ban gas vehicle sales by 2035

Other states are sure to follow suit with green goals of their own.

Out of Gas

Safety concerns can’t stop Tesla from raising price of FSD beta

Tesla is keeping its FSD price rolling with an upcoming hike of $3,000. That brings its driver assistance system to $15,000.


Acura's first EV is a curvy SUV concept slated to launch in 2024

The Precision EV was teased at Monterey Car Week and marks the beginning of the automaker's future.


Polestar’s sleek roadster concept is actually coming to market

Polestar first teased the concept car as the O2, but it’s going to be released in 2026 as the Polestar 6.


Can-Am returns to its two-wheeled heritage with new e-motorcycles

The company revealed the design of its off-road and on-road electric motorcycles that will be released in mid-2024


Tesla decides to slow Full Self-Driving beta rollout in rare show of humility

Only 1,000 drivers will have access to the latest beta at first due to "many code changes."


Dodge hopes fake engine noises can trick traditionalists into buying an EV

The Charger Daytona SRT concept is an EV that uses a fake exhaust to produce engine-like noises, simulating the feel of driving a traditional muscle car.