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K-pop’s online community has a homophobia problem

LGBT fans say they’re subjected to bullying, slurs, and hypocritical attitudes.

Stan culture

NYC’s cool kids are ‘here for the vibes’ at this crypto dating show

Yes, Proof of Love involves NFTs — but it’s actually hip. Could it be the future of entertainment?


Meet the TikTokers obsessed with Harry Styles’ ‘secret’ love life

Fans known as Larries are convinced he’s in a same-sex relationship with One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

Conspiracy theories

Inside the colossal failure of VENN, the ‘MTV of video games’

Why the $45 million streaming network, launched amid the pandemic, crashed and burned.

Game over

Meet the TikTok ‘rave moms’ changing the male-dominated EDM scene

Women on the platform are advocating for a safer and more inclusive space for festival-goers.

Dance dance revolution

The Eve 6 Guy’s advice on quitting weed and hooking up with rock stars

Extremely online ’90s musician Max Collins returns for a very special 4/20 edition of his column.

Heart in a Blender

How Jane Schoenbrun’s ‘emo horror movie’ helped them find themself

The director’s Sundance hit We’re All Going to the World’s Fair is about identity and the dark corners of the internet.


What happens when vinyl records meet NFTs?

Musicians like Moses Sumney are getting in on the nascent trend. But not everyone is sold.


Behind the scenes of the bizarro ‘On Cinema Oscar Special’

Comedians Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington tell Input what to expect from this year’s edition of their twisted streaming show.


‘The Sims’ machinima is a dying art form. Why do these creators still do it?

The heyday of the animated mini-movies is long over, but some YouTubers just can’t quit making them.


Disney World’s system for predicting ride wait times is a joke

Third-party websites and apps are better guides, but it’s still a crapshoot.


Diplo on going solo, buying Apes, and being ‘unabashedly crazy’ online

The jet-setting DJ also addresses those misconduct allegations: “For somebody else, it might be something that would destroy them.”


The British are coming! How U.K. drill music is taking over TikTok.

Americans invented drill, but the Brits have evolved the hip-hop genre — and are attracting huge audiences on social media.

Rap game

Meet the dancer taking on Super Bowl halftime show organizers

Instagram activist Taja Riley is making noise about exploitative labor practices.

Bring it on

These are the Super Bowl halftime show outfits we’ll never forget

The event’s memorable outfits are as much of an experience as the performances themselves. Ahead of this year’s game, check out these eight historic looks.

Super Bowl

Tristan Shone built a one-man industrial metal band. Now you can, too.

The mechanical engineer, who performs as Author & Punisher, is launching a musical gear company for aspiring Trent Reznors.