Gaming while disabled — the future of adaptive tech is here

Adaptive tech in video gaming has exploded in the last few years, but costs and programming know-how can still keep games out of reach of many physically disabled gamers.

Going through an identity crisis? The Eve 6 Guy has some advice.

Rocker Max Collins offers words of wisdom to two women experiencing tumult in their late 20s.

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Aerie links with disability-focused Liberare for sexy, accessible intimates

Its partnership with intimates label Liberare focuses on accessibility first.


Can dopamine dressing be more than just a colorful TikTok trend?

More people are dressing to feel good, but one psychologist suggests it really can make a difference in your brain chemistry.


The Eve 6 Guy’s letter of recommendation: therapy

In the latest edition of his advice column, ’90s musician Max Collins opens up about his harrowing mental health struggle.

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Schizophrenic influencers feel abandoned by TikTok

Creators were upset by the platform’s near-ban of the #schizophrenia hashtag, which TikTok has reversed thanks to Input’s investigation.

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‘I thought my life was over’: Male sextortion victims speak out

For many, the nightmare lasts for months — or even years.


The Eve 6 Guy advises a married guy obsessed with another woman

Also, ’90s rocker Max Collins weighs in on whether a writer should take a soul-sucking corporate job.

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Permashifters want out of this reality for good

TikTok popularized the concept of “shifting” one’s consciousness. But some people want to take it a huge step further.


Heartbroken? TikTok breakup influencers are here to help.

It’s a space full of tears, sad music, and “healing journeys.”


Nike’s Training Club app adds workouts for adaptive athletes

Designed for people with and without disabilities, all classes are available for free.