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A ragtag community is keeping this aughts Wikipedia gadget alive

“The grid is down, massive rolling blackouts, tornadoes, but I must know about the history of the horseshoe sandwich!”


This Tumblr girl got the internet obsessed with medieval art

Weird medieval guys — they’re just like us!


They forged enduring friendships from massive, same-name group chats

A 2500-member "Council of Bens," a Web 1.0 hangout for people named "Tahnee," and other exclusive online spaces for people with the same name.

Hello, our name is

Cameron Winklevoss talks NFTs, fashion, and the future of his rock band

The Winklevoss twins’ Awkward Astronaut NFTs appeared in Vivienne Tam’s latest collection.

Byte me

Why it’s so tough to be a brand on BeReal

Chipotle, Sour Patch Kids, and e.l.f. are early adopters, but the spontaneous nature of the app can make for an awkward fit.


This couple is launching an organization to protect artists in the AI era

Mat Dryhurst and Holly Herndon want fellow creatives to be able to opt into or out of having their work used as training data for DALL-E and the like.

Artificial intelligence

How Nike used VR and advanced simulation to create the Air Max Scorpion

The Swoosh's most complex airbag yet packs more Air cushioning than ever.


At MoMA, video games get their own stage

An interview with senior curator Paola Antonelli and collection specialist Paul Galloway on the opening of MoMA’s exhibition "Never Alone."


A surveillance artist shows how Instagram magic is made

Using AI and open cameras, Dries Depoorter is matching influencers’ Insta pics to behind-the-scenes video footage. Not everyone is happy.

Unblinking eye

Her dad’s killing made headlines. Now she’s creating content about it.

On TikTok and a new podcast, 21-year-old clothing brand head Eva Benefield is charming true crime fans with her dark sense of humor.

Social media

Who the hell updated Queen Elizabeth II’s Wikipedia page so quickly?

Mere seconds after the news of her passing broke, User:Sydwhunte, whose edits are mostly on sports pages, had already changed "is" to "was."


Inside a highly lucrative, ethically questionable essay-writing service

Killer Papers is a seven-figure academic “paper mill” business. But its products are just for inspiration, its founder insists.

Back to school

Going through an identity crisis? The Eve 6 Guy has some advice.

Rocker Max Collins offers words of wisdom to two women experiencing tumult in their late 20s.

Heart in a Blender

Interns thought they could count on return offers. Then Meta dropped them.

“ATTENTION @meta interns. Now that we got fired by Facebook does anyone wanna come together to create a startup?? Serious inquiries only.”


Inside the world of sim racing, the next best thing to Formula 1

VR drivers gather on YouTube to watch each other race and show off rigs worth tens of thousands of dollars.


Twitter mercilessly mocked her peach comic. Now she’s speaking out.

In an exclusive interview, Mary Catherine Starr, creator of Instagram’s @momlife_comics, discusses “Peachgate” and how it changed her.