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Tidbyt device surrounded by toy dinosaurs

Time, temperature, the price of Doge? They’re all on my Tidbyt.

This smart — but not too smart — screen is the perfect desk gadget.

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Roborock's S7 MaxV Ultra is the smartest robot vacuum I've ever tested

Roborock’s new robot cleaner is the holy grail: it vacuums, mops, empties, and cleans itself. And one more big plus: it can avoid pet poop, too.

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Amazon Echo Show 15 review: Alexa beginner and veteran comparison

Amazon Echo Show 15 review: A tale of two smart home users

Reviewers Ian Carlos Campbell and Raymond Wong agree the Echo Show 15 has polished hardware and Alexa support, but the software is too barebones and janky.


Ikea’s 2021 Symfonisk table lamp speaker fixes the original’s biggest flaw

With a new design and, most importantly, support for the standard E26 light bulb socket, Ikea’s new table lamp speaker is a sleek fit for homes.


Nanoleaf Lines review: Forget shapes, light strips are where it's at

The latest colorful lighting solution from Nanoleaf shows it's not afraid to mess with a winning formula.


Google’s new Nest Cam is really great. Now get it out of my house.

Nest’s latest smart camera has an impressive array of included services, smart features, and great battery life. But do you really need cameras in your home?

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Nanoleaf Elements review: Finally, smart lights that match your furniture

These faux wood LED light panels are more tasteful than the rainbow-hued ones every YouTuber and Twitch streamer has at home.


Here's the deal with that viral sunset lamp on Instagram

We’re not saying this Instagram projector lamp will catch fire, but we’re not, not saying that either.


My cat fell in love with this surprisingly delightful robotic toy

Enabot's Ebo Pro got ferret and cat approval, and might steal your heart, too.


Google's Nest Thermostat is the first thing you should buy for your smart home

It doesn't have as many features as its fancier sibling, but at $130, the Nest Thermostat pays for itself in no time.


The Level Touch is a beautiful smart lock that’s very dumb

Premium design and easy installation are wins, but the lack of cross-platform support and hefty price tag dumb things down somewhat.


The HomePod mini is Apple's last chance at the smart home

Apple's $99 HomePod mini is everything the bigger HomePod should have been: affordable, compact, and sounds terrific. Read on to listen (yes, listen) to how it compares to the latest Echo and Nest Audio.


The Nest Audio speaker will blow your mind

We reviewed Google's newest Assistant-powered smart speaker and the sound is a beast at all volume levels. Listen to the difference yourself.


Feel like a magician with Samsung's SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug

There are few things you can control these days, but your designer banana lamp can be one of them.

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Petcube's newest camera is peace of mind you can actually afford

High-quality video, night vision, and virtual vet advice for under $50.


The Philips Wiz Smart Wi-Fi LED is the perfect smart bulb

Say goodbye to expensive hubs, high unit prices, and interoperability worries, and hello to beautiful mood lighting on a budget.

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