The Apple Watch Ultra is a major step toward replacing your iPhone

Apple imagined the first Apple Watch as more of an iPhone replacement. The Apple Watch Ultra is pushing the company back to that original vision.

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The new Apple Watch SE can finally replace your Series 3

Apple’s second-generation Apple Watch SE has new internals for the a more affordable $249 price.

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Tag Heuer’s Porsche smartwatch puts your car’s vitals on your wrist

Porsche owners can use the timepiece to see their vehicle’s mileage, gas levels, and temperature.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is launching before Apple Watch 8 Pro

Samsung's "adventurous" and durable Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is one of two new WearOS smartwatches coming out on August 26. The other is the Galaxy Watch 5.


Tag Heuer’s smartwatches let you flaunt your NFTs on your wrist

In case you wanted to terrorize people offline, too.


Jeff Staple’s space-themed ‘Pigeon’ sneaker is limited to 25 pairs

The kicks, made in collaboration with Anicorn Watches, arrive alongside 250 limited-edition watches.


Omega and Swatch’s highly coveted watch is being criticized for causing stains

The Speedmaster MoonSwatch isn’t the quality shoppers hoped for after facing chaotic release conditions.


Omega and Swatch’s watch release draws comparisons to a ‘zombie movie’

The global release suffered from fuzzy communication and little stock.


Russia seizes millions worth of Audemars Piguet in response to Swiss sanctions

Switzerland has broken from its usual stance of neutrality.


Swatch's $260 Omega watch is reselling for up to $2,000

The collaboration isn't even a limited-edition.


Garmin Instinct 2 smartwatch has “unlimited” charge if you stay outside forever

The Instinct 2 uses solar energy to make sure your watch keeps going and going.


Leica’s new watches cost more than its pricey cameras

The newly-introduced L1 and the L2 start at an eye-watering $10,000.


These are the best fitness watches

Whether you’re shopping for an endurance athlete or expedition backpacker, a fitness watch can streamline their missions. These are the best, no matter the activity.

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The Apple Watch, and really all smartwatches, should be round

With a circular Pixel Watch waiting in the wings, 2022 is a better time than ever for Apple to round out its smartwatch offerings.

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A Digimon fitness tracker is like having a Fitbit with a friend built-in

The Bandai Vital Bracelet Digital Monster isn’t the most accurate at tracking, but it is a pretty fun (and surprisingly complicated) way to motivate yourself to exercise.


This limited edition Hot Wheels costs more than my car

Even with the accompanying IWC Pilot’s Watch this feels a bit excessive.

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Gucci and The North Face's third collab is the most luxurious yet

Inspired by kaleidoscopes and more ‘70s vibes.


Gucci adds bio-based materials to its Dive watches

At least 65 percent of the case is derived from eco-conscious content.


Gucci makes Miley Cyrus its first celebrity avatar on Roblox

Play as Miley in the dedicated Gucci Town.


Gucci is now accepting BAYC’s ApeCoin for in-store purchases

The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s official cryptocurrency can now be used for your designer needs.


Dior’s debut digital clothing arrives through Gran Turismo 7

Kim Jones designed racing gear and a customized De Tomaso Mangusta car for Dior’s collaboration with the racing game.


Prada’s Timecapsule NFTs grant access to the brand’s Milan fashion show

One-of-a-kind shirts and a “full Prada journey” in Milan are up for grabs, too.


From Nike to Gucci: Here are the virtual fashion worlds you should explore

Whether you’re an experienced NFT collector or new to the metaverse, there’s a digital realm for everyone.


The Hermès and MetaBirkins lawsuit could set legal precedents for NFTs

Is it art or trademark infringement?


Gucci and Balenciaga owner enters the metaverse with KNXT project

So far, Kering’s project offers multiple digital drops to be tested by consumers online.


Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga engineered their own video game

The virtual experience coincides with the collaboration’s first in-store launch, so you can get played multiple ways.