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3D render avatar with wearable simulator computer, Virtual Reality headset connecting virtual space....

Game developer goes off script to trash NFTs and web3 gaming publicly

Mark Venturelli, the designer behind 'Chroma Squad,' delivered a presentation entitled "Why NFTs are a nightmare," at Brazil's International Games festival.


This indie game looks like someone turned Toy Story 2 into a shooter

Hypercharge resembles a cross between Small Soldiers and Toy Story and has climbed Steam's charts after a week of virality.

Statue of justice - Themis

The AI-powered Am I the Asshole spinoff is back and better than ever

“AITA for switching to regular milk to prove my lactose intolerant roommate keeps stealing from me?”


Nintendo’s latest Indie World showcase paraded the small but mighty

A number of titles that revel in simplistic, arcade-like gameplay were revealed at the event.

Indie love

Stardew follow-up Haunted Chocolatier will have real boss fights

The long-awaited sequel to Stardew Valley, Haunted Chocolatier, features a greater focus on combat, boss battles, and a darker tone.

Darkened chocolate

'Hyper Light Breaker' is the 3D follow-up to an indie classic

Developer Heart Machine has announced a 3D successor to the highly-successful Hyper Light Drifter, and it's coming to Steam in 2023.


'Infernax' is a gory love letter to the 'Castlevania' everyone hates

The legacy of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest makes this indie metroidvania a different class of retro revival.

Now Playing says NFTs are a no-go, thanks

Gaming storefront describes NFTs as "exploitative" and "a scam."

No fun times

This new 'Palworld' trailer imagines a world with Pokémon and guns

There’s also a factory exploiting the plush creatures in a game that looks hyper derivative.

Gotta shoot 'em all

An absolute monster turned Pokémon into a first-person shooter

Using Unreal Engine and pre-existing graphic/animation packs, indie game developer, Dragon, brought a whole lot of firepower to the Pokémon universe.


Valve's Steam Store breaks all-time highs with 28 million users

But Epic is also gaining Steam.


2022's most anticipated games that you (probably) haven’t heard of yet

From scary stories to Kung-Fu and cutesy RPGs, this year has something for everyone.


'Tunic' publisher says indie game production is ‘absurdly expensive’

Cheap games aren't cheap to make, apparently.


FPS with a ‘school shooting’ level loses its publisher

But those two things may not actually be related.

No thanks

Indie darling ‘Hades’ becomes first video game to win Hugo Award

Video games have immense narrative potential.


Sony is quietly improving PlayStation's relations with indies

A new document sheds some light on the issue.