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Here’s every tech company conducting mass layoffs right now

The tech labor movement is on the rise, but the industry itself is down bad. From Tesla to Patreon to HBO Max, here’s a list of all the tech companies undergoing layoffs.


Redditor’s break-up story sends 11-year-old song viral again

Not many people would willingly have sex to "Cbat," let alone outline the process on a public forum.

Can't Handle the Cbat

Inside the world of sim racing, the next best thing to Formula 1

VR drivers gather on YouTube to watch each other race and show off rigs worth tens of thousands of dollars.


Logitech leak reveals cloud-based gaming handheld with xCloud and Steam

Leaked images show what could be the home screen of Logitech’s upcoming handheld cloud gaming device.


Phew, Capitol Records has already been bullied out of deal with ‘AI rapper’

Digital blackface is not a new phenomenon but the virality of FN Meka is particularly bleak.


Netflix may be next tech giant to tackle tricky cloud gaming market

The streaming giant dropped some major hints by recently putting up some job listings that explicitly reference “cloud gaming.”


MoviePass returns on Labor Day without its best feature

The revamped MoviePass program will offer $10, $20, and $30 per month subscriptions.


Nobody is playing Netflix games and here’s the proof

The low amount of daily users on Netflix Games is likely due to a mediocre library and a lack of marketing.


A TikTok Music app could be Spotify's toughest competition yet

A U.S. patent filing suggests ByteDance is interested in creating TikTok Music, a music streaming app to rival the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

taking a byte

RIP Car Thing, Spotify's weirdest experiment yet

After a little over a year, Spotify's Car Thing, a glorified remote for its streaming service, is being retired. Why did it exist in the first place?


Netflix's ad tier might not be such a good deal after all

Netflix execs suggested its own originals might make up most of the library on its cheaper ad-supported tier during the company’s Q2 earnings call.

ad break

Netflix's password-sharing crackdown has already begun

Early tests in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras reveal a fee of $2.99 per extra home.


Meet the men who fetishize obscure pro wrestlers on YouTube

Middle-aged gay guys congregate in the comments sections, reliving the glory days of watching “jobbers” grapple on fuzzy TV screens.


YouTube won't let creator correct horror video's 'For Kids' rating sans appeal

Any fan of Kris Straub's long-running cult horror project, Local 58, will know 'Show for Children' is anything but that.

Look away, kids

Spotify's 'Stranger Things' playlist just sent me straight to Vecna hell

With a playlist as off-base as this, you can pretty much start pre-crumpling my bones right now.

Rest in Playlist

The disgustingly appealing world of YouTube’s drain unblockers

Plumbers are making bank (and becoming sex symbols) showing off their skills online. But why do we like to watch?

Dirty job