Huge leak shows off colorful MacBook Air 2022

The next MacBook Air is rumored to launch sometime in the middle of next year, featuring an upgraded Apple chip and a new design with multiple color options.


Google faces severe fines in France for not paying news outlets

The tech giant tried to skirt around new regulations. Watchdogs caught the company's bluff.


Google might pull its search tools from Australia over new fees

Disinclined to make what could be precedent-setting concessions, the search and advertising giant is pushing back hard.


Apple One subscription bundles are now available

Starting at $14.95 a month, Apple One bundles the company's various subscriptions into one monthly payment.


Google's AI-assisted Journalist Studio tools could actually be useful to reporters

The initial two programs include massive data-sifting and visualization software.


Google's $1 billion fund for news publishers sounds like fancy PR

The amount sounds terribly generous, but it would be smart to exercise some skepticism here.


Apple One bundles the company's best services in a bid to take on Amazon

The three-tiered plan is a savings boon for Apple users.


News publishers want Apple to favor them like it does Amazon

The App Store charges newspaper and magazine publishers 30 percent for new subscribers. It only charges Amazon 15 percent for new Prime Video subs. Yikes.


Google fights back against proposed Australian news legislation

The company is warning Australians the new law would worsen their experiences across Google and YouTube and potentially undermine their privacy.


The New York Times has ditched Apple News because it's not good for business

The legacy publication wants to focus on direct relationships with its audience.


Google will pay some publishers to license their content

It's giving concessions to the news industry at a time when regulators are on its tail.


France has ruled Google News must pay outlets to repost their content

This isn’t the first time Google News has been told to pay creators. It likely won’t be the last.


Siri will answer your 2020 election questions

You still won’t use it, though.


Report: Business chief for Apple News has stepped down

The company's News+ has struggled to gain subscribers.


Apple News launches 2020 election hub with guides to help you make sense of it all

Apple News will pull from "trusted news sources" and display real-time results data.

2020 Election

Scroll wants to offer an ad-free internet for $5 a month

Great for publishers, not so great for the poor.