Coinbase pushing pro crypto-lobbying crusade through its app

Brian Armstrong, the company's CEO, announced an update to the brand's mobile app that will inform users on their state politicians' stance on crypto.


TikTok isn’t above cloning BeReal

TikTok Now, the new feature (and standalone app) is basically BeReal by another name.


Everyone's using Discord wrong. Forum Channels could help fix things.

Discord's new Forum Channels feature offers a way to create dedicated spaces for conversations that won't get lost in the mix.


How to recover deleted text messages in iOS 16

With iOS 16, your text messages only go the graveyard when you really want them to.


How to add multiple stops in Apple Maps with iOS 16

In iOS 16, Apple Maps take a page out of Google's book and allows you to add multiple stops to a journey.


Twitter can play podcasts now, too

Twitter is testing a redesign of its Spaces tab that puts recorded audio conversations and professional podcast side by side.

Making Space

How to remove the home screen search button in iOS 16

Apple shoved a new search button into your iPhone’s home screen, but don’t worry, you can get rid of it if you want.


How to clean up your iPhone’s lock screen notifications in iOS 16

iOS 16 lets you deliver lock screen notifications your way. With a few taps, you can collapse them into a numbered bar or push them to the bottom.


Reddit's collectible avatar experiment falls victim to NFT fatigue

Collectible avatars were released at the beginning of July, and now, about a month later, Reddit is giving some of them away for free.


How to change your iPhone lock screen's clock font and color in iOS 16

Apple is finally letting iPhone users change up the look of the clock on the lock screen in iOS 16. It only took 15 years.