China’s Hummer EV knockoff may be more than just an imitator

The Mengshi M-Terrain from Dongfeng is lighter, but more powerful than the Hummer EV.

The chunky over-the-top Hummer design is alive and well. Beyond the Hummer EV that’s currently in high demand, Dongfeng revealed its latest EV that’s part of its Mengshi offshoot brand. It’s called the Mengshi M-Terrain and it looks suspiciously similar to the Hummer EV.

It looks like there will be two versions, the M-Terrain SUV model and the M-Terrain S pickup version, much like the Hummer EV. It’s pretty clear, just by looking at the two, that Dongfeng at the very least drew inspiration from the Hummer EV. It looks like there will be similar features, too, with the M-Terrain, including rear wheel steering and “crab-walking.”

A lighter Hummer — Surprisingly, the M-Terrain actually has the Hummer EV beat in some areas. Dongfeng is building the electric SUV with four motors that combine for 1,073 horsepower and more than 11,000 lb-ft of torque. The M-Terrain can even hit a 0 to 60 mph in about 4.2 seconds.

Dongfeng didn’t reveal any specific battery specs yet, just showing that the M-Terrain will be built on its MORA skateboard platform. However, there were previously leaked documents that show the battery pack could offer up to 140 kWh, which would give the EV roughly 310 miles of range. The Hummer EV has the M-Terrain beat there with its expected 329 miles of range, but it’s also a lot heavier. Compared to the more than 9,000 lbs of the Hummer EV, the M-Terrain is expected to be much lighter at closer to 6,000 lbs.

The SUV and the pickup truck variants of the M-Terrain.CnEVPost / YouTube

Like the Hummer EV, the M-Terrain can lift its suspension up a few inches and also direct power to a specific wheel. The Dongfeng conceptual video of the M-Terrain looks like it will have a bunch of sensors and AI capabilities as well.

China exclusive — Dongfeng could be already prepping the M-Terrain for production as it’s expecting to drop the electric SUV in China in 2023. There’s no word if the M-Terrain will be coming to global markets, particularly the U.S., especially considering that Dongfeng hasn’t imported any of its vehicles stateside.

Dongfeng could get in on some of Hummer’s customer base in the U.S.CnEVPost / YouTube

When you consider the huge demand that the Hummer EV is seeing, with its pickup version being sold for more than double the MSRP, a knockoff suddenly doesn’t sound too bad.