Ian Carlos Campbell

Ian Carlos Campbell is an Associate Editor at Inverse. If it's tech that you wear, carry with you, or that makes you move, he’s reviewing it and thinking about it, from smartphones to VR headsets.

Ian previously worked with Input as a part-time reviews writer, and before that, was embedded with The Verge’s news team as part of the inaugural class of Vox Media’s fellowship program. When he’s not lamenting “the metaverse,” Ian enjoys thinking critically about video games, watching movies and tv shows, and petting his dog Peggy.


Amazon Luna's Days Are Numbered

Given layoffs, a shrinking selection of games, and the failure of Stadia, the outlook for Luna seems very uncertain.

Gear News

Microsoft Teams Premium Has the First Actually Useful Application of GPT-3

You might not care about enterprise software, but you will care about this.


GM Is Using Netflix To Spread the EV Gospel

In a partnership neither company describes as product placement, GM EVs will be deliberately featured across Netflix's shows and movies.


Samsung’s Galaxy S23s Feel Comfortably Familiar

With modest upgrades and design changes, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 line is more similar to last year’s phones than different.


Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra will Test the Limits of Smartphone Cameras

Samsung's new S23 smartphones series aim to be "premium" from top to bottom, starting with a giant camera sensor on the Ultra.


Logitech is Trying to Reinvent Video Calls Using an Optical Illusion

Project Ghost, a new telepresence concept Logitech is building with Steelcase, relies on the "Pepper's ghost" illusion to make video calls feel more like in-person conversations.


A Foldable iPad Is Proof That Apple Has Outgrown Its Wait-and-See Mentality

Rumors and predictions point to the launch of an Apple foldable far earlier than the company traditionally enters new product categories.


This Razer Kishi V2 upgrade makes touchscreen mobile games less of a chore

Razer's newest mobile controller can simulate touch inputs on touchscreen-only games on Android thanks to a new update.


Why Microsoft thinks ChatGPT (and not the metaverse) is its future

Amidst massive cuts to AR and VR development, Microsoft is making an equally big bet on artificial intelligence.


Apple is taking the wraps off the HomePod mini’s secret sensor

Apple's smaller smart speaker is gaining the ability to sense temperature, humidity, and more via a software update.


How Uber's bus-like EVs could revive a transit pipe dream

Uber says it's partnering with automakers to create custom EVs designed for ride-sharing that, yes, sound a bit like buses.


Apple's postponed glasses prove our AR future is further off than we thought

Apple is reportedly postponing its rumored AR glasses to focus on its mixed-reality headset, just the latest setback in the march toward augmented reality.


The “Pixel Fold” is Google’s best chance to make a smartphone that matters

Renders, mockups, and code references point to a new foldable device from Google that could straddle phones and tablets. But will anyone buy it?

CES 2023

Displace’s wireless TV dares you to suction $3,000 worth of tech to your wall

Displace’s new wireless TV looks like a floating screen... because it is. The OLED panel vacuums to your wall and runs off rechargeable batteries.

CES 2023

Pimax actually found a way to fuse the Nintendo Switch with a VR headset

At CES 2023, Pimax hardware that seemed like vaporware became much more real.

CES 2023

These hyper-thin lenses could be the breakthrough AR glasses need

The company's new waveguide design helps create bright, legible AR images and is small enough to fit into a pair of sunglasses.

CES 2023

We tried HTC's new VR headset, and Meta should be worried

The $1,099 mixed reality goggles are cheaper than Meta's Quest Pro and more comfortable too.

CES 2023

The Razer Edge is clicky, sturdy, and satisfying to hold

At CES 2023, I got to try Razer’s new game streaming handheld before it launches later this month.

CES 2023

Lenovo's Project Chronos seems like Kinect for the metaverse

The new mixed-reality solution lets you move virtual avatars without controllers or a mo-cap suit, all from the comfort of your living room.

CES 2023

Lenovo's Smart Paper might be the E Ink tablet to beat

The notetaking device seems to have all of the skills of the reMarkable 2 or Kindle Scribe, but with the ability to record audio too.