Grace Lisa Scott

Grace Lisa Scott is the Culture Editor at Inverse. Her writing has also appeared in the Toronto Star, the National Post and Vice, among others.


Vertical Garden Towers Can Grow Plants Three Times Faster Than Normal

How a business in the Bronx is trying to take urban gardening mainstream.


Wear Orange 2018: How to Participate in National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Events are happening all weekend.


Uber Driver Allegedly Shoots Passenger in Denver: What We Know

It happened early Friday morning.


DoD's Cheery ‘Project Maven’ Seal Features Smiling Warfare Robots

What’s up with that?


Almost Half of Teens Say They're 'Online' All Day, But Not on Facebook

New research from Pew shines a light on the tech habits of Generation Z.


What Is Cryptocurrency Addiction? A Rehab Clinic in the UK Now Offers Treatment

Are you addicted to Bitcoin?


Scotland Will Start Giving Out Free Tampons and Pads This Summer

It’s a big step in the fight to end “Period Poverty”.


Elon Musk Lashes Out at Journalist Who Says His Fans Harass Female Reporters

Twitter is a dark place sometimes.


National Spelling Bee: How to Watch and Play Along This Week

Who will have the final word?


In Seeking Longer Lives, Why Some Want Blood of the Young

If blood is the essence of life, is young blood is the essence of youth?


How James Wong Howe Used Light to Revolutionize Silent Films

The director of photography defined the most stylish elements of film noire.


FBI Says Man Accused of 'Call of Duty' Swatting Death Made Bomb Threats to FCC

Tyler Barriss is charged with making a bomb threat during the net neutrality vote in December.


Pornhub Has Created a Free VPN So You Can Watch Porn at Work Worry-Free

A step above going simply going Incognito.


Uber Invests $27M in Flying Taxi Research Lab in Paris

Uber is edging closer to its skyward aspirations.


Elon Musk Says He's Creating New Site Pravda to Rate Media "Credibility"

Things are getting weird.


What to Expect From Amazon Prime Day 2018

The kind of made up holiday we can get behind.


Party Smokers Beware: Long-Term Light Smoking Worse Than Short, Heavy Use

The new findings are surprising.


By Age 35 You Will Relate Way Too Well to This Depressing Meme

So I guess this is growing up.


Donald Glover Fans Have Taken Over a Donald Trump Subreddit

It's time to reclaim the name.


Grimes Name Change: Everything to Know About Its "Speed of Light" Meaning

You may remember it from the formula E = mc2.