All 48 Genshin Impact birthdays, from January to December

Happy birthday to the Genshin gang.

Genshin Impact fans love the game’s characters enough to send them trending on their birthdays. HoYoverse lists a birthday in each character’s profile and shouts them out on social media so we know which days to celebrate. The birthday posts also come with cute fan art of the characters, some of which we’ve collected below.

Travelers also receive a present from characters if they log in on that character’s birthday, some of which include endearing and ship-inducing messages. HoYoverse definitely knows how to celebrate its games and characters.

Here’s a list of birthdays for each Genshin Impact character and, as a plus, the zodiac sign each of them would be in our world.


Thoma was busy playing with cats when you interrupted him. HoYoverse

Here, have a warm welcome from Thoma! He’s the first birthday of the year on January 9. Then come two Cryo characters, Diona and Rosaria, who should handle themselves well in the cold.

  • Thoma - January 9 (Capricorn)
  • Diona - January 18 (Capricorn)
  • Rosaria - January 24 (Aquarius)


Is it a coincidence that Razor is in the background? I think not.HoYoverse

We have two characters with birthdays that fall on holidays or otherwise interesting dates. Beidou’s birthday falls of Valentine’s Day, our national day of love. Then, there’s Benny, whose birthday falls on leap year day February 29. He’s notoriously unlucky, so of course his birthday would be on a day that only happens every four years.

  • Beidou - February 14 (Aquarius)
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi - February 22 (Aquarius)
  • Bennett - February 29 (Pisces)


Even Jean likes to enjoy herself every now and then.HoYoverse

We’ve got a few springtime starters here. Jean is called the Dandelion Knight, so she fits right in with the month. Qiqi, one of the first five-stars in the game, has the first birthday of the month on March 3 and Kamisato Ayato, who happens to be the latest five-star, is the last on March 26.

  • Qiqi - March 3 (Pisces)
  • Shenhe - March 10 (Pisces)
  • Jean - March 14 (Pisces)
  • Noelle - March 21 (Pisces)
  • Kamisato Ayato - March 26 (Aries)


Xiao’s birthday letters are actually really sweet! Read them!HoYoverse

Aloy’s birthday from Horizon Zero Dawn carries over to Genshin Impact. She might not have time to celebrate in her own world, but you will receive a letter from her in this one! We also have two fan favorites to celebrate: Xiao and Diluc.

  • Aloy - April 4 (Aries)
  • Xiao - April 17 (Aries)
  • Diluc - April 30 (Taurus)


One of Fischl’s birthday posts mentions a letter using her real name!

Fischl used to be the only May birthday until the most recent updates when Gorou and Yunjin joined her. May the Prinzessin der Verurteilung celebrate her latest year of survival.

  • Gorou - May 18 (Taurus)
  • Yunjin - May 21 (Taurus)
  • Fischl - May 27 (Gemini)


Venti might seem angelic in appearance, but his personality is more on the devilish side.Erian/Genshin Impact Twitter

June is the most packed month for Genshin birthdays. In fact, Paimon and Aratakki Itto share a birthday! June 1 is the International Day for Protection of Children, a widely celebrated holiday in China. Maybe Paimon’s childlike nature is related to it.

Other notable dates include June 26 and June 27 for Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko’s birthdays. The two of them are paired together enough as it is, so it’s interesting to see that their birthdays almost fall on the same day. Probably could celebrate together.

  • Paimon - June 1 (Gemini)
  • Arataki Itto - June 1 (Gemini)
  • Lisa - June 9 (Gemini)
  • Venti - June 16 (Gemini)
  • Yoimiya - June 21 (Gemini)
  • Raiden Shogun - June 26 (Cancer)
  • Yae Miko - June 27 (Cancer)


Do you think Barbara sings her own birthday song?呜拉祖啦/Genshin Impact Twitter

July continues the summertime craze as the month with the second most birthdays in the game. Funny how we have at least two Hydro characters as Cancers: Barbara and Tartaglia. It warms up real quick with Klee and Yanfei as our first Leos, though.

  • Barbara - July 5 (Cancer)
  • Kujou Sara - July 14 (Cancer)
  • Hu Tao - July 15 (Cancer)
  • Tartaglia/Childe - July 20 (Cancer)
  • Klee - July 27 (Leo)
  • Yanfei - July 28 (Leo)


Look at that smile! And the cake!花洒/Genshin Impact Twitter

Our little ray of sunshine, Amber, starts August off with a smile. Ningguang and Mona follow with the latter closing out the month on the very last day.

  • Amber - August 10 (Leo)
  • Ningguang - August 26 (Virgo)
  • Mona - August 31 (Virgo)


Ayaka treats you to a dance. What do you do?HoYoverse

September simmers down with some cooler personalities. Chongyun, Razor, and Albedo’s birthdays are close enough to happen in the span of a week. Meanwhile, Ayaka’s takes place at the end of the month.

  • Chongyun- September 7 (Virgo)
  • Razor - September 9 (Virgo)
  • Albedo - September 13 (Virgo)
  • Kamisato Ayaka - September 28 (Libra)


Eula’s a dancer, too. Is it a Cryo thing?HoYoverse

Most of October continues with mellowish personalities, except for maybe the fiery Xinyan. Kazuha, whose name has a fall motif thanks to the red maple leaves, especially fits in. His birthday October 29 falls around the same time the leaves would.

  • Xingqiu - October 9 (Libra)
  • Xinyan - October 16 (Libra)
  • Sayu - October 19 (Libra)
  • Eula - October 25 (Scorpio)
  • Kaedehara Kazuha - October 29 (Scorpio)


Keqing offers to give you a tour of Liyue Harbor on her birthday. Just the two of you.花洒/Genshin Impact Twitter

Almost at the end of the year! November used to be one of the fuller months since four starting characters have their birthdays in it. It’d make more sense if Xiangling’s was closer to Thanksgiving since she’s such a foodie, but you don’t get to choose your birthday.

  • Xiangling - November 2 (Scorpio)
  • Keqing - November 20 (Scorpio)
  • Sucrose - November 26 (Sagitarrius)
  • Kaeya - November 30 (Sagitarrius)


Happy birthday, Geo Daddy.HoYoverse

Last but not least, we have two oldies to wrap up the year. Zhongli’s birthday falls on New Year’s Eve, which is fitting for someone with as magnanimous a role as Rex Lapis. Let the new year begin!

  • Ganyu - December 2 (Sagitarrius)
  • Zhongli - December 31 (Capricorn)
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