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Takeia Marie
The Inverse Interview

The Last of Us star Nico Parker is HBO’s hero of the hour

Parker plays a small but pivotal part in The Last of Us Episode 1.

The Inverse Interview

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever changed Atlantis "out of respect," director says

Audiences are going to see the sunken city in a different light.

Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever originally had an Endgame-centric story, director reveals

Ryan Coogler opens up about the original script before Chadwick Boseman died in 2020.


16 years later, Sammy “Mini-Mall” Stephens is still trying to go viral

“Everything the kids are doing on TikTok? I started that. I’m the godfather of — what’d you call ’em? — memes.”

The Superhero Issue

Black Panther 2 is wading into the messy history of Atlantis


EV ownership has a racial gap — one major change could bridge the divide

Today’s charging infrastructure favors homeowners, who are more likely to be white.


53 years ago, NASA convinced America to go to the Moon — can they do it again?

“$12 a day to feed an astronaut. We could feed a starving child for $8.”

The Rules of Time Travel

How Watchmen uses time travel to explore the sinister cycles of racism

The HBO adaptation of the iconic graphic novel examines generational trauma via time alteration.


Atlanta Season 3 review: Donald Glover is more confident and unpredictable than ever

The FX series returns to remind you there is nothing else quite like it.

The Inverse Interview

Aisha Tyler wants to see her 'Diabolical' characters on 'The Boys'

Superheroes are just like wrestlers!


Peacemaker star on Episode 7's shocking twist: “His sacrifice is worthwhile.”

Chukwudi Iwuji walks Inverse through Peacemaker’s shocking reveal and his upcoming role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The Superhero Issue

What’s wrong with wanting to be saved?

Just because I’m a Black, queer, woman, and ostensibly un-Christian doesn’t mean I don’t want a Sky Daddy to come and make things easier for me.

The Superhero Issue

We, the Super Ones

Black women are already superheroes, even if Hollywood doesn’t see it.

The Superhero Issue

Roxane Gay: A letter from the editor

The Superhero Issue

Africa's first kid superhero is “liberating” a generation of fans

Super Sema has a chance to inspire a new generation with its positive outlook on science and technology.

The Superhero Issue

Lashana Lynch doesn’t want to be the next James Bond. She’s thinking bigger.

“We’ve been focusing on James Bond for so long,” Lynch tells Inverse. “Who else is here?”