Anti-racism protestors demonstrate by a mural of England forward Marcus Rashford after it was deface...


Inverse documents cultural change that is being pushed forward with technology, science, and art. Below is a selection of beats that help comprise Inverse’s culture report. For a complete feed of all culture stories, scroll to the bottom. —Nick Lucchesi, editor-in-chief.


Christian Bale reveals the secrets of his “weird” transformation in Amsterdam

“I would spot people in the street and follow them and watch them and observe them,” the actor tells Inverse.

Cult Week

How an ultra-nationalist religious group became one of the most popular film producers in Japan

Happy Science is an ultra-nationalist New Religious group that uses the media, a political party, and educational institutions to further its controversial belief system.


53 years ago, NASA convinced America to go to the Moon — can they do it again?

“$12 a day to feed an astronaut. We could feed a starving child for $8.”

Hailing Frequencies Open

5 classic Nichelle Nichols Star Trek moments that redefined sci-fi forever

Nichelle Nichols recontextualized representation in mainstream science fiction. But she also stole the show.


Carbon capture technology could turn trains into giant greenhouse-gas vacuums

All aboard the CO2-choo train!


35 years ago, RoboCop took on Ronald Reagan — and failed for one macho reason

RoboCop was meant to critique the police-military-industrial complex. What went wrong?

The Viking Issue

Lochlannach: How Viking raids shaped Ireland's cultural landscape

An original comic by Aodh Ó Riagáin (Oreganillo).

Talk is cheap

Blizzard president takes on toxic company culture by talking to women "monthly"

Another cis white man is here to fix the systemic issues that benefit cis white men!

Gamer Alert!

Known gamer Ted Cruz would love these 6 pay-to-win games

He has games on his phone.

Paranoid Android

50 years ago, Watergate changed the American political thriller forever

“Hollywood stars used to play cowboys and generals. Now they're wiretappers and assassins, or targets.”


An iconic American endangered species is at the heart of a political war in Wisconsin

The state’s wolf population is determined by political volleying, with each side of the debate seeking easy answers.

Take a Stand

Halo Infinite devs take a bold stance against dehumanizing Texas legislation

Certain Affinity is one of few companies doing it right.

Strange New Politics

Fox News is wrong, Star Trek has always been “woke”

A recent op-ed accuses new Trek shows of partisanship but forgets historical facts.

Human Rights

Bungie is currently the only video game company standing up for Roe v. Wade

I’m shocked! Well, not that shocked.


Is Russia's withdrawal from the ISS a bluff? Why it’s too soon to say if it’s leaving

Recent comments suggest Roscosmos intends to leave the International Space Stations over Ukraine war-related sanctions.


SpaceX Starlink: New price strategy, speed, order details for the internet service

Starlink could offer high-speed internet to those that need it most.

Social Justice
The Rules of Time Travel

How Watchmen uses time travel to explore the sinister cycles of racism

The HBO adaptation of the iconic graphic novel examines generational trauma via time alteration.


How Everything Everywhere All at Once wields science fiction in a new, empowering way

Michelle Yeoh’s sci-fi epic uses the multiverse to explore the desires and dreams of Chinese Americans.


Dementia rates of Indigenous Australians show the lifelong impact of racism

The shockingly high rates have implications beyond one country.


Atlanta Season 3 review: Donald Glover is more confident and unpredictable than ever

The FX series returns to remind you there is nothing else quite like it.


The Batman finally holds Bruce Wayne accountable in one historic way

Matt Reeves gives viewers the most nuanced understanding of criminality ever depicted in a Batman film.

Quantic Nightmare

How the 'Star Wars Eclipse' controversy sparked a movement

The Superhero Issue

What’s wrong with wanting to be saved?

Just because I’m a Black, queer, woman, and ostensibly un-Christian doesn’t mean I don’t want a Sky Daddy to come and make things easier for me.

The Superhero Issue

We, the Super Ones

Black women are already superheroes, even if Hollywood doesn’t see it.

The Superhero Issue

Roxane Gay: A letter from the editor


Jacksepticeye calls out “Chad energy” in Activision and wider gaming culture

“It’s really sad to see that some aspects of that still remain.”

Robin takes Wing

Is Robin bisexual? Maybe, but it shouldn’t matter

The comics show Tim Drake accepting a date from a male suitor, but that doesn't mean anything concrete just yet.

Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the most inventive time-travel movie on Netflix ASAP

Mind and Body

Two demographics may have increased risk for Alzheimer's, study finds

How a complex set of factors makes ethnoracial minorities vulnerable to memory loss and dementia.

Future Earth 2021

What will Earth look like in 2121? 10 young leaders give their predictions

What do you hope Earth looks like in 2121?

Mind and Body

White people are shown to have peculiar ideas about “diversity” —study

Bad Reputation

Can a Harry Potter video game be saved after months of controversy?

Space takes a beating

Jeff Bezos: How the clumsy approach of a billionaire could’ve gone differently

A miniscule tweak could have changed everything.

Let it out!

"This Website Will Self-Destruct" is the website we need in the chaos year, 2020

Life is hard. This website listens.

Truth and lies

Scientists extract an alarming stat about the amount of news Americans consume

Fake news makes up less than 1 percent of Americans’ news consumption, but researchers reveal another massive, complex problem across the media landscape.

just the 5, thanks

The 5 best science podcasts, 2020 edition

The best science podcasts and podcast episodes from the science writers and editors at Inverse.

Stop the spiral

How to keep up with coronavirus news without losing your mind

Avoid COVID-19 news overload with three expert-backed strategies.

Retrain your brain

Anxiety from the news: A psychologist explains how to cope with it in 2020

Coping with stress caused by the news cycle is manageable if we know how to address it.

Hello there

Welcome to Inverse 2.0

You love to see it


Study reveals how Americans feel about working with A.I.

Only 1 in 5 Americans are excited about working with AI.


The solution to stopping deepfakes might be staring us in the face

A misinformation expert tells Inverse that deepfakes have a people problem.


Why millennials everywhere are killing climate change denial

Why the climate change deniers are losing the debate.


Study on Trump's Twitter habits reveals he has 4 tweet styles

Researchers break down how Trump tweets.


Electrek Editor Fred Lambert Is a Driving Force in Electric Transportation

Lambert obsessed over electric cars so much on Reddit that he went pro.


Debate Psychology: 5 Science-Backed Tips to Avoid Getting Your Brain Hacked

A guide to thinking critically while watching televised political debates.


7,500 Women Scientists Are Ready to Answer All of Your Science Questions

Now there's no excuse to only ask only male scientists.


Andrew Yang Talks UBI, Deep Fakes in Tech Savvy Presidential Town Hall

Andrew Yang is not a single issue candidate. 


The Future of DIY Content Is Full of Risky, Empowering Moments

"Influencer" culture is only just getting started.


53 years ago, NASA convinced America to go to the Moon — can they do it again?

“$12 a day to feed an astronaut. We could feed a starving child for $8.”


The real stars of Bullet Train deserved better

Bullet Train is set in Japan and has two major actors of Japanese descent in the cast. So why weren’t they deemed important enough to promote?


Genshin Impact fans urge developers to add more melanin to the game

Here we go again.


Halo Infinite's Juneteenth "Bonobo" skin is a shocking failure by Microsoft



Ms. Marvel’s new powers diminish a crucial part of Kamala Khan’s character

The new Disney+ series makes some questionable changes to its source material.

The Rules of Time Travel

How Watchmen uses time travel to explore the sinister cycles of racism

The HBO adaptation of the iconic graphic novel examines generational trauma via time alteration.


Black Americans get worse sleep — a study says the problem is getting worse

It might be another long aftereffect of the recession.

Toxic Racism

New research reveals disturbing racial disparities in U.S. air pollution

Recent reports reveal how historically marginalized communities experience greater air pollution exposure.

Climate Crisis

Do you live here? Maps reveal the U.S. regions most at risk of floods

Costal and inland flooding alike will greatly shape the nation’s future.

Red Alert

Climate change study reveals a spike in flood risk areas in the U.S. by 2050

The findings will help us better protect those most at risk.


Gut microbiome study reveals the depths of racial health disparities

Time for a gut check.

Racism in Nature

Scientists confirm 6 links between race and air pollution

A positive trend in decreasing air pollution masks glaring racial disparities.

Scene Stealers 2021

In 'For All Mankind,' one character represented just what sci-fi is about

In the alternate history of 'For All Mankind,' the Apollo-Soyuz mission held more importance than it did IRL. Meet the TV hero behind its command.

The Inverse Interview

Simu Liu reveals the secret reason Shang-Chi wears Air Jordan sneakers

The Inverse Interview

'Shang-Chi' director reveals the truth behind the movie's dragons

Destin Daniel Cretton rises to the occasion as the director of Marvel's first Asian superhero movie, 'Shang-Chi.' He dishes on representation and dragons.

Part Three

How Asian American internet trailblazers gave new life to Shang-Chi

The final story in a series on Shang-Chi’s origins, rise, fall, and rebirth.


Last of Us HBO trailer hints the show won't ignore a key romance

This pivotal character won’t be left behind.

Game Recs

Final Fantasy's most underrated love story leaves Game Pass in a few days

Kiss kiss fall in love.


Clapping for Hogwarts Legacy is bad, and you should feel bad

Take a stand.

Set Sail

Our Flag Means Death fans are redefining historical fiction

What happens when beloved characters are based on terrible humans?

The Inverse Interview

For All Mankind’s game-changing Season 3 twist had been planned since 2018

Jodi Balfour hopes her queer presidential icon won’t remain limited to science fiction.


It’s time for Street Fighter to make Poison canonically trans

She deserves better than Capcom is giving her.


Guilty Gear Strive just made its new DLC fighter a queer icon overnight

Trans representation in fighting games.

The Inverse Interview

Kevin Bacon on monsters, 'They/Them,' and bringing his Mutant to the MCU

The LGBTQ+ slasher flick combines an experienced writer and an all-star lead in Kevin Bacon, who seems ready to bring one of his most iconic villains back to life — if Marvel will have him.

Puppet Master

Star Wars Dinx: The rise and fall of a canceled TikTok puppet, explained

A happy purple puppet delighted fans with Star Wars lore — until Tiktok deleted his account over claims of homophobia.

Inverse Gaming Interviews

'Sims 4' devs reveal why the Sexual Orientation update is free for all players

The newest feature update in 'The Sims 4' continues to show the franchise's commitment to creating an inclusive gaming experience for all players.

Talk is cheap

Blizzard president takes on toxic company culture by talking to women "monthly"

Another cis white man is here to fix the systemic issues that benefit cis white men!


How Ace Attorney spawned one of the most enduring character ships ever

No objection here.


You have to play these 9 games from the Queer Games Bundle

Where to start?

Pro Choice

BioWare says trans rights and women's rights as other game companies stay silent

Who’s next?


First-of-its-kind study reveals transgender children are extremely unlikely to retransition

And if they do transition to another identity later, chances are it’s not cis.

The Inverse Interview

Steven Moffat on J.K. Rowling's anti-trans stance: "Just be nice"

The 'Doctor Who' showrunner comments on his social justice stance and the Harry Potter author's "gender critical" views.

All stories
An unexpected journey

'Rings of Power' fixes Peter Jackson's most iconic mistake

20 years after 'The Two Towers's biggest blunder, Amazon’s 'Rings of Power' is setting the record straight about orcs.

Coming soon

8 thrilling sci-fi movies and shows new on HBO Max and Netflix in October 2022

All the streaming sci-fi you need to watch ASAP.


House of the Dragon cast change: That confusing time jump, explained

Your favorite characters may look a little different.


House of the Dragon makes the darkest Game of Thrones plotline even darker

A familiar force is at work in House of the Dragon.

Last chance

8 stellar sci-fi movies leaving HBO Max in September 2022

“You are what you choose to be.”

Oh No

Three everyday beverages that may taste worse because of climate change

Climate change may be coming for your favorite drink, scientists say.

Last chance

5 amazing sci-fi shows and movies leaving Netflix in September 2022

“It’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does?”


Does my cat like me? 4 scientific ways to tell

Cats behave towards humans in the same way that they respond to their feline friends.

Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the most realistic apocalypse movie of the century on Netflix ASAP

This end-of-the-world adventure is smarter than it seems.

Cult Week

The cults that survive even when the prophecy fails

Aliens, immortality, and zombie JFK... One essential trait explains how extreme beliefs survive and thrive.


5 years ago, Nicolas Cage made his most disturbing movie ever

Cage gets top billing for this film, but this isn't really his story.

Cult Week

Is fandom a cult? The religious fervor fueling Star Wars, Marvel, and more

Yes, even you could be in a cult right now.


45 years ago, Marvel released its most unwatchable superhero show ever

There is literally no reason to watch the 1977 Spider-Man series.

Cult Week

How one Ancient Greek thinker revolutionized math — and possibly started a cult

Pythagoras’ influence can be felt in every classroom in the western world.


Thunderbolts cast: How the MCU team is changing the comics

Thunderbolts is a brand-new take on some classic Marvel characters.


10 Marvel and Star Wars reveals from D23 you don’t want to miss

The next few years are packed for Marvel and Star Wars fans.