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'The Matrix' Changed Sci-fi. Its Animated Spinoff Did Too.

“Final Flight of the Osiris” was a landmark technical accomplishment, even if it looks like a video game cutscene today.

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'Deep Impact' Lost the Summer of ‘98 to 'Armageddon,' But It’s More Intriguing Today

A melancholic semi-success is now far more credible than unparalleled triumph.

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What that wild Alice in Borderland Season 2 finale really means

"A reason for living … it doesn't matter if you have one or not."

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BTS ARMY reveals why they can't get enough of the supergroup's game 'In the Seom'

BTS may be taking a break from touring in real life, but the seven members are still together in mobile game 'In the Seom.'

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You need to watch the most violent gangster crime thriller on HBO Max ASAP

In the 2010s, an Indonesian film franchise from a Welsh director beat Hollywood at the action game.