Joanna Thompson

Joanna Thompson is a science writer. She has written for Scientific American, LiveScience, Audobon, The Daily Beast, Vox, and more. She is also a part-time professional runner.


This Surprisingly Basic Technology Might Finally Rid Our Drinking Water of Microplastics

The future of water purification sounds great.


Insect Smart Homes Could Help Save One Critical Creature From Climate Peril

The robotic hive could also offer new insights into the buzzing insects.


AI Bots May Have Defeated CAPTCHA Tests for Good

They’re also getting tougher for humans.


A Promising Breakthrough Could Save This Controversial Climate Tech

Direct air carbon capture could get a much-needed makeover.


Scientists Want to Burst Underground Gas Bubbles To Access More Helium — Will It Work?

The noble gas could get a lot greener.


Scientists Just ‘Grew’ Electrodes in Leeches. Can It Be Done in Humans, Too?

This method could lead to a safer treatment for neurological conditions like Parkinson’s.


A New Drug Could Help People With a Rare Disease Grow Longer Limbs

The potential treatment could be used for several conditions in people.


A New Loofah-inspired Device Purifies Water Using the Power of the Sun

It could offer a quick, low-cost solution for the billions of people around the world living without clean drinking water.


This $1 Ultrasound Alternative Could Help Make Childbirth Safer

It promises an affordable way to cut down on complications.

Super sensitive!

Can this new artificial skin transform touch screens and video games?

A new technology uses electric fields to pick up on nearby objects.

Off to the races

This biohybrid robot walks using lab-grown mouse muscles

Engineers have created the fastest-moving part-meat robot yet.


Scientists accidentally created a novel method to make fertilizer more green

A new, porous material could help decarbonize ammonia production.


This leaf-inspired device could be the key to hydrogen farms

The gadget turns sunlight into clean fuel. But will it go the way of the Hindenburg?

Mop it up

This quick-absorbing, cheap “jello” material could replace paper towels

Say goodbye to supermarket shortages.

Sticky science

'Cellular glue' could help scientists play Legos with your body's building blocks

The new bioengineering technique could have huge therapeutic potential.


A simple step could make face masks more comfortable and effective

New research into “nanowalls” could yield comfier, more effective N95s.


Lobsters could hold the key to birth control that doesn't totally suck

By harnessing the power of mucus and chitosan, researchers hope to one day stop sperm cold.


This smart bandage does the work of a doctor

The next generation of dressings can monitor wounds in real-time.


Your next phone could be made of mushrooms

A win for the environment (and fungi fans).


This genetically engineered houseplant does the air-purifying work of 30 plants

The future of air filtration is going green — literally.