Joanna Thompson

Joanna Thompson is a science writer. She has written for Scientific American, LiveScience, Audobon, The Daily Beast, Vox, and more. She is also a part-time professional runner.


This smart bandage does the work of a doctor

The next generation of dressings can monitor wounds in real-time.


Your next phone could be made of mushrooms

A win for the environment (and fungi fans).


These tiny magnetic robots can infiltrate tumors — and maybe destroy cancer

Bacterial cancer treatments are coming back into fashion (with some futuristic upgrades).

Knock on wood
Vroom vroom

Thanks to this new battery, EV charging just got a whole lot faster

The invention could solve a major frustration for electric car owners.

Chomp chomp

Watch: This color-changing mouthguard lets people remotely control computers via bite

This invention could expand assistive options for people with disabilities.

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What's that smell?

Scientists want to give you a bionic skin to save your life

A team of engineers has developed a super flexible, chip-free sensor that could revolutionize the medical industry — and even amp up our gaming experience.


Scientists finally found an efficient way to recycle plastic foam — it could make them rich

Engineers have devised a cheap way of “upcycling” polystyrene into a valuable chemical. But is it enough to fix past environmental destruction?


Alexa could diagnose Alzheimer’s and other brain conditions — should it?

Digital personal assistants could be equipped to diagnose cognitive issues using speech, though the ethics are debatable.


This genetically modified rice could transform the global food supply

Copying one key gene could help feed hundreds of millions of people worldwide facing nutritional deficiencies.


Human settlements on the Moon will depend on answering two fundamental questions

“We need to get our brains wrapped around the potential damage we’re facing.”