Jackson Chen

Jackson Chen is a part-time News Writer for Inverse covering consumer tech topics including cameras, electric vehicles, outdoor tech, and more. While the latest Leica or Tesla is always exciting, it’s the weird and wonderful consumer tech products like a portable microwave or a keyboard with an interactive screen that keeps him coming back.

Before Inverse, he was writing about digital privacy, real estate, and local news as a freelance journalist. Before venturing into freelance work, Jackson had his byline in Real Estate Weekly, DNAinfo, and Manhattan Express. His bylines can also be seen in Brooklyn Paper and City Limits. Jackson earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from State University of New York College at Purchase.

When not working, Jackson can usually be found falling at the skatepark, falling at the climbing gym, or falling asleep regardless of location. When he’s feeling real adventurous on the weekends, he can be found on cliffsides shooting photos or actually climbing.


Fisker’s Ocean Extreme Is Officially One of the Longest-Range EVs You Can Buy

Fisker earned an impressive 360-mile range for its Ocean Extreme SUV.


Garmin Takes On the Apple Watch Ultra With Two New Pro Smartwatches

They both come with a built-in flashlight and extra pro features.


Tesla Is About To Make Charging Ford EVs a Lot Easier

Tesla is planning to open up its Supercharger network to all Ford EVs starting in spring 2024.


The 8 Best Gaming Handhelds That Aren't the Steam Deck

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Tesla’s Cybertruck Interior Is As Bizarre as It Is Sterile

It may have an alluring exterior, but the interiors leave much to be desired.


Leica’s New Q3 Camera Goes Modern With a Tiltable Screen and Wireless Charging

Leica finally gets with the times.


BMW’s i5 EV Lets You Switch Lanes By Eyeing Your Side Mirrors

You can even play games in the car while you’re stationary and charging.


Ford’s New Electric SUV and Pickup Truck Are the Ideal EVs to Take on Tesla

Ford isn't backing down with its future lineup of EVs.


Sony’s ZV-1 II Camera Is a More Affordable Way To Make Pro-Looking Vlogs

Sony’s mid-range vlogging cam adds a little more polish to your vlogs.


Volvo’s Smallest Electric SUV Packs In a Ton of High-Tech Safety Features

You’ll never risk dooring a cyclist again.


Rimac’s Street-Legal Electric Hypercar Shatters Even More EV Speed Records

The Rimac Nevera has cemented its spot at the top of ultrafast EVs.


Ford’s Updated E-Tourneo EV Balances Vanlife With a Daily Driver

This five-seater EV can easily switch from a family van to an adventure mobile.


This Dual-Screen TV Is Free if You Don’t Mind Never-Ending Ads

The TV may be free, but there's always a catch.


Honda’s New Compact SUV Is a Solid Template For Its EV Future

It has a much more tame design, but the e:Ny1 name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.


Canon’s Pocket-Sized Camera Takes Your Smartphone Vlogs to the Next Level

The compact design of the PowerShot V10 fits in your pocket.


Fisker’s Off-Road Kit Transforms Its Ocean EV Into a 550 HP Beast

After having just started deliveries for its Ocean SUV, Fisker is already working on an off-road upgrade package.


Google's Pixel Tablet Has a Price That's Too Good to Ignore

It comes with a free charging speaker dock, which is a hell of a deal compared to an iPad.


VanMoof’s New E-Bikes Offer Premium Features at a More Affordable Price

The S4 and X4 will come in four fun colors and with all the anti-theft features VanMoof usually offers.


GMC’s Neptune-Themed Hummer EV is a Bold, Blue, Off-Road Beast

The GMC Hummer EV Omega Edition won’t have any trouble with extraterrestrial roads.


Tesla’s New Model S Plaid Package Unlocks The EV’s Supercar Potential

The Track Package allows the Model S Plaid to hit a top speed of 200 mph.