BYD’s New EV Beats the Chevy Bolt on Range for Half the Price

The Dolphin just got even better.

BYD's 2025 model year Dolphin
BYD / Weibo

As if BYD needed to make one of its best-selling EVs any more competitive, the automaker revealed the 2025 model year refresh of its Dolphin that comes with even more range.

The upcoming Dolphin EV made its debut just a few months after BYD revealed the Honor Edition trim of the previous model year that dropped the starting price down to $13,900. The 2025 Dolphin keeps that price tag but gets a serious upgrade thanks to a larger battery.

The 2025 Dolphin now starts at a range of 261 miles.

BYD / Weibo

Even though the BYD Dolphin saw record sales in 2023, it’s consistently improved on the design of its best-selling EVs. Even though we’re not expecting BYD’s latest Dolphin to be available in the U.S., the incredible value should solidify its advantage over competitors like Tesla.

Still Improving a Best-Seller

It’s worth noting that the Dolphin’s range numbers are based on the CLTC standards, which tend to be more generous than the EPA in terms of real-world range. BYD claimed the base model Dolphin starts at a 261-mile range thanks to a 45 kWh battery but can be upgraded to offer 323 miles on a single charge with a 60 kWh battery. Compare that to the 2023 Chevy Bolt which has similar dimensions, a 65 kWh battery, and an EPA-estimated 259-mile range. Considering the side-by-side specs, the BYD Dolphin has the edge thanks to its much cheaper starting price.

BYD will continue to offer the Dolphin in four trims, including the Vitality base model, the more expensive Free or Fashion versions, or the top-of-the-line Knight model which comes with more range and a more powerful motor that offers up to 150 kW output. That’s an upgrade from last year’s model which topped out at 130 kW output, while the base trim is also an improvement from last year’s maximum 188-mile range. Inside, the Dolphin keeps its 12.8-inch infotainment display that can be rotated.

Not Making It Stateside

With the base model of the 2025 Dolphin remaining at the same starting price of $13,900, it’s about half the price of the latest Bolt you can buy which goes for at least $27,495. However, that might change when Bolt gets introduced as the “most affordable vehicle on the market by 2025,” according to a GM exec. Still, even the top trim of the Dolphin starts at $18,000, which is significantly more reasonable than most options we have in the U.S.

The latest Dolphin won’t be available in the U.S.

BYD / Weibo

BYD has yet to sell its EVs stateside, so there’s very little chance that the Dolphin will make it to the U.S. Even if it does, it’ll likely be hit with harsh tariffs that make it much less of a bargain. That’s exactly what happened when BYD introduced the Dolphin to Mexico last year with a starting price of around $31,000. For now, our most affordable EV option remains Nissan’s Leaf which looks to be on its way out.

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