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This Terrifyingly Fast E-Scooter Can Hit Highway Speeds

Needless to say, going 65 mph on an electric scooter is a choice.

Solar Scooters' Hyperion electric scooter
Solar Scooters

The Hyperion doesn’t just look like the Lightcycle from Tron, it’s got the speed to match.

Solar Scooters revealed its latest high-speed offering with a top speed of 65 mph, making us wonder how fast is too fast when it comes to electric scooters. Most companies are making models that top out around 20 mph and offer a decent range for commuting in a city, but Solar Scooters shoved two massive motors into its Hyperion to let you go as fast as a car on a highway. Legally speaking, you’ll most likely be limited to 20 mph on public roads depending on where you live, but nothing is stopping you from unleashing the Hyperion’s full power on a track or private property.

The Hyperion has safety features like headlights, turn indicators, and a horn.

Solar Scooters

Ride At Your Own Risk

Thanks to two motors that peak at 4,500W each, the Hyperion has a max speed of 65 mph making it one of the fastest e-scooters out there. You can imagine how scary getting wobbles at those speeds would be, so Solar Scooters ensured a smooth ride with adjustable suspension and 11-inch tires. With such high top speeds, solid brakes are just as important. The Hyperion has hydraulic front- and rear- brakes to help you back off on the speed, while also providing regenerative braking to get back some range.

Solar Scooters advertises a maximum range of 70 miles, but not if you’re going to be flying at 65 mph the entire time. According to the specs, you’ll get closer to that range if you keep things to 30 mph, which is still fast for an electric scooter. Once you’re low on battery, the Hyperion takes seven to nine hours to fully recharge.

With the Hyperion’s five different speed settings, you can at least set limits on how fast you go. Solar Scooters also has a companion app that lets you pair the scooter to your smartphone for navigation, which you’ll see on a 4.3-inch display.

Landing in August

The Hyperion is available for preorder today on Solar Scooter’s website, starting at $3,459.99. The electric scooter only comes in black and gray options, but you can choose between four neon colors for the custom-built deck that gives the Hyperion its Tron-inspired look. Solar Scooters plans to ship out the first Hyperion models by the end of August.

Choose from cyan, red, green, or purple for the Hyperion’s deck light.

Solar Scooters

If you think paying more than $3,000 for an electric scooter that goes 65 mph is overkill, there are plenty of cheaper options that get the job done like the Apollo Go which tops out at 28 mph. If you’re set on pushing the limits of electric scooters but want to save some money, Solar Scooters has the P1 Pro that tops out at a tamer, but still dangerous, 50 mph and comes in at a more affordable $1,899.99.

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