Claire Cameron

Claire is the Managing Editor at Inverse. She also writes stories about science from time to time. Previously, Claire was an editor at Nautilus Magazine, where she was part of a multi-award-winning team.

She has also worked as a writer and editor at Spectrum, DNAInfo, and UtilityDive, although her journalism career began in breaking news reporting back in Scotland.

She is passionate about using digital media to tell deeply reported and intriguing stories that make readers think differently about their world.

The Future of Earth

The Future of Earth: Editor’s Letter

An Inverse special issue to celebrate Earth Day.


Ariel Ekblaw Wants To Go to Space So We Can Save Earth

The 30-year-old founder of MIT’s Space Exploration Initiative is engineering small wonders with a big goal: making sure Earth remains our home.

Wow Webb

Webb unveils a fiery hive of baby stars in never-before-seen detail

Welcome to the cosmic noon.

The Inverse Awards 2022

Welcome to the 2022 INVERSE Awards

We hope you enjoy the program.

The Inverse Interview

Neil Gaiman takes on The Sandman’s worst critics [Exclusive]

And if you look at their profiles, they don’t like vaccines, they don’t like Democrats, and they’re not big on voting.”

Webb Watch

Look! Startling Webb Telescope image may reveal an elusive source of stars and planets

In a fresh image released by the Webb Telescope team on October 12, one can see 17 strangely perfect light rings around star binary WR 140 emanating into the darkness of deep space.


Artemis I: NASA scrubs SLS launch again, citing fuel leaks

Deja vu, anyone?

Originally Published: 
The last supper

Ancient burials reveal how ordinary Romans fed their dead for the afterlife

What’s a funeral without a banquet?


One gene could boost plants’ resilience to extreme weather — and store more carbon

Plus: Are quantum computers finally on the horizon?

Inverse Daily

This new Webb Telescope image looks like a painting

Plus: The best cat game ever made is a serious GOTY contender.

Inverse Daily

Where does space begin? Explore the history of an experimental military program

Sixty years ago this week, Robert Micheal White returned from space.


Buildings can take inspiration from nature to become efficient — and beautiful

Plus: NASA turns its attention to dust.

Inverse Daily

The Sims 4 sexual orientation update is free — here’s why

Plus: Wash the week away with our game rec.

Inverse Daily

Where will Webb show us next?

Plus: Look back at Loki!

Inverse Daily

What is the future of the X-Men in the MCU? Little hints suggest a major revival

Plus: Are you feeling hot?

Inverse Daily

Five images, one Webb Telescope: A new era of astronomy is upon us

Plus: What’s next for Webb?

Webb Watch

Webb Telescope first images: 6 cosmic Easter eggs you might have missed

Feeling overwhelmed? We know the feeling.

Inverse Daily

Boom! The James Webb Space Telescope’s first images are here

The James Webb Space Telescope edition.


The home of the future could never let your smartphone battery die

Plus: The Large Hadron Collider is back!

Inverse Daily

39 years ago, Yuji Horii created one of the most influential video games ever

Plus: A seminal moment in Final Fantasy IX explained.