The 7 best cases for your Galaxy Z Flip 4

Get a case for your new folding phone that offers protection without making it a Samsung-branded brick in your pocket.

As successful as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 has been, folding phones are still a young category, and durability is likely to be top of mind for anyone picking up a Flip 4 this year. While Samsung has made strides in improving its folding phones’ longevity, these are still pretty delicate objects compared to your run-of-the-mill smartphone.

If you’re in the market for a Z Flip 4 phone case, we’ve rounded up the best ones that offer added protection without turning your gorgeous Flip into a rubberized eyesore.

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Samsung’s own strap cases are almost as eye-catching as the folding phones they protect. These silicone cases are an affordable and attractive way to protect your Z Flip 4 while adding some extra grip for one-handed use.

Dbrand’s Grip cases are often my go-to for smartphone protection, and this is the Grip’s debut for any folding phone. While the cases are, of course, protective and make your phone easier to hold on to, they also can be equipped with a skin — including some made of real leather — to add your own flare.

Samsung’s ring covers come in a wider variety of colors compared to the strap versions, but still fit with the Flip’s “phone-as-fashion” aesthetic. If you prefer to keep your phone in a jacket pocket or bag, the ring will probably make it easier to grab in its smaller, folded form.

Caseology’s Nano Pop cases for the Z Flip 4 have great contrasting color accents to really make your Z Flip 4 shine. They manage to avoid adding bulk to your phone while still bringing added drop protection.

Hard-shell cases from Kate Spade New York and Incipio give you the advantages of a clear case (so you can actually see the color of your phone) with some graphics to make the phone stand out.

Spigen’s Tough Armor series for the Flip 4 has a sleek material that covers the hinge and retracts into the case as you unfold it. The case has an added layer of foam for extra drop protection, and while the Tough Armor does fall on the thicker side, it keeps the Z Flip 4 to a manageable, slim package. Perfect for those who want the most protection for their phone.

The Otterbox Symmetry was already one of the best ways to protect your Z Flip, so why not add some antimicrobial protection as well? Given how rarely we clean our phones, you could probably use the help in keeping yours from getting too nasty over time.