Tesla Model X: Impressive photos and videos show major redesign

Looking good.

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Tesla’s latest electric car is looking sharp.

On Sunday, the company announced via its Twitter page that it had handed over the first deliveries of the new Model X. The refreshed version of the SUV, which the company initially launched in 2015, tweaks the design to bring it closer to more recent vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y. The company shared new photos and a video of the car in action.

The launch finally unifies the company’s lineup with a minimalist interior that CEO Elon Musk claimed in 2017 is built for autonomy. The new car features giant touchscreens designed for in-car entertainment and a powerful computer that can play the latest video games.

Unlike the Model 3 and Model Y, both refreshed versions still feature an instrument cluster behind the wheel. Another change from the two entry-level vehicles is the Model S and X swap the circular steering wheel for a controversial “yoke” that lacks traditional stalks for shifting.

As the company prepares to launch new vehicles like the Cybertruck and second-generation Roadster, the latest release means buyers can now expect a more consistent design no matter the car.

The first deliveries of the newly-refreshed Model X.


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Tesla Model X refresh: What’s changed

The changes reflect those made to the Model S, the premium sedan that first hit roads in 2012. The changes to both vehicles were first announced with January’s earnings call. Model S buyers started receiving their refreshed cars in the summer.

Tesla’s new instructional video demonstrates the refreshed Model X in action:

The car includes several iconic features from previous models of the Model X. The car even retains the upwards-opening falcon-wing doors, even though Musk has expressed regret about the design decision in the past.

Tesla's photo of the new deliveries.


The new car changes to:

  • A 17-inch central dashboard display with 2,200 by 1,300 pixels in resolution, replacing the older portrait-orientated central screen
  • A built-in computer with over 10 teraflops of processing power, compatible with wireless video game controllers. Tesla’s marketing images tout The Witcher 3 as a possible game.
  • Bluetooth, wireless charging, and USB-C ports for passengers, capable of charging power-hungry devices like tablets and laptops
  • A 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system that features active noise cancellation
  • A new “yoke” steering wheel without the traditional stalks for shifting gears. The car is designed to automatically “guess” driving direction based on context.

There is a long wait time for the new Model X — Musk noted in the July earnings call that the global chip shortage remains an issue. The company’s website currently lists a delivery time of July 2022 at the earliest for new car buyers.

The new car gets delivered.


The Model X is available in two configurations:

  • A dual-motor all-wheel-drive model with 360 miles of range, 155 mph top speed, and 0 to 60 mph acceleration times of 3.8 seconds. The car starts at $99,990 before savings and is set to reach buyers in September 2022.
  • A tri-motor all-wheel-drive “laid” model with 340 miles of range, a top speed of 163 mph, and 0 to 60 mph acceleration times of 2.5 seconds. The car starts at $119,990 before savings and is set to reach buyers in July 2022.

ItIt’set to be a big coming year for Tesla. Beyond shipping the new Model X, the company also plans to start deliveries of its highly-anticipated Cybertruck. During the most recent shareholder meeting, Musk explained Tesla will begin shipments in 2022 before reaching higher volumes the following year.


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