Mike Brown

Mike Brown is a London-based journalist who covers innovation.

Mike holds a BA in English from Queen Mary, University of London, and an MS in journalism from Columbia Journalism School. His work has featured in CityMetric, International Business Times, Neowin.net, Building Magazine, and more. He has also made guest appearances on CBC Radio, Cheddar, Good Day New York, Trailblazers, and more.

Beyond journalism, Mike has a passion for cycling, travel, and languages. He hosts meetup events for Duolingo Norwegian learners and is learning Chinese.

Starry Night
Blast off!

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launches on a secretive U.S. government mission

The world’s most powerful rocket takes back to the skies.


How a sand-guzzling box could power a future city on the Moon

TerraBox’s solar power technology could solve our energy problems on and off Earth.


SpaceX Starlink: New price strategy, speed, order details for the internet service

Starlink could offer high-speed internet to those that need it most.


Why Polestar's controversial "moonshot" electric car plan just might work

Polestar aims to produce the world's first climate-neutral car. COO Dennis Nobelius explains how the company plans to produce its ambitious vehicle.


This is when we may finally achieve fusion energy — a Holy Grail of clean power

Humanity needs to transition to clean energy. Could fusion hold the answer? This innovative means of generating electricity is essentially the opposite of nuclear fission.


Axiom Space Ax-1: Launch date, mission plans, and what comes next

Axiom Space has bold plans to send private citizens into space, as a stepping stone to developing a complete private space station.


It's open! Images show moment NASA cracks into 50-year-old Moon rock sample

A tube sample, collected during the 1972 Apollo 17 mission, has finally been opened. The lunar core sample, dubbed 73001, was opened at the Johnson Space Center.

Cybertruck codex

Blue Origin New Glenn: Specs, power, and updated launch window for giant rocket

Blue Origin is planning to launch the New Glenn rocket to orbit. Here's what you need to know about it.


Blue Origin's biggest rocket launch yet just got delayed — here's what it means

Blue Origin's plan to launch a giant new rocket is unlikely to unfold this year.


War in Ukraine forces Starlink competitor OneWeb to use SpaceX for launches

SpaceX has entered into an agreement to start launching satellites for a competitor to Starlink.


NASA SLS vs Starship: Size, launch price, thrust, and capabilities for the ambitious rockets

Here's how NASA’s giant rocket compares with SpaceX's Starship rocket.


Behold! Colossal NASA SLS Moon rocket revealed in full for the first time

NASA rolled out the rocket that will power its Artemis missions, giving the public a glimpse at the sheer scale of the agency's ambitious space launch vehicle.


Spotted: Webb Telescope photobombs an European space observatory's deep space image

The James Webb Space Telescope is a landmark in humanity's space exploration. Here's what you need to know about the European Space Agency’s latest photo.


Blue Origin NS-20: Pete Davidson is going to space — what you need to know

Jeff Bezos' spaceflight firm Blue Origin is gearing up to send more passengers into space.