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Tears of the Kingdom's Most Useful Vehicle Is Surprisingly Easy to Build

Soar in style.

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The Ultimate Guide to 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'

Hyrule has grown in Tears of the Kingdom. Link can now travel across land, sky, and through an extensive underground area. But that also means getting around can be a pain. Thankfully the ability to create complex vehicles allows Link to speed up his travel. But one of the most useful vehicles is also one of the easiest to build, especially in the early hours of Tears of the Kingdom.

Here is how to build and use the hoverbike, which will transform your experience with the game.

Zonai Devices are one of the biggest new features introduced in Tears of the Kingdom. They allow players to build machines that can aid in combat, traversal, and torturing Koroks. Using gliders and fans to build flying machines is a great way to zoom around the world, but the more complex a machine the more energy it takes. But all you really need are two fans and a steering stick.

The hoverbike will let you zoom through the skies.


The hoverbike is a player creation that has quickly taken off (pun intended) in the community due to how simple the design is and its relatively low energy cost for early-game players. It only consists of three Zonai Devices and doesn’t take a physics or engineering degree to build properly.

To build your own hoverbike take out the two fans and steering stick you will need. Set one of the fans on the ground so that when activated it blows air down. Then pick up the steering stick, you will want to attach the back of the steering stick to the fan placed on the ground. It is important to tilt the steering stick about 45 degrees so that the front is elevated.

Next, pick up the second fan and position it just as you did the first, with the airflow facing directly down. Now attach it to the front of the steering stick. If done properly, when in the air the steering stick platform you stand on should be flat and the fans should be at 45-degree angles with the airflow pointing down and back. This will propel you forward and up, and the steering stick gives you control to guide the vehicle freely through the air.

The goblin glider is another flying machine with simple components.


Another design option is to place two on the ground in a line with the airflow facing down and then attach a steering stick in between them with the front-facing perpendicular to the fans and tilted at a 45-degree angle. This makes what fans have referred to as a goblin glider (named for the Green Goblin’s mode of transportation. Both machines use the exact same components and your preference will vary. There isn’t a distinct benefit to one design over the other.

Even when the battery does run out on your hoverbike or goblin glider you can use the recall ability to keep yourself afloat. If you happen to be at a high enough altitude when your battery runs out you can let yourself fall for a bit, but before hitting the ground let go of the steering stick and use the recall ability. This will reverse your fall and send you and your flying machine back up into the air, all the while giving the battery time to recharge.

If you enjoy your time with the hoverbike, make sure to get the Autobuild ability as soon as you can. That way you can build the machine with ease and get to flying the friendly skies of Hyrule.

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