Tesla’s New Model 3 Ludicrous Got a Ridiculously Sleek Makeover

An upgrade in both power and looks.

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Tesla's refreshed Model 3

It may not be as head-turning as the Cybertruck, but the performance of the version of Tesla’s Model 3 is looking sleek.

Images of Tesla’s performance-oriented Model 3 are making the rounds after Tesla held a private event in Malibu, California. While we first saw the upcoming EV still under wraps, eventually we got a full view of what’s expected to be the upgraded Model 3. We’re unsure if Tesla will bring back the Ludicrous branding or stick with the Plaid label for its upcoming EV, but it’s fitting either way.

This performance version of the Model 3 comes a few months after Tesla did a much-needed refresh on its entry-level EV. Now that the Model 3 is expected to see an official reveal of its Ludicrous version very soon, we’re wondering when Tesla will put out a refresh of its equally popular Model Y.

Absurd Acceleration

With no official announcement, we still don’t know what makes this EV the performance trim of the Model 3. According to BooDev on X, the Model 3 Ludicrous could get from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. That would be a faster acceleration than Porsche’s latest top-end Macan EV, while likely being a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to some previously leaked documents, we know that the Model 3 performance trim could pump out up to 618 horsepower thanks to an upgraded rear motor. As for the exterior, the images show a Model 3 that’s revamped with a new front end, new wheels, and what looks like a carbon fiber spoiler at the back.

Tesla made some cosmetic changes to its performance edition Model 3.

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An Imminent Reveal

Going off the images from the Malibu event, the performance version of the Model 3 looks like it’s just about ready for its debut. Tesla has started to roll out the EV at some of its dealerships, so we can only assume that more details are on the way.

As for pricing, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a steep markup with this performance model when compared to the base model rear-wheel-drive Model 3 which starts at $38,990. As pointed out by Sawyer Merritt, Tesla should try to keep the Model 3 performance edition under the $55,000 threshold to qualify it for federal tax credits but that could prove to be unrealistic.

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